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12/31/10 03:24 - 49.ºF - ID#53365




Will make a bulleted list
  • apple
  • banana
  • strawberry



Will make a numbered list
  1. apple
  2. banana
  3. strawberry

There is no nesting with list types
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Category: parties

12/17/10 06:12 - 31.ºF - ID#53290

New Year's Party

We are having our annual New Year's Eve party at 9PM on the 31st at the 24. Hope to see you there.

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12/12/10 01:43 - 33.ºF - ID#53243

Search Update

You can now search by name in the search box without using the (e:)

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11/05/10 10:19 - 37.ºF - ID#53066

Bye, Bye Africa

Call me continentalist but I refuse to deal with spam from abroad getting in my estrip message box. I was going to just block just the one ip and then I figured why not just senegal then why not just most of the continent. I mean seriously Good Day Sir to you too.

I had previously blocked Germany, France, China, Indonesia, and Russia for the same reasons. Usually, the spammers just give up eventually.
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Category: holidays

10/28/10 01:20 - 56.ºF - ID#53019

Halloween Party 2010

We are having another halloween party on Saturday, Oct 30. Starting around 9PM. You know the place. Both (e:lilho) and (e:hodown) will be there. Bring all your friends.

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Category: estrip

08/28/10 12:12 - 61.ºF - ID#52589

Major Editor Update - Drag Drop Upload IS HERE!!!

If you are using firefox 3.6+ or Chrome 5+ you no longer need to use the surebert multi file flash uploader. Now you can use the new surebert dropUpload widget, Simply drag and drop whatever files you want to upload from the desktop on the drop files here box.

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Category: android

08/22/10 01:03 - 70.ºF - ID#52516

Estrip Android App Location Update

The android app now also has a location button you can click to add your current location to the blog you are posting with it. I need to test with it some more, but I pushed the update out so you guys can test with it too if you want.

That and it allows you to move the app to the sdcard if you are running froyo.


You can hit the button multiple times to add new locations to one entry. Say for example on a walk.

Even better with android, you can use the default maps, navigation or lattitude app and share any place with your blog using the built in "share this place" mechanism. This copies more data including the place contact info and name.



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08/22/10 01:16 - 69.ºF - ID#52503

I added a location publisher for estrip

When logged into the mobl site, there is a new location button. If you click it, and are using a mobile phone that supplies location data, it will go ahead and load your location into a blog and let you type the title to publish.


You can also just click the location button on the regular mobl publisher


And from the non mobile site publisher for those using it on mobile devices or devices with accurate geolocation like a netbook or ipad.


Unlike facebook, everything on estrip is public so think about that before you publish something you don't want people to know about.

I'll make it do some fancier stuff when I have some more free time. I wanted to do this for years but everyone always thought it was so creepy. Now its practically mundane.

I thought if you collected it all you could start forecasting social occurances like weather. e.g. there is a 40% chance of someone from your social group eating at panos next tuesday, etc. I am sure the folks at facebook and foursquare are already developing that. It must be nice to have so much data to mine.
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08/21/10 08:55 - 78.ºF - ID#52495

upload now accepts .jpeg files

I made it so the multifile upload now accepts .jpeg files as facebook seems to stupidly export pictures from their galleries with that extension. You can also upload 20 files at time now.
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Category: web

08/16/10 03:14 - 77.ºF - ID#52460 is finally ours

After years of trying to get ownership of it. We now own No more worries about it turning into a porn site. It cost a good chunk of change but I think in the long run it was worth protecting our assets by owning the .com.

For now just redirects to I think it will probably stay that way as I am not going to reprint the bumpster magnets and seeing as we are non commercial it makes more sense.

The most creative story about it was when (e:twisted) wrote to the former owner - who we will never mention again by name or company as part of the purchase contract - to say her name was Ester Stripinopolous and that she was looking to purchase the domain back in like 2004 or 2005.
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