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Category: estrip

11/29/05 06:31 - 48ºF - ID#30185

Added userpics Online again

Remember back in he day there was that draggable blue box where you could see the userpics of the peeps logged in. I ressurected part of that code but rewrote it all as javascript. After about 3 seconds of being on the page it should load the userpics right in of the users online. They should also refresh every so often alerting you who has logged in and out. If you click on them, you get taken to that users journal.

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11/28/05 09:10 - 63ºF - ID#30184

Load more entries, update the latest

Thanks to surebert you can now load extra title sinto the latest entries box. To do so, just click on the (+) under the top twelve list. To the twelve lastest just click (reload 12).
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11/26/05 12:18 - 22ºF - ID#30183

It's snowing

I added the snow back to the site. To make it go away click on the red one. It won't come back until you restart the brwoser. You can remove white ones by clicking on them too.

If you really hate them use low bandwidth mode by clciking on slow version at the top of this page. They only show up when snow is in the forecast and/or it is snowing.

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11/25/05 02:33 - 24ºF - ID#30182

Mobile X/HTML site beta

I redid a lot more site internals in order to speed stuff up.

Afterwards, I finished the mobile XHTML site beta today. It isn't just for mobile users. It may help those of you on slow dialup connections too, although low bandwidth mode should be good enough.

If you have a WAP or XHTML enable mobile phone you can get there by going to and selecting XHTML from the list of choices. If you only have WAP it will take you directly to the WAP site - so there is no more need to type

The new XHTML mobile version of the site is in addition to the already existing WAP site site for older mobile phones. Both sites allow the user to publish entries, read journals, see the weather and chat. The WAP version has some additional features that will all be migrated over to the XHTML version soon.

With the new XHTML version of the site you can upload files right from your mobile into the publication interface. So far I have only tested that feature on Nokia phones - it probably works on all symbian phones but I cannot guarantee. If you want to publish entries on the go you could always use the old email interface as well. Just search the help for mobile publication.

Here is a screenshot of the publication interface. You can also use this XHTML version of the site on slow dialup connections using your web browser. If you want to visit it directly, go to


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11/23/05 09:04 - 29ºF - ID#30181

Fixed Chat Bug

thank god for (e:twisted). she logged onto the site and right away spotted that typing an & in the chat was truncating it. I fixed it now, hopefully that is the problem everyone else was having. She makes the best bug reports. actually defining the problem and giving feedback. I just wish I could hire her.
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11/24/05 07:20 - 29ºF - ID#30180

Major Update To Online Guests

I did a major upgrade to the online guests code today. It should make it much more efficient in terms of computer resources and also allows for some future expansion to display mobile users. I wish that my thesis would have become that efficient today.

I figured the numbers had to be off because last month we had 9450 unique users visit the site but 20243 actual visits so I think that would be more guests than were being counted.

The numbers should be much more accurate than they were before. Not that that were particularly off before but I guess we will see. I think a bunch of guests were not being counted as bots or guests, particularly some of the mobile users.

If you notice anything funky drop me a message. I figured the numbers has to be off because

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11/08/05 05:46 - 53ºF - ID#30179

Random Journal Interface

I switched the flash movie on the front page to the image with the walking person. You can play with them using the mouse. It is a much simpler calculation than the leaves so have fun. If you click right on a person it takes you to a random journal.
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Category: events

11/05/05 10:39 - 56ºF - ID#30178

Anyone wanna go to Artvoice Film?

Got this message form Jamie Moses. Does anyone want to go with us? We are going to go on Sunday Night!

Hope you can make it to see the Artvoice documentary film "On The Run: the race for mayor 2005"

It plays tonight, Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m. at the Market Arcade Cinema on Main St.

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11/03/05 05:10 - 48ºF - ID#30177

Upgrading AJAX to Surebert

I upgraded all of the ajax stuff to run on my surebert API. If you have any problems try deleting your cache as you may have older versions of the javascript cached in your browser. I tried changing the names so that that wouldn't be a problme, but just in case try emptying the trash if you have any trouble.
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Category: maintenance

11/02/05 11:44 - 47ºF - ID#30176

Server is back

Everythign should be ok now. Thanks for your patience with the process.
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