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09/30/04 03:16 - ID#29981

PVC Plant ON the Waterfront

This is from the allpowertothepeople local calendar

Public Hearing on CertainTeed PVC Plant on Buffalo Waterfront
where: Erie County IDA
when: September 29, 2004 9:00 am - 10:30 pm

Urgent Action Alert – Public Hearing on CertainTeed PVC Plant on Buffalo Waterfront - Wednesday 9am!

What: The Erie County Industrial Development Agency (EC IDA) is holding a hearing on CertainTeed’s proposed PVC plant on the Lake Erie waterfront in Buffalo. Make your voice heard, and join us at this critically important hearing!

When: Wednesday September 29th , 9:00am

Where: Erie County Industrial Development Agency
275 Oak Street
Buffalo, New York

Please also consider sending a letter to the EC IDA (address and sample letter copied below)

The EC IDA is holding this hearing to solicit public comment on the EC IDA’s plans to grant further tax breaks to CertainTeed. Information on the hearing can be found at: If you need a ride, more information, directions, or want to carpool, call Citizens’ Environmental Coalition at or 716-885-6848.

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09/29/04 03:14 - ID#29980

Stats Update

I was taking a look at the stats for the journal with over 100 entries to see if there were any trends. i am 100% not a statistician, so I thought maybe someone else could look at it.

I noticed some trends:
1. The number of posts does not directly reflect the number of views. While more posts generally mean more views, it is not always the case.

2. Being connected to others helps. The more people you become friends with in real life, that are also on the site, the mroe views you have.

3. Number of images is not directly correlated to number of views.

4. If you are korean, you are very popoular or you look at your own journal a lot when not logged in.


>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul 09/29/04 14:22 >>Updated By: news 09/29/04 14:47 >>Updated By: news 09/29/04 14:48
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09/28/04 09:01 - ID#29979


Okay, (e:ajay) has created the greatest update for the site. For those of you that do not know, he has created an AIM AOL bot that can answer questions about the site. It is currently in beta stages but is highly functional. To chat with the bot, simply add "estripbot" to your aol buddy list.

[size=m]Current Commands[/size]
journals - Lists the journals by author, title, and time posted
read number - Replace number with the number of the journal entry you want to read from the list provided after typing journals
peeps - Lists the peeps that are currenlty online
help - Lists the commands available

If you don't enter one of the preset commands the bot will try and engage you in a conversation. Try it out.


>>Posted By: news >>Updated By: news 09/28/04 20:01
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09/28/04 03:54 - ID#29978 pmobl


Yesterday was an almost record day with about ~300MB of bandwidth used. Think of that like trading ~210 floppy disks full of information.
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09/27/04 11:50 - ID#29977

e:peeps, inlinks and e:pads

Welcome new epeeps. If you have any questions feel free to email or IM paul. You can also ask questions in the chat box and surely someone will respond during the day.

[size=m]Inlink Update With epad Support[/size]
I updated the inlink process. An inlink is a way of linking your journal entry to another journal entry on the site. There are two ways to make an inlink.

1. When logged in you can see the inlink code for any journal entry at the bottom of the entry. If you copy that copde into your journal, it will make a link to the journal you copied from.

2. If you are going to be making multiple inlinks, you might find it more convevnient to have all of the inlink codes copied to your epad. Your epad is like your own digital notepad or clipboard. You can use it to save and store text, which you can email at any point using the email feature at the top of the pad.

To copy the inlink text to your epad, find the entry you want to inlink to and click on the little chain icon at the bottom of the entry. The journal inlink code will then be copied into your epad where you can store it for later, or copy it right away for use in your journal. To open you epad , simply click on the pad icon in your control panel. It is the one to the right of the # sign.

You don't even have to be at the site to use your epad. The epad is accessible at . If you were not previously logged into the site, you will be asked to login on the epad page. Your epad is a private space that only you will see and is not accessible without your password.

>>Posted By: paul
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09/27/04 01:32 - ID#29976

Server Maintenence

The server is based on had some unscheduled site maintenence that needed to be done. So we apologize if the site was not responding from 10pm to 12 am est. Thanks for your patience!

>>Posted By: matthew
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09/25/04 11:06 - ID#29975 pmobl

New Terms of Service

We added a new Terms of Service agreement for the site. You can find the TOS known as (e:rules) at .

The next time you go to write a journal entry you will be prompted to accept the (e:rules) to continue writing your journal. If you have any questions comments, or concerns, please feel free to email (e:paul) via the link on his journal.
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09/22/04 02:19 - ID#29974

RSS feed Update Option

Logged in users can now add RSS feeds to the RSS feed list box under the events calendar. (e:sqb) - I know you'll like this one. In order to add feeds, simply click on the green pen icon in the rss feed box. this will take you to a form where you can add feeds. Email (e:paul) if you have any questions.

>>Posted By: paul
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09/20/04 12:02 - ID#29973


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09/20/04 05:07 - ID#29972

Chat Commands Continued

Eventually I will make more - for now just type commands into the chat window for a list of currently avaiable chat commands.

>>Posted By: paul
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