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01/31/05 12:55 - ID#30042

The Chat has been revised

I redid the chat so it auto refreshes every 20 seconds. this way when you are writing for a long time, etc you can still see hwat other people are saying to you. Apparently, it works because I noticed poeple chatting with it throughout the evening. The (more) version refreshes every 5 seconds. The minichat won't refresh if you are typing or scrolling. The (more) chat won't refresh if are scrolling either. no more quick peek, lol

>>Posted By: paul
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01/30/05 09:59 - ID#30041

Visitor madness

When is there a better time to join a site and start a journal than when there are more than 540 non- bot visitors with unique IP address out of ~3000 total visits in the last 24 hours. 20 different epeeps signed on in the last 24 hours.

>>Posted By: paul
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01/29/05 04:07 - ID#30040

Site Speed

The site should be much faster now. I fixed some old problem code from 2003 that was still floating around undetected by scrutiny. Anyways, you should notice a big speed increase in accessing the journals and modules.

>>Posted By: paul
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01/26/05 01:00 - ID#30039

More People

Does anyone know anyone else who they can enourage to start a journal. I would like to get more people. Anyone have any ideas about how to go about that.

>>Posted By: paul
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01/22/05 01:26 - ID#30038

Login Issues

I have corrected the login issues by switching the login back to cookies. You can rest assurred you will not be logged out now, unless you log yourself out. The biggest probem with this is the security issue that you are not being logged out when you leave the site or after a period of time. If you leave the site logged in, anyone that visits it on your browser will be able to tamper with your journal.

[c]Do not leave your journal logged in when you leave your computer, unless it i syour personal computer that only you access![/c]

Email paul if you have any questions.

>>Posted By: paul
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01/10/05 09:43 - ID#30037

Updated Media Library

Not only can you now choose between month or journal mode, you can also choose the media format. The month also sticks now as requested. Please go through and get rid of any old crap you don't use on your journal. Like if you tripple uploaded some file.


>>Posted By: paul
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01/10/05 06:09 - ID#30036

Major Updates

The stylebox has come a long way since its beginning. It now works as intended on firefox and explorer. Simply select the text you want the tag applied to and click the style and the tags are neatly fitted around the outside of the selected text.

For example, if you want to click make a word bold, highlight the word and click the bold style in the stylebox.

[size=m]Media Library[/size]

The image library has been majorly upgraded and is now called the media library. I need to make a new button. The major differences are that:

You can preview and delete all types of uploaded media.
You can view by journal content or by month uploaded so that you can finally find all those stray media files that are not in your journal and delete them.
I added a select / deselect all checkbox.
The media library now works for the news journal too.

This is the new sound file icon in the media library. If you see one of these if it means there was a sound in your journal entry or in your file directory. By rolling over the icon, it plays the sound on your journal. If you click it it inserts the sound code into your journal. Images work like before and flash files also are previewed like images. They have a flash icon that when clicked inserts the code into your journal.


>>Posted By: paul
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01/08/05 07:09 - ID#30035

New Updates

I finally added the help files and search. You can access it by clicking on the help link at the top of the page. I will be adding to as the week goes one but their are already 22 topics. You can also search for specific words.


This will lead to the eventual redesign of the front page, now that none of that information needs to be there. I will be adding new modules and features that you can access through there.

I also redid the image upload system, so please tell me if you have any problems. It should be much faster now.

>>Posted By: info
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