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Category: bug fix

01/28/07 11:26 - 16ºF - ID#37907

External link fix

I fixed it so the inline external links e.g. work again by automatically opening in a new window, instead of you having to right click and open in new window. Hope that helps.

I also finally got my new opensuse 10.2 linux development system up and running. I managed to get both zend and maya plus the xgl desktop effects library called beryl running. Now I am happy and you can expect more development from me.
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Category: update

01/27/07 09:10 - 30ºF - ID#37894


Fixed the message window and mail window problem where they were not opening up in new windows.
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Category: estrip

01/27/07 01:34 - 33ºF - ID#37889

Drama in Cyberspace

I went to go see that stupid Pan's Labyrinth movie last night. I was so disgusted by it I decided to go to bed afterwards to not allow my mind to associate any of the feelings I was having with anyone or any stuff I was doing;

At some point the server went down and nobody woke me up to check on it. It should be all set now.

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Category: estrip

01/23/07 10:57 - 29ºF - ID#37841

Fixed The Operation aborted Error in IE

I fixed the operation aborted error in IE. After a most stressful day of documenting thousands of lines of javascript, I found some spare time and an IE 6 and 7 machine to test the site on and fix the stupid Operation Aborted error that occurs when something is appended to the DOM before it is loaded.


I do think at some point in the near future the IE 6 support will go (meaning you will be redirected to the strip down mobile/dialup version of the site when visiting with IE 6) unless some people are interested in supporting it, because for me it is a headache and I am really not motivated to always have to get an old machine to test it on.

On an other front I updated the scripts so the site should be a bunch faster. I also have some new faster surebert updates coming out later this week.

I removed transparent PNG support for IE 6 because it was slowing the site down in IE 6 too much. If you hate that get a real browser that can do transparent pngs like opera, firefox, safari, or ie 7
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Category: upgrade

01/17/07 03:48 - 24ºF - ID#37745

Updating RAM - server down

I am going to be updating the ram a little after 5PM today on the server. It will be down for a brief time.
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Category: estrip

01/17/07 12:45 - 16ºF - ID#37736

Updates For Tonight

Message Replies
Added new feature so you can respond to messages sent by other logged in peeps directly. Just click the post-it icon in their message.

Mobile site comments page
Updated the mobile sites comment page to use its own comment page that take sthe user back to the journal they are commenting on.

Tonight Windows Updated Me To IE7
Windows automatically updated my windows XP development box to Internet Explorer 7 tonight. This mean sthat the era for IE 6 development is over. I will try and keep support for what is there. But dedicated testing and support for Internet Explorer 6 on estrip is over. I will test everything with 7 this weekend.

Bunch of backend SQL updates should make some stuff faster. . . more to come.

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Category: update

01/15/07 05:33 - 29ºF - ID#37704

Major Update

I rewrote 99% of the javascript for the site and compressed it into much more efficient files. Everything accept for the stupid yahoo map loader. I am considering just ditching it as it as big as all the rest of the javascript combined. It won't even cache. I got it down to about 60k of caching javascript for the entire site functionality and then the yahoo stupid maps are another 59k and their javascript does not cache. Argh. Maybe ajay can help with this. For now I just removed it, until I can come up with a better solution.

Now that it is all organized I can more efficiently work on it.

The site should be much faster when switching between journals. One of the problems before was the usersound player was loading the entire song on every journal load even if you didn't play it. So right now I have a button that loads the player when you want. That is what was causing the userpics to load slowly.

There was also tons of other stuff that got cleaned up. On the backend my new system allows me to have really efficient, highly commented code that then gets compressed into tiny chunks of javascript that you download.

If you notice any other problems message paul.


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Category: estrip

01/14/07 04:33 - 30ºF - ID#37679

Compressing Javascript

I updated the system to use the new surebert 2.11 for which there might be some problems. You guys are the beta testers.

Anyhow, I returned the restore backup button which records everything you are typing to a flash storage area on you comp so that if your browser crashes you should be able to click the restore backup button and continue where you left off writing - like it used to be. Wow, this turned out useful as I just left this page in the middle of writing the journal and it was all there when I got back.

The files are a lot smaller now when compressed. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, send me a post it.
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Category: legal

01/10/07 08:26 - 24ºF - ID#37631

Response to Nick Matteliano


It has come to my attention that Bruce's letter to you is posted and it contains personal information (i.e. our last names). This is not directly in violation of your terms of service, however it alludes to what was posted and directly links us to it. I ask that you please remove the last names from this post or I will continue to pursue this matter to my fullest extent.
Thank you,

First of all what do you mean by "my fullest extent." Are you trying to say "to the fullest extent of the law" or are you threatening me?

Bruce's letter (e:news,929) contained no confidentiality statement. My mere mention of your name does not reveal any confidential personal information such as:
  • Credit card numbers
  • Financial account numbers
  • Debit card numbers
  • Access codes, security codes, or passwords
  • Driver's license numbers
  • State identification card numbers .

Its presence is not unlawful, physically harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, or pornographic.

In fact it is not even my mention of your name but rather a duplication of your lawyer's mention of your name in a letter that was not marked as confidential and was sent to a public website.

The letter was put online as a response to my removal of (e:lilgo)'s journal at your bidding. It as the first and only time anything has ever been removed from the a users journal by an admin and thus required an explanation.

I cannot simply go around removing people's journals at the request of outside users without an explanation of what happened for the other users. Without it the site would lose it's credibility as a storage medium and the other journal authors would fear their own writing's being removed.

Frankly, I do not see what you are after considering estrip is a non-profit entity. What are you going to pursue exactly and who? Sarah - (e:lilho) - for going a little overboard writing about her tragic experiences being a part of your life? Me, for providing a free resource to the community where users can write about their feelings? Me, for removing the offensive material without hesitation the day you asked!? Artvoice, for hosting us? Google, for caching the journal entry without your or my permission. Verizon and Adelphia for bringing it to people's homes without your permission? Where does the madness end?

As an interesting side note, I would have probably taken it down if you hadn't threatened me again. If it turns out that the presence of the names is actually illegal I will have them removed. Until then it is going to stay.

Why even bother saying "thank you" after a sentence like "or I will continue to pursue this matter to my fullest extent. "

Please stop harassing me and my community.

No pretension of thanks,
Paul Visco
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Category: bug fix

01/08/07 11:45 - 33ºF - ID#37597

IE operation aborted bug

The bug happens in IE when a DOM node is appended to the body before the body finishes loading. It is lame and fucking stupid that it can't just gracefully die like other systems/errors. It is especially dumb how it really fucks up IE 7 and makes it leave the page.

As is typical with microsoft trash software it give syou no real feedback as to what cause the error or how to handle it. Fuck you microsoft and your dim witted development for wasting my life on such a consistent basis with your piece of crap software. I cannot could the hundred of hours that have been stolen from my life because of your stupidity and laziness.
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