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Category: update

12/02/07 07:32 - ID#42363

Epad Discontinuation

I am going to drop the epad in the new version of estrip. I may offer some other substitute in the future but it doesn't look used enough to continue maintaining it. So if you have something in your epad, copy it out soon.
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Category: update

09/02/07 11:33 - ID#40901

Everyone can feel more special

I updated the mini userpics that show when you are online to reflect the number of journals you have to the nearest 50 always rounding down.

So, say you have 57 journals it will say 50+

The other two increments are "<10 blogs" for new users with less than ten journals and 25+ for those who haven't quite reached 50 yet but want to feel special too.

Get your own (e:strip) regal title!
If you also want to have a custom title show across the top of your minipic, you can buy one by donating to the estrip paypal account by clicking on Donate above the minipics to the right of the latest entries list. Money goes toward site maintenance and thinks like hardware, domain names renewals, software updates, and general upkeep.

You can also earn titles
Like (e:jim) who is currently the 3rd most popular journal on the site this month (via view count), hence "bronze metal."


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Category: update

09/02/07 02:19 - ID#40894

Another change

I updated it further so that the meta description of each journal page is the first 100 characters of the the text of the journal stripped of text bling and that the author is your username and a link to your journal. This should raise individual author ranking on google.
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Category: update

09/01/07 05:51 - ID#40884

You journal title is now your page title

Whenever you visit a specific journal on the site, the journal's title is now the title of the page. This should make for better search engine optimization and just make it look cooler.
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Category: update

08/19/07 11:50 - ID#40631

You can now give people your journal address as and it will redirect to your latest journal page.

For example my journal would be

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Category: update

01/27/07 09:10 - ID#37894


Fixed the message window and mail window problem where they were not opening up in new windows.
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Category: update

01/15/07 05:33 - ID#37704

Major Update

I rewrote 99% of the javascript for the site and compressed it into much more efficient files. Everything accept for the stupid yahoo map loader. I am considering just ditching it as it as big as all the rest of the javascript combined. It won't even cache. I got it down to about 60k of caching javascript for the entire site functionality and then the yahoo stupid maps are another 59k and their javascript does not cache. Argh. Maybe ajay can help with this. For now I just removed it, until I can come up with a better solution.

Now that it is all organized I can more efficiently work on it.

The site should be much faster when switching between journals. One of the problems before was the usersound player was loading the entire song on every journal load even if you didn't play it. So right now I have a button that loads the player when you want. That is what was causing the userpics to load slowly.

There was also tons of other stuff that got cleaned up. On the backend my new system allows me to have really efficient, highly commented code that then gets compressed into tiny chunks of javascript that you download.

If you notice any other problems message paul.


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