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Category: estrip

01/05/08 01:02 - 29ºF - ID#42754

The new server

As of tonight it has working DNS, Red5 flash comm server, mail server, php 5.25, mysql 5.0.45 and everything else I wanted. I also have a copy of the current site running on it, an a copy of the new site. Seems like if I could just get well soon - it will be up and running in no time.

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Category: fuckoffs

12/23/07 11:03 - 50ºF - ID#42620

blah blah AOL millions Fuck Off

I decided to start a new category for fuck offs based the messages I get for the site. Here is the latest one.

@ 12/21/07 22:57@ Guest wrote:

why does your chatter box show most recent at the top instead of the bottom? its like reading a paper in Asia. Why follow a conversation backwards? AOL made millions the other way.

The reason I don't copy the AOL chat style is because our chatter box is in a browser and the latest chat is most important, not the chat from the near past. So when people get to the site on a smaller screen or even on a big screen but a smaller window they can still see the latest, more important info from the chat without have to scroll below the fold. Same with a mobile browser, there is no reason to keep having to scroll down to check for new data in the box.

Just because AOL made a convention like that (in a completely separate context - dedicated chat program/versus piece of web site) I see no reason to have to follow it. Should I also have it say "You get mail!" when the user gets a message and fill their inbox with loads of spam?

Secondly, I have no interest in making millions from estrip if that is what you are suggesting and I definitely don't think the chat being the other way is what is separating me from being a millionaire. Have you not noticed there is no commercial aspect to this site?

Fuck off,
Paul Visco
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12/13/07 01:39 - 28ºF - ID#42501

Holiday Potluck tonight!

Tonight's (e:strip) holiday pot luck begins at 7:00 PM at 24 Linwood Ave.

Below is a list of members who have so far confirmed and what they're bringing. Anyone who has not yet signed up is still welcome, just review the list and bring something to complement what's already being brought.

We'll also be collecting canned goods to bring to the food bank, so if you're feeling charitable bring a little something for those who are less fortunate, there will be a box near the entry way for collection.

Hope to see you all there!

(e:jim) & (e:james): cheese potatoes and a big mixed greens salad

(e:tinypliny) (& guest?): spicy potato-garbanzo beans mint-coriander tamarind jaggery street food from north-west India. and maybe raita (a tangy yoghurt dish, just in case the former thing is too spicy.)

(e:mike): mini cheescake desserts

(e:janelle)& (e:drew): lasagna

(e:metalpeter): some kind of cake or pie or ice cream

(e:carolinian): flan and thai peanut chicken linguine.

(e:brit) & gaylynne: spicy green enchiladas (and maybe dessert)

(e:terry): risotto and a cheese/cracker platter

(e:enknot) & Megan: pumpkin soup
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Category: update

12/02/07 07:32 - 38ºF - ID#42363

Epad Discontinuation

I am going to drop the epad in the new version of estrip. I may offer some other substitute in the future but it doesn't look used enough to continue maintaining it. So if you have something in your epad, copy it out soon.

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Category: party

12/01/07 01:39 - 19ºF - ID#42352

e:strip Holiday Pot Luck

Please sign up in the comments of this post if you're coming to the (e:strip) holiday dinner, to be held Thursday evening, December 13th (two weeks away) at 24 Linwood. It's a pot luck, so when you sign up include what you'd like to bring. If you're not handy in the kitchen, volunteer for drinks or something purchased from the store.

We'll also be collecting canned goods to bring to the food bank, so if you're feeling charitable bring a little something for those who are less fortunate, there will be a box near the entry way for collection.

Hope to see you all there!
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Category: server

11/28/07 11:13 - 30ºF - ID#42319

Question for the peeps?

Does anyone have any interest in me moving their loudfeeder podcast over to the new server? Did anyone even use it? Same with gather, does anyone have anything important in there or can I just start fresh when i eventually port a new version of those packages?

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Category: server

11/21/07 11:54 - 39ºF - ID#42230

One step close to the new site

The newest surebert toolkit is ready but not public yet. However, this means the new server is one step close to launching. I have had it on since I got it, and I am happy to report it is running perfectly - no lemon here. I still can't believe the deal we got.

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Category: server

11/07/07 07:08 - 36ºF - ID#42032

The New Server Arrives

It finally came today and it seems pretty great. I am going to keep it here a bit and install and test and upgrade, then soon I will swap old the old server and we will be on the new one. Thank you everyone who helped make this possible.


I still can't believe the specs - 2x dual core 3.0 ghz, 2x73 hardware raided 15k drives, 1333mhz front side bus, 4GB of ram, redundant power supply, dual nics.

It was in perfect shape.



It is so quiet that honestly, I think our Xbox is louder.

I can't believe I got it for ~$1800 considering its cost for the same exact specs if I bought it on the Dell site right now $6,000+

I transfered ownership on the Dell website for the warranty and service plan which runs through 2010.
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Category: estrip

11/05/07 10:56 - 46ºF - ID#41993


Here at estrip we usually get about 500 unique real visitors coming from javascript enabled browsers. But recently the number started to climb close to 1,000. Its weird there are no new very exceptional referrers and most traffic is still coming from google or direct.

This last month we had 23,000 visitors.


Imagine if there were some other incoming links. Anyone have any they could put up somewhere, there estrip link code on the front page of the site.


The only out of the ordinary referrer is a google images search for britney spears pussy. Which brings my journal even with adult content filtering on. But that only counts for 3% of visitors. Which is only 30 out of 1000. Although, I still can't believe we rank so high for it. Check it out or try for yourself . Look at (e:mike) in there, lol.


We are on a general upward trend. Here we are since last April when I started tracking with google analytics.
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Category: server

11/05/07 10:10 - 46ºF - ID#41991

The server is on its way


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