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07/26/04 07:04 - ID#29915

July Statistics from 7/1 to 7/25

Our windows, mac and linux balance has drastically changed. We almost have no mac users left. here are the current statistics.

Windows    86.6 %
Macintosh 8.2 % - not worth developing for but I will continue just to be nice
Linux 1.9 %

MS Internet Explorer 61.5 % - this is too high
Mozilla    28.6 %
Safari 5.8 % - not worth developing for but I will continue just to be nice

We average around 200 actual visitors from unique IP address per day with a total of around 318589 hits (4811 visits) from 936 unique visitors (66.22 hits/visit)

Time - Number of Visitors - Percent
0s-30s - 2135 - 44.3 %
30s-2mn - 531 - 11 %
2mn-5mn - 479 - 9.9 %
5mn-15mn - 572 - 11.8 %
15mn-30mn - 359 - 7.4 %
30mn-1h - 362 - 7.5 %
1h+ - 360 - 7.4 %

So far we have pushed out about 2.41 GB of information this month, excluding the a/c chat and radio.

Here are some sites that link to our site in one way or another. If you have a site or other online journal that you could link from, that would be great.


Both and seem to be ways of tracking your internet usage. Whoever, is looking at our site and using those, I would suggest not using them. If you need assistence creating your own link page, I can help you out. Just email me, (e:paul) from my journal.

>>Posted By: paul
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07/31/04 01:28 - ID#29914

New Updates for Today

There are two major updates for today.

Journal Statistics
You can now see your individual journal statistics under your fav five list. The info journal has site wide statstics. If you do not want your individual journal statistics displayed, you can simply turn them off by clicking on the # in your control panel and selecting the option to not display the statistics.

Privacy/Draft Toggle
You can now set a journal entry to be in pirvate(not publically viewable mode) when you write it. Simply click the Private/Draft box before clicking the publish button. If you would like to later make the journal publically visable, simply click the closed eye icon at the bottom on the journal entry when logged in. You will see the eye open and it will become publically viewable. This is handy if you want to write a draft but don't have time to finsish it or if you are unsure about your feelings when you write something.

As always, you can toggle the visabiliy of previously written journal entry using the same eye icon at the bottom of each journal entry.

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul
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07/30/04 02:15 - ID#29913

New Videos Are Ready

The videos from the 7/27 Outer Circle Orchestra Concert at Bidwell are now avaiable under the video link at the top of the page. We appologize that only a few of them came out due to techincal dificulties with our equipment. Thank you to all who participated.


>>Posted By: paul
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07/29/04 01:33 - ID#29912

Checking Everyone's AIM status

If you want to check everyone's AIM status you can now simply click on the question mark in your control panel and see them all. It makes it much easier than having to go from journal to journal to find someone who is online to talk to.

>>Posted By: paul
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07/27/04 07:38 - ID#29911

Fill out your new e-profile

I just released the beta version of e-profiles. To get to your profile just click on your userPic. If you are logged in you will see a form to fill out if you click on your userPic. The date of the latest profile update will be displayed under your userPic.


All questions are completely optional. Any questions that you fill out will be displayed for others to see when they click on your userPic. If you do not answer any question, the question nor any answer will show up in your public profile.

If you have any ideas for other useful questions, please contact paul.

User sounds are now accessed by clicking on the sound link under your userPic.

>>Posted By: radio >>Updated By: info
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07/27/04 12:07 - ID#29910

This is a scam mail

If you get the following email, it is a scam and not from paul. Please do not download any attatchments from it. We do not ever refer to ourselves as the support team because there is not support team. There is just me.

Dear user,

Your e-mail account has been used to send a large amount of spam messages during the last week.
Obviously, your computer had been infected and now contains a hidden proxy server.

Please follow the instruction in the attached file in order to keep your computer safe.

Best wishes,
The support team.

>>Posted By: paul
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07/30/04 09:16 - ID#29909

NEw Estrip Desktop Application

In the meantime, I would like people to get a taste of what is coming. This swf file is fully functional, just login and publish. It currently does no error checking, so if you name and password are wrong it does not report an error, you just get no entry.. It was a 30 minute inspirational piece and I didn't have time to implement any other features yet.

::Download Flash SWF::

THE BEST PART - Stand alone application
The best part is that I have also made it available as a stand-alone application for both windows and macintosh

Please try it out. It will let people like (e:MK) and (e:anne) publish without needing the browser for now.

I think this red tomato/tree thing is going to be the new theme for a while. I might redesign the site when I get chance.
Off to do some summer stuff. . .

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul
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07/26/04 04:45 - ID#29908

Sign Up Woes

(e:mike) just alerted me that the sign up was not working. I appologize to anyone this inconvenienced.

I was wondering how we had so many signups and then it simply stopped around the 15th of July. Well, it turns out I made a change to see database variables on the night of the 15th and it has been down since them.

Each time the user would attempt to join, it would alert them the username they selected had already been taken. I fixed it now and went through with a trial signup just to make sure that it is possible to sign up once again.

Hopefully, we will see new people soon.

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul
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07/23/04 12:00 - ID#29907

The RSS works again

Thank you to (e:rachel) for reporting an bug that cause the RSS feed not to work anymore. It has since been corrected and should work fine. You may need to re-subscribe using your rss feed reader.


[inlink]info,10[/inlink] more information about how to read RSS on mac, PC, and mobile devices. If you have a t-mobile sidekick email paul and he can help you get it working.

>>Posted By: paul
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07/20/04 06:56 - ID#29906

Service keep fluctuation Today

If you experience downtime, the server (which I have no control over) is messed up again. Sorry about that, just add it to the reasons why we should have a fundraiser and move the site somewhere else.


I like how http is down but it is in good condition. Seems like shitty conditional when a web server can't serve pages.

>>Posted By: paul
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