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04/09/05 01:45 - ID#30075

One more update

booky update
I also redid booky so you might want to grab a new copy. The newest version adds the quoted textpage title and link to the quote bubble.

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04/09/05 12:43 - ID#30074

New Photo links and tags

First of all I have ended the (e:strip) problem when you type (e:strip) and it thinks that it is a user link. Thank god that is over, it was a one liner but I just kept forgetting.

I also have added a new major upgrade that allows you to add both tool tip descriptions and links to your uploaded images.

e.g. the code here - Notice you do not need the http:// in the link url (address)

[img]0405/powered4025.gif, Powered By Paul Visco,[/img]

gives you this

Missing Image ;(

>>Posted By: paul >>Updated By: paul 04/09/05 01:44 >>Updated By: paul 04/09/05 01:45
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04/30/05 08:32 - ID#30073

Offshoring Anyone

Check this out for some reason we are featured on offshoring digest . Just search for on that page. That is too weird. I bet it stems back to my comments about the Ghanese free trade zone.

>>Posted By: paul
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04/18/05 04:16 - ID#30072

Poetry and funky beats

[size=xxl]4 : 20[/size]

The digital poetics class at UB (of which our own (e:paul), (e:liz), and (e:shawnr) are a part of) is hosting a reading at the CFA at UB north campus at 7:00 PM.

A small break here allows atendees both travel time between venues and travel time between states of mind.

Then, at 9:00 DJ Spooky performs his distinctive mix of music/sound/art/politics at Soundlab .

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04/06/05 06:08 - ID#30071

The site is now back up.

You can now record your lives again. Sorry about any inconvenience. Somethings may not be functional yet.

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04/06/05 05:59 - ID#30070

The site in Read Only Mode

I am going to be moving the site today to a new server. In order for this to work, I am going to have to put it in read only mode during the move so that we don't have any double updates. I appologize for any inconvenience this causes. I promise it will be back soon.

>>Posted By: paul
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