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03/19/04 10:01 - ID#29799

More Updates

I promise this updating will end soon and then you can get all comfortable again. I had the week off of school so I tried to take advatage of it. I hope you enjoy the upgrades once you figure them out.

If you are not sure how to update anymore, don't fret, there is a new control panel available to you upon login.

From the control panel you can do everything you could before but faster and better.

All new publications will be made through the quickUpdate box which is now listed as "write" in the control panel. The stylebox is on vacation while a new more high tech one is being developed.

While you can use the Edit/Update control panel to update and delte multiple historical entries. The easiest way to update an entry is simply to click on the pen icon at the top of each entry on your journal. then pen allows you to update the text, add new images, or new flash files to any previous journal entry.

The little trash can deletes a journal entry. Both features are only avaiable on your own journal and only when you are logged in.

Pleas email me if you have any questions.
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03/17/04 04:52 - ID#29798

Another Feature

The new trash can, inspired by the mac OS 8.6 trash can has been added to each entry. If you are logged in as the author of the entry you will see both a pen and a trash can next to your mail envelope.

The pen and trash can allow you to respectively delete and update.
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03/17/04 01:57 - ID#29797

Email Server Back Up

Sorry about the inconvenience. The mailing features, as well as, your email if you have one, now work.
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03/17/04 02:53 - ID#29796

Two Major New Features As of 5AM

BEST FEATURE - If you are logged in, every journal entry has a little pen next to the mail envelope that lets you updat ethat specific entry. It doesn't matter what moth you are on. This is a really handy feature and saves a bunch of time. However, you need ot be logged in to see the icon.

Also, I am starting a community upload section where other people can upload media for the site. I am starting out with start up sounds and banners for the top of the site. I really want to see one of the coop house!!

You can get to the community upload pages by clicking on the uploads link in the banner. It is red right now to notify that it is new.

UPDATE >> The email server is down today. I will post when it is back up.
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03/17/04 12:13 - ID#29795



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03/16/04 06:55 - ID#29794

More Updates

There are still more updates and many more to come. Today's list.

1. Email addresses now turn into email links - simply type them in your journal just as you would any other link. e.g. Sorry this took so long.

2. The main pages load much faster.

3. You can email a journal to anyone by clicking on the little envelope next to the journal and fillign out the little form.

4. The stars are finally fixed and reset at midnight instead of 3am.

5. There are now start-up sounds to the site. Whenever you sign on for the first time without shutting down your browser you will hear a (e:strip) startup noise. There will be a contest later this week to design the best sound so start thinking. It can be a .wav or .mp3 up to 15kb.

6. The logos are varied and random. Me and Mattehw made a bunch of them. There are many more to come, as well as, a user logo contest later next week.

7. It finally tells you when you are on a dated journal page. E.g. the title at the top says "Elmwood's journal from March, 2004"

8. As requested by falling4autumn, each front page now displays the last ten journals instea dof the last 30 days. This reduces load time but also, allows people who haven't updated in a while to have something.

More to come ...
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03/14/04 04:43 - ID#29793

Celebrate Good Times

This is a crazy optical illusion I made. It really looks like the letter "e" is moving but it is not.

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03/14/04 04:17 - ID#29792

Testing Time

Please test out the site and send me -> paul any bugs you find. I hope you'll enjoy it.

You now log on from any page and remain logged in till you log out.

The site should also be significantly faster.
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03/13/04 08:01 - ID#29791

Updates Continued

I am trying to get the site done so that the new version is easily and infinitly updateable. Unfortunately, I don' live by myself on an island and my roomates won't let me just continously work work work. Please stay tuned. Some features may not work yet. Many do. You definatly can update using your quickUpdate control panel. I believe the regular updat epage works as well. Have fun and thanks for your patience.
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03/13/04 04:13 - ID#29790

Still Updating

Sorry about all the construction. It should be finished soon. In the meantime you can still update. It will just look funky on the update page. It's best if you use the quickupdate link at the top. This will allow you to update in the little pop up window.

By the way if you want to check out my new example of using flash in a journal. Go to paul's journal and click on the oyster.
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