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11/29/04 03:44 - ID#23246

Another bright idea for Erie County

In the spirit of closing all of the libraries and bringing in Bass Pro, I think we should also close all of the schools and open up more Hooters! I mean come on... schools come and go, but Hooters are forever!

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11/22/04 06:09 - ID#23245

Missed this week's OC? BitTorrent it!

(How to be a Nerd - lesson 2)

So how many of us who are too poor to afford both high-speed internet access AND Tivo get pissed off when we miss the latest episode of our show? Well, chances are it's not only available for download (sometimes before the air date), but it's usually available without commercials.

Yes, I'm probably one of the last people to discover this wonderful technology -- and you CAN use it for more than just d/l-ing TV shows (you can also get software, movies, music, you know.. the usual) -- but for me it has not only saved me a few times when i've missed a show -- it's literally freed me from worrying about either taping a show or being there to watch it. If I miss it, I just go out and get it.

So, being probably one of the few Mac users on the site (I think it's me, (e:twisted) and (e:soyeon)) -- I went to and downloaded a piece of client software called "Tomato Torrent" -- but there are other clients. Once you get that, you need use your web browser (like IE or firefox) to go to a site that keeps a good list of Torrents (I use Once you find the Torrent you want, you click the link to download the pointer file. That file then opens in the client and allows you to download that specific file.

The PtoP side of this is that once you download the file, you are encouraged to leave your connection open so that you then act as a temporary host of that file for others to download. I don't believe people have access any other downloaded files on your hard drive.

For those who use the PCs and want to get into it, check this site out: ( -- has a client for Macs as well, but I dig Tomato Torrent too much.

Mail me if you're interested and my instructions are not clear.
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11/16/04 10:53 - ID#23244

Florida: What's the big deal?

I'd like to start by saying this is NOT about the presidential election. now that we have THAT out of the way... let's continue.

So my coworker keeps swinging by my desk and saying to me, "I'm going to Florida in 10 days, I'm going to Florida in 10 days, you're going to wish you were there instead of here" -- the funny this is, i won't.

i really have never had a desire to go to Florida -- (perhaps key west, but that's practically another state). There are many reasons for this, but the first ones that come to mind are: i hate humidity, I'm not crazy about high temperatures, mosquitoes piss me off, and i don't like sitting out in the sun for prolonged periods of time. not to mention the state's shaped like a wang (may be a plus for some, not for me).

so tell me, why would i be envious? the only reason I'm even writing about it is because he's been talking about it SO MUCH, I wanted to vent without raining on his parade.
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11/12/04 12:29 - ID#23243

Okay Paul, so how's this suppose to feel

Rush Limbaugh, a long-time Mac advocate is also a Sidekick user. I already had a problem with him being on "my team" -- but now this?!! Next thing you know, he'll be drinking Fair Trade coffee and driving around in a Toyota Prius -- that still doesn't make him any less of a blow-hard.

So I don't know how this is supposed to make me feel? It's kinda like finding out that Santa Claus is a member of NAMBLA, except the other way around.
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11/11/04 02:20 - ID#23242

thinking in black and white

[inlink]ajay,182[/inlink] yup (e:ajay),

you make a good point. it's getting more difficult to see that most things have underlying subtleties, and are not just ""one or the other" -- that being said, I fear that we could see the libraries closing down and the bureaucracy STILL bloating. Why there are so many people with so few results is beyond me.

As far as my other comment goes, I have a very pessimistic view of our area and your average Buffalonians. My feeling is that they could give a crap if the libraries close down as long as their beer is cold, chicken wings are plentiful, and Sunday games are not blacked out.

signing off.
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