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Category: bug

10/27/07 09:30 - 59ºF - ID#41833

Flash Upload and Leopard

Well, turns out there is a mac os 10.5 specific bug that is causing flash based multi uploads to not work on any browser in leopard. It prentends to work by letting you select the file but then it never pushes the file to the server Because, I cannot detect hat you are on leopard with the Firefox user agent. It looks the same on tiger and leopard, I am going to have to provide an old style file upload box option.


Adobe is aware of this problem and is working on a fix. It is not limited to estrip multifile flash based uploads but happens on any site with flash uploading including Flickr.

I filed this bug report with Adobe.
  • BUG******
Concise problem statement: The flash player uploads are not working anymore on Leopard in any browser (safari, firefox). The multi file select box pops open, but the files never

This example from my javascript/flash toolkit worked on tiger no problem to upload small jpegs. It no longer works on leopard.

However, It is not limited to my surebert toolkit.

Another popular javascript/flash upload library called swfupload is also not working in leopard but worked in tiger.

Same for the flickr flash upload utility. The flash upload file selector box appears, but then it doesn't seem to send anything.

Steps to reproduce bug:
1. Try uploading
2. Try uploading a file
3. Try uplaoding images to flickr using their newer flash based upload utility.

Results: The files do not upload, no requests hit the servers access or error logs.
Expected results: The files should upload like they do on tiger[/box]

This has been resolved and there is a new version of the flash player for mac that you can download from adobe labs.

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Category: fundraising

10/25/07 09:15 - 51ºF - ID#41801

I need your help, please read

We need about ~$1300 to buy a new, older server.
is an example of what I am looking to buy. I plan on setting it up and then switching it out with the old one all upgraded and ready for the future.

It is really in everyone best interest that this happens so that we can have a safe backup server and a raid array as well. If you peeps can raise $500 altogether I will match it (in addition to a couple hundred hours of time) and we can get it going.

In return you get to know estrip will safely go on for another 3 years of serving and you can get a title and a gold star on your big userpic.

I am also going to try and sell some of my stuff to raise some additional money but any help is appreciated.

Or if anyone has any fundraiser ideas? Feel free to organize them.

Through paypal:

Also feel free to comment on this news journal.

Here is a list of all the contributions so far

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Category: questions

10/07/07 04:43 - 74ºF - ID#41539

Does anyone know?

Do you know of any stores on elmwood or east elmwood that are selling the "i love buffalo hockey"t-shirts? i can't remember the name of the store that has them

Someone wrote to ask me this today. Does anyone know the answer, or where east elmwood is?
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Category: food

10/02/07 09:46 - 66ºF - ID#41466

Estrip Dinner Night At Casa Di Pizza

October 10th, Wednesday at 7pm

Note: The Sabres and the Bills are not playing this night.

(E:strip) dinner at JJ's Casa di Pizza, at 744 Elmwood (with Parking on Hodge). Sign up in the comments of this entry, so we know how to make reservations. If you are unsure of making it, sign up but let us know that too.

Count on paying $12 or so dollars per person (more for alchohol), and please bring cash. There will be an assortment of pizza and wings ordered, but if you need something in particular, the full menu will be available.

Afterwards there will be a meeting at 24 Linwood to talk about (e:strip) for those who are interested in lending a hand.

The last dinner was a lot of fun, with 16 people - check out the photos, and join us this time around!

Don't forget to sign up!
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Category: blogging

09/15/07 10:10 - 52ºF - ID#41123

Blogtoberfest At The Terminal

Well, it looks like Buffalo is having its second annual Blogtoberfest. Maybe, we should all go and meet the other Buffalo bloggers outside of estrip. I just wish it wasn't at the central terminal.

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Category: buffalo

09/13/07 10:41 - 64ºF - ID#41086

An Buffalo Update

I updated the journals so that the word count is stamped with " Buffalo, NY" if your zip code matches 14***. If lied on your signup or if you didn't fill out your zip code when signing up, then this will not show up. Send Paul an email if you want to give your real zip code and get the stamp.

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Category: updates

09/10/07 10:43 - 68ºF - ID#41043

Bug Fix

Sorry (e:zobar), it wasn't the RSS feed but I will get to that this week. It is the search box. If you searched for something an done of the journals that came up had a sound in the journal it was fucking up the script, and that is why sometimes, the search results would open in the search popup but it is all good now.
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Category: statistics

09/03/07 01:40 - 75ºF - ID#40909

More statistics

I posted some statistic data for the site about the peeps who have written the most, posted and received the most comments. And blogs by temperature and age statistics.


For the most prolific authors list you can see them listed by rank with a link to their latest title. Some peeps on the list haven't even written since 2005 which means that some of the new peeps can have an edge on stealing their spots.

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Category: update

09/02/07 11:33 - 69ºF - ID#40901

Everyone can feel more special

I updated the mini userpics that show when you are online to reflect the number of journals you have to the nearest 50 always rounding down.

So, say you have 57 journals it will say 50+

The other two increments are "<10 blogs" for new users with less than ten journals and 25+ for those who haven't quite reached 50 yet but want to feel special too.

Get your own (e:strip) regal title!
If you also want to have a custom title show across the top of your minipic, you can buy one by donating to the estrip paypal account by clicking on Donate above the minipics to the right of the latest entries list. Money goes toward site maintenance and thinks like hardware, domain names renewals, software updates, and general upkeep.

You can also earn titles
Like (e:jim) who is currently the 3rd most popular journal on the site this month (via view count), hence "bronze metal."


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Category: update

09/02/07 02:19 - 76ºF - ID#40894

Another change

I updated it further so that the meta description of each journal page is the first 100 characters of the the text of the journal stripped of text bling and that the author is your username and a link to your journal. This should raise individual author ranking on google.
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How weird life is , that I now know the Capozzi's, well at least Al ...

mike said to mike
How weird life is , that I now know the Capozzi's, well at least Al ...