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Category: sex

10/26/08 12:20 - ID#46343

Bi sexual and gay sterotypes

So a little while back (e:Lauren) wrote a pretty interesting post about this rent a negro site ans some how in the comments there was talk about how guys ask or say stupid things to bisexual women and lesbians. I will admit I wanted to write this post at the time but didn't really have the time and the correct words to use I think I might now. I'm not defending sterotypes and not saying they are good I'm just trying to show a view point from a mans perspective.

First of all I'm not a women so I can't imagine what it is like to be one, let alone to be bisexual or a lesbian. I think that the little bit of knowledge I do have is like most men's is flawed most likely.

I do think that the watching of porn does effect how men think of bisexual women. For example last night I caught part of this great movie there was this really sexy naked Asian girl with amazing breasts making out with this pretty tiny breasted white girl. So this guy is watching and he is getting turned on and then he goes and joins in. In this movie they don't show any dick. See that is a lot of guys fantasy two hot girls making out and them either watching it or taking part in it. See that makes sense for a lot of guys not only do they get to see one girl they get to see two and they don't have to see any cock (some guys don't want to see any so all they watch is girl on girl). It also gives the perspective on TV that you are watching it. I know it is only TV but I think stuff like that can enforce the male fantasy weather it is soft core or hardcore. In porn there are some girls who really do like other girls and then there are girls who are "gay for pay" meaning they don't like girls but do the scenes to get paid better or for the money. When watching a scene us guys don't think about this and I do think it does affect how we think of girls who are bisexual or lesbians (not the same but often viewed as the same incorrectly).

The Jerry Springer aspect. Yes it used to be a guilty pleasure of mine I will admit. I'm not only blaming him I'm sure there are other shows that only show the crazy side of people. But on even though at the end of the show he would have final thoughts and they were pretty good, I still think that what you saw over powered his thoughts at the end. The show was often about cheating and so when ever someone cheated on their partner with someone of the same sex as them it made everyone who is bisexual look like a slut. Some one would all ways say that just because you like both sexes doesn't mean that you should be with one person of each sex at the same time. I think shows like that can effect how people think about other people.

I'm not blaming TV and entertainment really even though it sounds like it, I'm more saying that I think it might help reinforce other ideas people may all ready have.

I don't know where I have heard my sterotypes but I know I have heard some. Like that lesbians hate men and are mean. Hey maybe some of them do but I doubt they all do. Yes I have heard that Bisexual girls are sluts. I don't believe that and the 1st lady that I knew was bisexual wasn't she had boy friends and girl friends but not at the same time from what she told me. Not that I would call someone a slut but some people are sluts and some are men some are women and some are stright, bi and gay that doesn't mean being bi makes you a slut.

Again I don't know where I have heard this stuff I really don't. I have heard that there are butch lesbians and fem lesbians and that only fems and butch lesbians will be with each other. Again I wouldn't know but that doesn't seem right. Why couldn't two pretty girls be together.

I'm sure lesbians and Bi sexual girls get a lot of stupid questions but I think most of them is because guys have this fantasy view of women's sexuality or just don't get it.

I think the thing with steroypes is they often don't make sense for anyone and you hear different ones that don't make sense. For example the typical one for blacks is that they love Watermelon and fried chicken. That makes no sense everyone likes friend chicken and besides that is more of a southern thing. I have heard people not use the right short hand for Asians. Like they order chinesse food and call it gook food, that would be koreans and the steroype of them is that they all have nail salons not that they sell you cat for dinner.

I think the reason sterotypes work is that there is a small amount of truth in them but just because they are true sometimes for some people doesn't mean they are completely true. But when you don't know anyone who fits those sterotypes then you don't have anything to disprove any of them. I think that leads to when you meet someone you might ask or say some stupid things, Ok that is the end my rant time to go watch the pregame then the Bills and later the Steelers. This was more of way of venting for myself really but if I said anything stupid let me know.
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Category: tv

10/26/08 11:36 - 53ºF - ID#46339

Coupons for digital converter box

First of all I'm so tired of this mess with Time Warner and channel 4. I do have a set of rabbit ears that attach to my old TV. But it dawned on me today that I need to go to that lead me to or something like that and then I filled out an application to get two coupons for those digital converter box things. Yes I do have cable so my TVs should be covered that is what I keep hearing on all the ads. But there is a slight problem to get Channel 4 I use rabbit ears so come Feb 17th or when ever that is I wouldn't be able to get that station anymore. Some might say well by then this problem could all be worked out, but see it takes time to get get the coupons and then once you get them you only have 90 days to use them. So if I don't go and do it now when I'm thinking about it the problem doesn't get solved it could be to late. My Rabbit ears are the old school kind that have flat pieces that slide into screws on the back of a TV, I wonder if they will work with the boxes I Need to get. Maybe I should go to Time Warner and pick up their free Rabbit ears. It might be kinda tough though since I saw the times and they are only really available at times when I'm working, argghhhhhhhhhhh. Well I guess we shall see.
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Category: tv

10/25/08 05:18 - 56ºF - ID#46328

Sons of Anarchy +

So I will admit I like FX channel. It is the cable version of fox. They used to have some repeats of fox shows like they used to re show 24. At the time it was a pretty good idea, if you miss one episode you could really get behind so it was a good way to keep viewers. Currently I'm watching Sons Of Anarchy it is about a bike gang and it is pretty good I think. I seem to all ways miss It allways Sunny in Philadelphia. I haven't tried yet but i guess you can watch it from their site I'm not sure when new episodes will be on, I know you can watch mini episodes of rescue me through that site also. That is really a good show.

This morning On HBO I missed the first few minutes of Section 60:Arlington National Cemetery. I don't know how to describe it, maybe it is sad, moving, or just a look into the memories people have of people who die in war. I'm not going to try to politicize it but this side of the story isn't thought about when we all are talking about if we should go to war, and that we are in the wrong country and all of that. I found the show a little hard to watch but it is something that should be watched.

More fun stuff so tonight on HBO at 11pm is Cathouse : Manage A Trois that looks like it should be a lot of fun to watch. Will it all be sex I doubt it but it could be lots of it. The only thing I wish was that on that show they would not blur out the mans dick when it is hard. I mean we know they are fucking but no dick. Not sure why that is I know showtime won't show erect dick either. Maybe they fear that men won't watch then, or maybe that would make it porn and there are legal reasons not sure really should still be pretty good. Yes I like my porn hard core for those who are wondering.

NBC tonight is replaying the 3 episodes of SNL live on Thursday tonight for those who haven't seen them that might be something to watch and then after the news SNL is live or as they say on the site all new, yes the music band is Coldplay, I love coldplay by the way in the "Stright world" that makes you a fag or gay. Well it doesn't really but people say that it does. That reminds me tonight I need to think out and write out that blog about that. Most blogs I write are right out of my head but that one needs to be written down really.

I lost my train of thought so hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Category: holiday

10/25/08 04:40 - 56ºF - ID#46325

Happy Halloween kinda

Yes I know it isn't Halloween yet but I did want to wish to anyone who is doing anything for the holiday today. I know there is that big party at the Central Terminal. Than out at Garden Village Plaza in Cheektowaga The Misfits and As Summer Dies have a show out there and you can get tickets for the Concert and Haunted House and that other things are going on as well so hope everyone has a good time.
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Category: tv

10/24/08 07:27 - 52ºF - ID#46311

SNL Live Bush

So Last night I got to watch SNL live on Thursday and thought it was good. (to watch the entire thing). The high lite to me was the opening. Will Farrell played George W. Bush I thought it was awesome, with out giving to much away he endorse Palin (Tina Fey) and McCain who can't be found but is brought onto stag, I again thought it was great.
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Category: philosophy

10/24/08 07:20 - 52ºF - ID#46309

Ads based on other Ads?

I myself Like adds that are based on other adds but the question is what does that say about us as a Society. I think that all it really says is that a lot of people watch a lot of TV. But it could also mean that people like comedy in there adds as well. I think when one add is based on another it assumes that the person watches enough TV to know the previous add and to understand the new add. I know this isn't a new concept but in the past it was kinda reserved for the beer companies where one would mock out the other or even the Cola Wars. The Most recent Versions of this is one for I think it is miller lite not sure. There is this pretty famous Bud ad where this horse tries out for the Budwiser wagon but isn't good enough so a dalemation trains the horse and he makes the team that same kind of dog has been on a couple other ads. Well the ad that plays off that dog the show the budwiser wagon and the horses and you know what it is with out them showing the company the then the dog jumps off what you know is the budwiser truck onto there truck, I thought it was funny. Another version of that is MAC has all those great ads bashing PCs and most of them are pretty funny but now Windows has one with a guy who looks like the PC guy where he says He has been made into a sterotype and there are a couple if maybe not 3 versions of the same people saying different things.

The other type of ad is where a company comes out with an add and then bases other ads of the original one. The its so easy a cave man can do it has spawned a lot of those. That however is not an original idea by the way, in my mind. Anyone who used to watch SNL remembers a bit called "cave man lawyer" the guy would act like he didn't understand like one of those famous court shows and go "But I'm Just a Cave man". I think the first one based of the idea that the cave man was upset was him with a shrink and he is supposed to talk to a doll and he says it doesn't talk back. Then based off of that there has been a series of some caveman getting up set by Gieco. There is one at an airport, tennis match with billy jean king, Party where the one guy is called a sell out for trying to save money, one on motorcycles where they wear the racing suits but aren't on Japanese racing bikes, on the beach and a plane goes by with an ad and that breaks up the romance and the I think the newest one the guy has a metal detector on the beach and he thinks he found something and it is a gieco key chain all very funny. But see if you didn't see the original one where he gets upset none of these would make any sense. Another example is Mac, I love all there Mac vs. PC ads they are all pretty good. The recent turn of ads have all been vista based and things along the lines of not calling it vista. So there is one ad where they show all this money on the table and how it is used to advertise Vista in stead of like fixing it so PC then throws that other little portion over into the ad budget. But there newest ad is based of that and the PC dude is having a bake sale to raise money so he can get Vista fixed, I think it is pretty funny.

This is just a small example from the ads I have seen. What I think it says is that we are a nation of TV watchers. That isn't to bad really there are a lot of stations and options for kinds of shows and info to watch. I could make the leap that we are not a reading nation any more but that isn't true. Often the ads we see for movies where best selling books, or comic books before. I could say that people are very sedintary. I don't agree completely because to be able to have cable or dish you need money so you must be working. But what I do think is that what it shows is that more people stay in at night then going out as a family for family events. I think if you looked closer you would see that a lots of families watch TV together but that more often Kids watch shows by them selves and sometimes both parents do to. I'm not saying that TV causes families to be less close, kids would play video games or listen to music to not be around there parents. What I think is that TV has become a big entertainment device as opposed to going out side and playing or doing stuff out side. I admit I not sure if philosophy was the right term to put this under but it is close enough.
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Category: news

10/22/08 08:07 - 38ºF - ID#46261

Aud &Wal- mart isn't evil

So (e:MrMike) posted about the Aud Yesterday. What I want to say is that it is to bad that there is no way to reuse it, it really is but here is a story about it from the Buffalo news.

During a final look at Buffalo's Aud, 'I'll never forget the time . . .'
By Sharon Linstedt
News Business Reporter
Story tools:

Bill Wippert/Buffalo News Debris surrounds one of the old turnstiles in the Aud, which for 12 inactive years has been nothing more than a symbol of events long past.Bill Wippert/Buffalo News The site of the Aud Club, longtime social nexus for a sports-intensive city, is a shell of its former self during final tour. More photos on Picture Page, C10.
Related Content

Memorial Auditorium, arguably Buffalo's most beloved white elephant, has a November date with destiny.

After nearly six decades of use as a sports and entertainment venue, and a dozen years of stagnation while politicians and planners debated its future, the massive landmark will soon be demolished.

By this time next year, a Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World store, museum and public plaza are expected to be under construction on the five-acre site.

"We all have memories, we all have sentiments about this building, but life goes on. It's time to move on," said Jordan A. Levy, chairman of Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp., who led a final tour of the venerable arena Tuesday morning.

Dark, chilly, with walls torn open from asbestos removal and with open spaces at its rooflines, the Aud hasn't totally lost its identity.

The arena's scoreboard still hangs from the rafters. Concession stand menus are frozen in time from the days when the Canadian exchange rate was 35 percent in favor of the greenback.

The Aud hosted its last hockey game April 14, 1996, when the Buffalo Sabres beat the Hartford Whalers, 4-1. The team has played in nearby HSBC Arena since the start of its 1996-97 season.

The last concert in the Aud was Sept. 11, 1996, with R&B ensemble Bones Thugs-n-Harmony as the final act in an entertainment history that included Bruce Springsteen and Frank Sinatra, the Ice Capades and the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Levy, who heads the agency overseeing redevelopment of the inner harbor site, has more than his share of personal memories of the Aud, having worked at the arena from 1970 to 1976.

"I was here for some amazing hockey and basketball games, and fantastic concerts. I'll never forget the time I spent in this building," said Levy, whose jobs included patching up the ice between periods of Sabres games and operating the escalators on concert nights.

Levy was joined by Rep. Brian Higgins, D-Buffalo; Mayor Byron W. Brown; and Erie County Executive Chris Collins in a final walk through the 69-year-old building, and all of them shared personal memories.

Collins recalled seeing his first hockey game in the Aud in 1976. "I had moved here from Alabama and didn't even know what hockey was. I kept asking, 'What are they doing? What's a blue line?' " Collins said, noting that he is now so hooked on hockey that he purchased 26 full season ticket packages to Sabres games for use by his family and his businesses.

For Brown, memories center on the Aud's hardwood floor and Buffalo Braves basketball. The mayor's first trip to the Aud was to see the Braves as a Buffalo State College freshman, when he dreamed of playing college basketball and going on to the National Basketball Association.

Memorial Auditorium: One Last Look
More videos

"Some upperclassmen brought some of us to the game, and we sat in the nosebleed section. It was wonderful," Brown recalled.

Higgins, who grew up in South Buffalo, said Aud events were always part of his life. "I couldn't tell you how many times I've been in here, too many to count," he said.

But the outspoken advocate of waterfront redevelopment said it's time to look forward. "We have an unprecedented opportunity to remake Buffalo's waterfront and seize a once-in-a-lifetime economic-development opportunity," he said. "Let's hold onto the memories and step into the future."

A six-month-long environmental abatement, which will result in the removal of about 2,000 tons of asbestos and other hazardous materials from the Aud, is set to wrap up in the next two weeks. Demolition crews will arrive by mid-November.

Jon Williams, co-owner of Buffalobased Ontario Specialty Contracting, said his firm is drafting demolition plans as it waits for the state to sign off on its $1.5 million contract. "Exactly when we start depends on getting the paperwork through Albany," he said, "but the expectation is we'll be on the site by the middle of next month."

The crews will dismantle the 450,000-square-foot auditorium piece by piece. Much of its steel and concrete structure will be recycled.

Developers are expected to unveil details of the Canal Side project, a $400 million effort that covers about 20 acres of the inner harbor, including the Aud parcel. The development will include more than a half-million square feet of retail, entertainment, hotel, office and residential space.

The first phase of construction will follow completion of a state environmental review, which is expected to take six to nine months.

City-sponsored live and online auctions of Aud "blue" seats and dasher boards are scheduled for Nov. 15-16. The "Farewell, Old Friend" event, which will be held in the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, will also feature guest appearances by former Sabres and Braves players.

Check out the web page looks like there is some nice stuff there.

I know that Wal-Mart does get a lot of bad press and that they are evil and do a lot of bad stuff. Some of that is depending on how you look at, hey if you need a job and you get one there you are better off. But that isn't what I'm talking about they gave a big donation to food banks in NYS and it looks like a big boost to buffalo here is the article.

Wal-Mart gives Food Bank big boost
$577,000 to aid operations here and across the state
By Deidre Williams
News Staff Reporter

Wal-Mart and the Food Bank of Western New York joined Tuesday to announce a new partnership to feed the hungry across the state.

Wal-Mart executives came bearing a $577,000 check to help address the problem.

The Food Bank of Western New York will get about $65,000 of that amount, as well as any food collected from a drive Nov. 22-23 in 10 area Wal-Mart stores.

The partnership between the retail giant and the Food Bank Association of New York State is called "Feeding New York: Rolling Back Hunger One Meal at a Time." The initiative will provide funding, food and volunteers to the eight regional food banks in the state.

The check from the Wal-Mart Foundation was presented at the Food Bank distribution headquarters on Holt Street.

In addition, Wal-Mart delivered canned soup, vegetables and fruit, cereal and rice to the local food bank.

It comes at a much-needed time, officials said, as the Food Bank has seen an 11 percent increase in food distributed to member agencies since last year, said John T. Evers, executive director of the Food Bank of Western New York.

Wal-Mart chose Buffalo as the site to announce the statewide initiative because of the city's dedication to philanthropy, said Steven V. Restivo, a director of corporate affairs for Wal-Mart.

"The Buffalo area is No. 1 in terms of contributions to the Children's Miracle Network," which is sponsored by Wal- Mart and supports Women and Children's Hospital, he said.

Besides the food drive next month, Wal-Mart staffers will make a commitment to volunteer at the local Food Bank next year.

The reason why I give both the story and the link is because if you want to read the story then you can. But also with the link there is sometimes links from that page to other stories. But with the Buffalo News once it goes into archives then the link won't work and you have to pay to see the archives.
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Category: weather

10/22/08 07:57 - 38ºF - ID#46260

1st Snow

So it has quickly gotten cold. Last night on my way home I had a little scar or freak out a bit. As I was heading home I saw what looked like a giant gray cat cross the street and it walked in front of me and I stopped cause that was one fat cat it turned it head and it was a raccoon and I stopped in shock, I didn't go near it and then is walked into the darkness. I was thinking about that this morning when I left at 5am and as I was looking around what I thought felt like rain kinda looked like snow in the sky and it kinda floated like snow. So then later I get off my bus in Chektogwaga (how ever it is spelled) and again I can see the stuff float so I say today was the first snow fall. I know most people count when it sticks but I say it is today.
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Category: photography

10/21/08 07:23 - 38ºF - ID#46238

Photogrophy Idea

So in my previous post I mentioned I wanted to post about something but forgot what it was, I remember now. I had this idea well it was long ago but I remembered it this morning of a cool idea for a photo shoot. I admit it isn't to original it sounds like something Spencer Tunic would do but it really isn't. The idea would be to have some take pictures of me or of a chick completely naked but in a setting where you wouldn't notice the nudity. Of course Guerilla photography can be dangerous and could get one arrested. Part of doing it good is using a tripod and having all the lighting set ups preplanned and written down so the person could set up the camera then yell go and then the person runs out of the van and the person with the camera takes the picture. The picture would be of City Hall with someone nude it front of it one close up to confirm the person is nude then zoom out and get most of the building and then all of. The point of the picture would be that you would get the entire building and the only person in front of it would be nude but compared to the rest of the building you would hardly be able to see the nudity at all. I don't know what that says from an art point of view but I kinda like what it says. Of course any location would have to be prescouted. I think other places in Buffalo that might work but not sure are HSBC Arena maybe since it isn't to tall maybe laying down, maybe some form of Dunn Tire Park might work but again Height is a problem, ECC Downtown and the HSBC tower would work for sure. There might even be a bunch of churches with there tall towers would work pretty good. Not saying I would do this and I'm not recruiting anyone to take the pictures but it is kinda a cool idea. I think that it might work some place like NYC where there are more iconic places like the statue of Liberty and places like that. It might even be cool to travel to cities to do and only do it in front of famous places. If some goes through that much trouble someone might as well get someone else to video it. So if anyone needs a cool art project there you go. I wouldn't be surprised if this has all ready been done. The difference though between me and Tunic is it isn't about the nudity or the mass of bodies it is about being out side and in the nude but making so you don't notice the nudity because of what is being shot in the background. By the way if what is in the background of the picture is the point of the picture does the terminology change.
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10/21/08 07:07 - 38ºF - ID#46237

No more Elite XC it looks like

Well I was going to post about something else but once I saw this story it looks like EliteXC is no more and going out of Business. I wonder if Gina Carano will find some place else to fight. I like to see women fight, plus when they are hot it is an added bonus here is the story.

Elite XC down for the count
By Dave Meltzer, Yahoo! Sports

More MMA Videos More From Dave MeltzerKoscheck unafraid of uphill climb Oct 20, 2008 Vera set for crucial test against Jardine Oct 17, 2008
Elite XC, which produced seven of the 10 most-watched MMA matches in U.S. history on two CBS specials in recent months, will be closing its doors at the end of the week. This leaves a roster of fighters, including top draws Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano, looking for work in a constricted environment.

Elite XC joins the International Fight League and Bodog Fight as high-profile competitors to the industry leader, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, to fold during the past year.

With deals with CBS and Showtime, the latter a major shareholder, Elite XC had the exposure the other failed challengers lacked, but lost more than $55 million in its two years of operation. Its losses included having a bad television deal in the first year with Showtime, causing them to lose money on every show; losing millions on trying, and failing, to build a website that was designed to be a destination for the MMA community; and purchasing four promotions outright and putting money into a fifth.

One of them, the U.K.-based Cage Rage promotion, set them back $18 million in losses.

"I got a call earlier [Monday] telling me they were shutting down," said Frank Shamrock, who was a television commentator, a main event fighter and a shareholder in the promotion.

Elite XC's two biggest attractions, Slice and Carano, are unlikely to be moving to the sport's highest-profile group. UFC president Dana White has repeatedly said he won't use Slice, who made his reputation as a backyard streetfighter on YouTube videos but is not the caliber of even a mid-level MMA pro. White also has said he's not interested in promoting women's fighting, although Carano's success as a draw may cause him to reconsider. Her match with Kelly Kobold two weeks ago ended up adding more new viewers than any MMA match on television in the U.S.

Several agents for fighters have been in contact all day with the UFC. Some, like welterweight champion Jake Shields, would be welcomed into the promotion.

It had been widely known that due to the losses, and the inability to raise new capital, that the Elite XC would either be sold to Showtime or be forced to fold by the end of the year. Others within the company said bankruptcy papers would be filed.

Kelly Kahl, the CBS senior executive vice president of programming operations who oversaw the three Elite XC events on the station, declined to comment on the situation.

It is not known if CBS will start its own MMA company or strike a deal with one of the two companies left standing, the UFC or Affliction. Affliction was a sponsor and co-promoter of the Oct. 4 show, paying for the Andrei Arlovski-Roy Nelson match. The other active match promotion, Strikeforce, has a late night television deal with NBC, which has had preliminary talks with the company about doing live events.

The Elite XC sale was believed to be close to completion heading into the Oct. 4 show on CBS. The show was a ratings success, beating both Major League Baseball playoff games and both major college football games in the target male 18-49 demographic, but left the brand tainted due to a controversy stemming from the main event.

CBS funded the event because Elite XC didn't have the money to continue while negotiations for the sale continued.

Ken Shamrock, scheduled as the opponent of Slice, got into a money argument with Elite XC officials before the show, and then, to blow off steam, did a training session in which he suffered a cut above his eye that required stitches. When he returned from the hospital, the Florida State Boxing Commission wouldn't allow him to fight.

Seth Petruzelli, a journeyman fighter in a light heavyweight preliminary match, was chosen as the fill-in opponent for the 236-pound Slice, and the scenario couldn't have gone worse, as Slice charged in, Petruzelli threw a jab on one leg and still knocked Slice down, and finished him with punches on the ground in 14 seconds.

While CBS officials were thrilled with the ratings, a controversy over a radio interview done by Petruzelli looks to have foiled the purchase.

"The promoters kind of hinted to me and they gave me the money to stand and trade with him," Petruzelli said two days after the fight on "The Monsters in Orlando" radio show. "They didn't want me to take him down.

"Let's just put it that way. It was worth my while to try and stand up and punch with him."

The next day Petruzelli said that what he meant was that he was offered a bonus for a knockout. Jeremy Lappen the head of operations for Elite XC confirmed Petruzelli got a knockout bonus, believed to be between $20,000 and $30,000 to go along with his $35,000 guarantee and $15,000 win bonus, but not a submission bonus.

A media outcry followed, with accusations a company official tried to manipulate the fight in favor of Slice, even though it backfired, leading to an investigation by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations. The question was whether Petruzelli was offered a bonus to not take Slice down, which would be illegal, as opposed to a knockout bonus, which is legal and not uncommon.

With the investigation started, Showtime pulled out of negotiations and people inside the company were being told all day that Elite XC was shutting down.

Keith Kizer, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, said Monday that he had not received word that the next show, scheduled for Nov. 8, in Reno, Nev., had been canceled.

But the website, which represents Cesar Gracie, the manager of Nick Diaz, who was scheduled to fight next month, wrote Monday night, "We are confirming that Elite XC has folded. What this means for our fans and supporters is that there will not be a Nick Diaz vs. Eddie Alvarez fight on Nov. 8."

Oh Yeah and I keep forgetting to post this one post I thought of about gay sterotypes it would be comedy about why you could consider me gay or not gay but I need time to think about it again when it is posted remember it is comedy and don't get mad ok.
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