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Category: holidays

02/10/13 12:43 - ID#57228

Fat Valentines Day

So This is the first week with out football and it feels a bit odd.... Sunday is a depressing day even with good stuff cause it is back to work on Monday. Sometimes I wish I was "Normal" I mean work wise with a 9-5 .... You know have that group of people you hang out with after work for an hour or so :) , or even just someone to call in for yeah "yeah sorry Mr.Dunn won't be in today :)... Tonight The Walking Dead... There I go off topic a bit again but even when NFL was on all day at some point it hits you fuck work on monday ... Grumble Grumble... One thing I do miss about Wilson Farms is that you don't work every day... Of course making it to bandits games caused problems but....... I wonder if things like viewing parties would make this better or worse .....

So Valentines day 1st... Looking at the ads hurt today.... There was a time when I really liked this Holiday... Or at was at least fun... What happened to me? Don't know really, I really don't ... Scared Heart ? not sure ... But in any event for those that like it have a great time... Over on twitter when things come to me I've posted little jokes about the holiday.. I'm all for true love and all it is great... But the this gift here is equal to how much you love the person... Or maybe I've just seen to many Jared and Kay ads... They where things like if for Valentines day she introduces you to her "Friends" Merry them all... Or if she takes you out to see the New Die Hard movie because she wants to see it get that ring... Think I also mentioned if she does an Alanis (Goes down on you in a Theatre)... Twitter is fun but insane also a good place for porn if you want it ..... I admit going to see Die Hard would be fun......

But before then we Hit "Fat Tuesday" that is the end of Mardi Gras and then Ash wends. and lent starts.. So it is a great way for people to do all kinds of fun and then clean the slate the next day so.... I admit when I first heard buffalo did one my thought was like but it is cold and no flashing so what is the point... Just so you know I've seen ads for BoysGoneWild like the girls ..... It is tough to got out and get smashed with and early wake up the next day.... but who knows maybe ..... For those that can enjoy and please post many pictures..... Since it is Tuesday TheStripteasers are at Nietches at 11pm I might be able to make that I'm not holding my breath we shall see what the big camera does...

Oh that reminds me I saw this amazing camera think I'm obsessed with them for $300 at maybe target it is a Nikon with Android... Now I assume that means you need to get a phone plan with it... But you can take pictures and upload it to the web :) I need to look into that..... Cause if it uses a phone signal then it doesn't matter if say the bar has WiFi.... Wonder if as you upload a picture you can take another one ? Hey maybe someone rich lady with extra cash will see this and buy me one and we can test it out at her place :) ... HA seriously though it looks really cool...

In any event enjoy the holidays .....

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Category: holidays

11/19/11 05:29 - ID#55556

Black Thanksgiving?!Meaning

So I admit I meant to write this on Friday or Thursday would have worked but somewhere kinda ran out of time....

Thanksgiving is less then a week away and no so it Black Friday... Now in Buffalo there is the huge drinking holiday the day Or I should say the night before thanksgiving and well it might as well be Christmas it shows up quicker then the paychecks sometimes.....

Now there are some Holidays like Thanksgiving and Columbus Day... Yes you could put Christmas in there as well that have a dark side.... There are sayings like "Keep the Christ in Christmas"... That believe it or not is a really good point... See Halloween isn't this evil holiday where we praise the dead and ask souls to take over our unborn babies.... What Holidays are is what behavior we do.... So Halloween is about dressing up as someone you aren't and taking the persons persona and yeah getting candy. Now of course if you go out and get a medium and sit in a cemetery then that is what the holiday means to you..... I think this is true of all Holidays.... If I had NFL Network thanks giving would be a 3 football game day for me! If say Just Pizza had a plate you could order with 7 slices of turkey 3 slices of apple pie , mashed with gravy I would be good... Maybe a thing of Hot Hard Cider (not beer that tastes like cider) or just regular with cinnamon .... Give me that and a TV with football maybe a few minutes of a parade then some TNA (think fox has a new Ice Age special and a new Charlie Brown one might have to check that out)... And that is my thanksgiving ..... It isn't about how we where friends with the Indians and then after the winter stole the land and then brought blankets that killed them... Then after the fact when something was found on there land oh gold, oh oil, oh here we come with the guns find some other place live.... So if you feel bad about what we did that is fine but maybe as pay back go lose all your money to them at a Casino.... Hey if that is your thanksgiving then fine......

My Point is there are so many Holidays and what they are on the Calender and why we got them doesn't mean anything.... It is what we do on those days that give that Holiday meaning or no meaning at all..... Maybe there are some of those out there that for every 2 gifts they buy they give one to a charity and if that is what the holiday is about to you then that is what Christmas is to you or any holiday for that matter......
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Category: holidays

02/18/11 04:47 - ID#53643

Warm Spring/winter?

So these last few days have been odd to say it has been warm would be wrong but to say it is warm compared to what we have would be correct... Snow and Ice Is melting and when I have been walking it feels like St. Patrick's Day... Well the truth is there have been many times when it has been like a Frozen Tundra watching that Parade.... Not sure if i Did it right but I copy the address at the bottom of two Posts from last year... Of course I have no idea what will go down this year or what date the parade is but I'm sure many people will enjoy it... It is hard to explain the feeling in the air of St. Patrick's day though.......

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Category: holidays

02/08/11 06:07 - ID#53572

V day Vs. BJ Day

So Valentine's Day is quickly cumming I mean coming at us... Ha And it got me thinking not about how I hate it but that around March 14 Steak And Blow Job day is cumming I mean coming as well. That is supposed to be like the Male Valentine's day. But I mean is it really can I walk up to the hot hostess at Applebee's and ask why the Steak and Blowjob Special isn't on the specials board?

Now what I wonder is there a way to connect the holidays.... Don't get me wrong I don't like the idea of Valentine's day that you are obligated to do something the bigger the thing is or more costly then the more you love (or want to do something really dirty and kinky with them) Them. Well does a good Valentines day mean a steak and then a blow job under the table. Then it is the biggest steak in the place so leftovers and a BJ in the car... Then there was ice cream so licking the sauce off the cock later in the night... Since Valentines day doesn't mean very much (to some for a few it is like making the romance to a higher level and I don't mean a Key party) really then you might as well tie it into the other holiday.....

When I wanted to write this I did have a question I mean a real question for the single guy is it worse to be alone on what holiday? -Valentines's there is all the candy but yet you don't need to spend money or use a weeks check on some gold...
-Valentines Day you see all these couples and they are all extra Lovey (Projectile Vomiting) Dovey

[The Above question applies to women as well]

Now of the Made up Holidays Steak and Blow Job Day Is even more made up Then Valentines day.......
-You can't celebrate this holiday in public so it isn't like (well you could but you won't see it) so it isn't like during dinner the women will vanish under the table and then see your said face and offer to share with ya (ha) it isn't like they will come help you out either so.......
- No one really celebrates this do they? I can just see someone bringing this up Hi Hun you remember what tonight is don't you....
- If anyone does could you set her up with me even if it just for that Night ;)
-If we assume this is a real holiday and some people do celebrate it that changes everything from what I said and so what holiday is worse not to do?

Of course if you are one of those few blessed people then you can have your own Steak and Blow Job day all by yourself...

Again though this can be looked at from the female perspective... I have heard a rumor of some women who love to give head (wish I knew a bunch of them) So for them being single must ruin that holiday... Well of course (assuming hot or at least decent) they could go to Steak houses and go up to guys and Ask to do know what today is? If the answer is no show them on their phone throw wiki pages and ask for a small piece of steak..... But I think for most women being single this day is a good thing... I wonder how many couples break up for this reason after Valentines Day (HA) and before Steak and Blow Job Day (march 14th)

Well Hope anyone who read this enjoyed it.........

I don't endorse any of the links on the side of page haven't tried them so... But the question does remain for males and females what is worst to be single on?
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Category: holidays

12/24/10 04:41 - ID#53332

Christmas 2010 ARGH!

So I admit I do like Christmas Music...... Yes it is so very pleasant. Not only that but most of it isn't about going out on Black Friday to save $300. Most of it is about the good side of the holiday.... Well that is how I feel it isn't like I take a song listen to every single word and then figure out the meaning like one might do with say a Poem.

Family Channel or some Station Every Year has on Christmas Specials on all December..... I admit I never check into what they are.... I'm sure they have some of the Classics and Movies as well.... Movies about Christmas are great and have some message and can be really good. Rudolf is great. Now I did post something over on facebook from Cracked about how it has all these bad Messages. But you know what I like that special because it shows how flawed things are Love the island of the Misfit Toys. Not sure where but recently some places you could buy all the misfits... I think that anyone who has never fit in really likes that movie or at least that part of the movie.....

I also Have to admit I love the lights. It is amazing how much work some people put in. Yes I like the Cheesy Blow up Animals as well. Some people really go hog out or what ever the saying is and I think that is pretty cool. I have heard of some Famous house in Buffalo where they have Santa sometimes those that Have seen it in years past know what I mean......

But Christmas Itself not so found of. See Christmas is a Holiday for kids... The entire thing is about getting Kids Gifts. Now there is nothing wrong with that per say.... But see what it does do is teach kids that it is only about the gifts. I don't care how much family is over and about how many times you go to church and if you get to see a live manger with real live animals.... to Kids they still get the idea of gifts and toys and fun. Well what I think that does is it makes it so that as we get older that is all we care about. My Proof = Black Friday.... That is All I have to Say!!!

But See for me What do I want. I got it CDs of Bands I like..... Wait I don't have time to Listen to the ones I have now.. Wait there are all these great movies and great Blu Ray combo Packs and Yes I would love that Giant Wizard of Oz gift set and all kinds of things that come with shirts and toys and have special animated cartoons that you only get to see on blu
ray... But Again I have DVD's from 2 Years ago I'm guessing I haven't had time to watch..... I also think that when you grow up you now have your own money. So if there is something you really want you go get it. Yes there are things you don't have the money for but that is the exception I think.......

I'm not all Anti Christmas... Sometimes I just don't get the point. Why buy someone something they might not like and they do the same for you.... Why Not just take the money and you each buy your self stuff and enjoy it and things that are the same you can enjoy together.

That Being said though Opening up gifts is fun so I'm not really a Grinch... Sometimes I just think (not that I'm going to do it)... That maybe in stead of giving people gifts go out and buy for each person then instead of wrapping them go to the good will or salvation army or toys for tots and just donate them all.... maybe keep track of all the stuff and have people open empty boxes. It would be great if you could some how get a picture of the people who got the winter coat and are warm out on the street instead of hiding in some building that isn't safe.....

All that being Said I hope everyone Has a Great Christmas or what ever other version of it you do.... If you don't celebrate anything then go help people who want your help (a Charity)..............
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Category: holidays

12/17/10 07:02 - ID#53291

Where does the time go & Tron

So Once Thanksgiving ends it is hard to Imagine or Explain how quick the holiday gets here. Looking back now I get the entire "Black Friday" Thing. See there aren't that many paychecks so you have to get the expensive stuff over with and get some high end savings........ That Time goes by very quickly......

It is tough for me to imagine that On Thursday it is my Birthday and the last day of work and then the next day is Christmas Eve.... That is really tough to imagine.... Hey All I really want is what Glen (why do they mostly call him by his last name) Quagmire wants for Christmas [he is chained up and choked out and beaten by like 4 Japanese girls], kidding but that might be fun.... How did it get to this point so soon???

Then the week after that 4 days of work and then the (e:strip) New Years Eve and then on New Years day, assuming I survive and don't die from drinking a can of 4 Loko or a bottle of something it is the Winter Classic and the Penguins are playing.......

Today I did a little bit of Christmas shopping after I saw Tron In 3D that was a good time, and some previews of like the next installment of Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean both in 3D. Tron was pretty good story wise. The visuals where pretty good (now maybe it was just something (e:james) I think said on facebook) but I thought a few times how cool of a set that would be for Porno, I've heard they do make some futuristic ones like that. I thought the action was pretty good. Well Maybe it is just that I'm an Olive Wilde fan. She looks so different then she does on house and other shows I've seen her on in this movie.........
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11/26/08 07:59 - ID#46856

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to say quickly that I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving. Things have changed this year with my sis having her baby girl so she is going to the boy friends families place. I forget the exact plans but I know eating and trying to see some football and going to see "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" is part of the plan. I admit it doesn't look like my kind of movie but I want to see it, and I hope I like it. Then I get to go work on Saturday, I pretty much have to though, 3 days of work means we have to make up 2 days of work, well sort of. The one thing that I wonder about thanksgiving is how did the night before become a big drinking Holiday. One would think that with getting stuff togather people wouldn't want to wake up feeling like shit. Hope everyone that goes out has a great time I'll be inside watching something, oh yeah bones and Sons of Anarachy.
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11/25/08 08:02 - ID#46835

Christmas is a month away

It is hard to believe that Christmas is only a month away but today is the 25th so that is true. Yes I have done some shopping but still have more to do. I may go out on "Black Friday" but I doubt early. Yes now that people have less money it is a good time to find "the true meaning of Christmas" or what ever holiday you celebrate (aka 3 kings day). That being said be go out and spend money and help out this economy and hey why not give to charity also. Maybe if you spend less then some of the money you would have spent can get some kid who needs it a toy. I all ways mean to give and don't like I should maybe, i'll give like I should this year. Also don't forget you can get your self something to. Come on lets jump start this economy. Oh yeah use cash or debit and not credit, and have a good time and don't let it stress you out.
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11/19/08 06:36 - ID#46761

Jeff Dunham 1st Christmas special

Info and Video on Jeff Dunham on Comedy Central

So Last Night the Christmas Season got started again. I watched my first Christmas special of the Year. It was Jeff Dunham's Christmas Special, I laughed my ass off but not as much as the people there when it was filmed. I didn't know his material before hand. He uses puppets. Each one has there own personality. There is the Blown up Terrorist who is a skeleton. Then there is a Chili pepper guy. Then there is this old dude, he was maybe the funniest to me. And then there is a redneck. I'm sorry I don't remember all the puppets names but I thought they all where pretty funny.

Sort of what I saw on the special but not exactly the same:

It isn't exactly how it aired from youtube but from the comedy central site there is video also. I may get the DVD but we shall see. I know this Sunday someone else has a comedy special I want to say it is Might be John Stewart I'm not sure though.
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11/17/08 07:01 - ID#46723

It is Christmas Season I declare

I say it is the Christmas Season. I know some might say it isn't even thanksgiving yet what the fuck are you talking about, why are you rushing things. Well that is a good point. But here is why it is the Christmas season.

1) Walgreen's and other places have Christmas Villages in their Ads
2) I ordered my Ticket for TSO (how many years are we going to have to wait for them to finish Castles , it has been at least 2 years for that CD, last year they where supposed to be almost finished)
3) Home Depot has Adds for all there Christmas stuff
4) When My alarm woke me up this morning it was Christmas Music and that is what makes it Christmas Season. *********************

5) I saw an ad for the first Christmas Special it was a comedy special on Comedy Central

#4 is the most important one. So get ready to go see all your wacky comedy movies about the holiday. That being said 4 Christmases looks like it might be very good.

For me the season doesn't start till the last football game on thanksgiving ends. I will not be waking up at 5am to go shopping anywhere.

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