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06/29/05 06:28 - 82ºF - ID#28111


One thing that I do like to do is to travel places. There are a lot of places I would love to go but can't Afforid like europe or maybe a long cruise some place tropical. But I think by ones self is easier and less stressfull. I'm trying to find out about goi to toronto. I want to go on a friday so I only miss a day of work. My sister makes more money working on the weekends so she wants to go during the week. I have to find out when others at work are on Vacation. I don't want to take off two days when someone else is off. That isn't fair to the rest of the crew. There arn't that many of us, so it can reallly up the work load. All the coordinating drives me crazzy. I think that is one of the reasons I never call any one. Cause you kinda have to do the same thing well what do ya wana do, what day is best for you, ok what movie time and what movie and all that drives me crazzy sometimes. Maybe it is just the heat who knows. But I doubt it. All that give and take stuff is anoying.
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06/28/05 07:51 - 85ºF - ID#28110

Tech Support Philosphy

First of all This is going to be a rant so be warned, well it won't get to angery but it kinda touchs on another post of mine. I am having problems with secure sites. Aol has been very helpfull but nothing we have done has fixed the problem. So I figure lets try dell. Now we have tech support but it only covers the hardware. So if you want software coverage you have to pay another fee. But the thing is with dell you buy all the software from them. You go to there site and custmise the way you want your computer and what software you want. So I think it is bullshit. I think most tech support if it is for TV's or Cars is Bullshit, if something breaks in the first 3 years or goes bad. It should be free to get help. The buyer shouldn't be penalised because there is a bug, a glitch or something wasn't made right. I do understand that there are some wear and tare issues in terms of cars. But if something goes wrong you shouldn't have to pay for some guys time. You should be able to take your lemon of a ford back to ford and have them fix the problem. But it seems that there is this new attitude about stuff that if something goes wrong it is the consumers fault. I think the philosephy is all wrong. I understand you can't guarentee a TV for 10 years. But a 90 day waretntee is a joke. What if something goes wrong on day 100. But yet all these stores will sell you a longer guarentee. Bullshit you have insurance if it is defective or something goes wrong with it fix it. If it is something I cause and you find I caused it then yeah it is fare to charge me. What gets me even more pissed is some of these stores that have a stocking fee charge. Hello fuckers you have stock boys that is what they do they take it to your car for free but you return it you have to pay them, What the fuck is that. I'll tell ya what I'll put it back in the warehouse those guys have nothing else better to do anyways. They are paid to do a job let them do it and don't give them a bonus cause I returned something. I think everything that is sold should have a real and fair minimuim time that it should last with out problems. Price is a factor in that. If a VCR goes bad within 3 months maybe you get a replacement or something. My point is that manufactures and stores should be responsible for quality, don't shelp it off on the buyer. I hope this attitude changes.
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06/28/05 07:29 - 85ºF - ID#28109

Hot Weekend

I admit it has been very hot lately. But to be honest I would rather have that then the rainy summers we sometimes have here. But it does tire you out at work and you need to keep filling up with water. I had A good time at The Artvoice street Fest on sunday. I saw and heard some good bands and saw some dancing. A lot of the bands I had never heard of. I enjoyed The Rabies they where good. Just before 7 i left and went down to the Gus Macker. They where having a few bands down there. I guess I missed the opening band. Yeah I skiped Government Mule for The Juliet Dagger. Fat apple performed and a band I realy wound up liking called Mincus or maybe Minkiss not sure how it is spelled. But who I went to see was The Juliet Dagger. They did a short set but it was good. It was a small crowd. I don't think to many people knew about it. I learned about it that morning on myspace. Plus they where on at the same time as something that was heavly advertised in fact a couple peoople either from PA or CAnada (simalur acents) asked how to get there and I told them. The band before the Juliet Dagger said they where going to see Gouvernment Mule and some people left the show, that was funny but kinda wrong. It was a weird vibe but a good vibe. I havn't downloaded my pictures yet but Maybe I will remember to upload them once I do.
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06/25/05 03:40 - ID#28108


First of all this color I would call lemon or maybe lemon merange Pie, unsure but I like it it is kinda calming. But I'm still upset about a few things. Today I wake up and my ear is fealing unpluged but ringy still. So I go out to go up to the bank and enjoy the weather and maybe take out some cash and go buy Tea Party tickets. It seems as soon as a start walking and enjoying my self Bam there comes the ear pain. Then as I walk up Brynt some guy some guy is yelling to me like he knows me. I don't know this guy with braids and a dewrag. But I look over anyways and basicly I say I don't know him then he askes me if I smoke weed. What the fuck it isn't even 11am. If I want weed I will go find it don't come up to me. Don't get me wrong but I think it should be legal. One reason why is that if it where legal you would go and buy it from a store, not have people come up to you on the street when you have something else to do. With the ear ache I just went home. Maybe I'll go up to the bank later and find some good food on elmwood. the other reason I'm pissed is I can't get secure sites to work. Plus I get a pop up when I'm off line. My mother was in contact with AOL and they told her to do all sorts of things and nothing worked. Then we call Dell and guess what Customer Service only covers the hardware. If you want tech support for the software there is another completly differant charge. So We ddcide to do that and the guy gives me a couple things to try and I try them and find spyware and get rid of all the spyware, and guess what I still can't get secure sites. So I have to call them back again. Plus there is guarenty that they can solve the problem, they claim that most of them do get fixed. Maybe I did something wrong but I think I did what the guy said I wrote it all down. My mother tried to get netscape and and netzero and neither one of them will work. So I'm a little pissed right now.
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06/24/05 07:03 - ID#28107


Sunday is the Artvoice Streetfest. Or at least that is what I read on line. I thought it was two days last year but maybe my memory is wrong. It is downtown again. I will at least check it out and see what is there. It is fun to go to and they have bands and crafts and dancing. But with my messed up ear I may stay away from the loud music. In any event it should be fun.
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06/23/05 06:37 - ID#28106


I admit lately I havn't had a lot to say. Maybe it is because my ear has ben bothering me. Maybe it is from tiredness or just not having the energy. I hope to make it the old pink tonight. But thursdays are the days when I'm most tired and often fall to sleep watching TV. So I hope everyone has a great time and if I do make it then cool, but if not I hope the drinks are flowing and a blast is had. I think Paul mentioned only the healthy being up at 6am. A lot of people are up at 6am. I start work at 6am and wake up around 4:30 am. But I used to have to wake up even earlier I used to start work at 5am and that really sucked ass, that sucked major ass.
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06/20/05 08:30 - ID#28105

Cadilac Day

Today was a normal work day like any other. I do read some of the paper at work everyday. I think it was in the city and regiion section I read this morning that there was a drug bust around Elmwood and North I think it was. Somebody was selling drugs out of a Cadilac. The story didn't get to deep into details but I thought it was interesting. After work today I took a nice long walk down Elmwood and Stoped into Burger King there where two hotties in there Yum. I got a milkshake and a Icee the where both good. There where a few fine ladies out on the strip. I got a little upset when I got near Rite Aid. I think they ripped me off the other day. I had a coupon for 10 digital prints for a dollar. I wish I had a copy of it so you all could read it. It iplied that multiple sets of 10 would be a dollar and that if you didn't have 10 that those would be regular price. Well the girl behind the counter didn't agree the manager shook his head at me and didn't say a word. I was getting 200 prints so I think they where just pissed about that. Right on the coupon it says only one per order the girl claims that she has to scan it and she needs a coupon for each ten. Personally I think they are full of shit. What I should have said is I'm right and I want the price stated on the coupon it dosn't any limits. Now if you give me that price you are still making money but if I walk out then you won't get any thing. Then if they refused I would say well I tried to be nice but you wanted to be assholes so see ya. Then walked out but I like an idot I just paid and over paid at that. Screw them I'm staying with walgreens. There are places on line where you can get them for cheaper but then they mail them and you have to pay for shipping or get out to a walmart where ever that is. Well back to my boaring story. I go to walgreens and by stuff for my plugged up ear and some drinks that where on special. The girl behind the counter was very cute. Nice lips nose, huge butt nice tits yumie. Then I walked home and really enjoyed the nice weather outside the entire time. This weather is odd in the morning I need a hoodie but afternoon it is verry warm, oh well I still like to be outside.
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06/19/05 11:13 - ID#28104

Evolution Vs. Creationism battles

Drchlorine picked up on an interesting topic and my view is kinda simular I think but also very differant. I know that right now there are a lot of battles in schools about what should be taught. Evolution is currently only a theory. It is not yet scientific fact like most of the science we learn is school. But some of what we learned have allready changed. For example I learned that nerves can't regenerate themselves. That isn't completly true. Some nerves have done it in experiments. My point is as scienctists learn more stuff then what we learn in class will change. As long as it is taught as a thoery I think it is ok. I know some people get upset and say they don't belive it or it goes aganist there religous beliefs. But if that is the case then send you kid to a catholic school if you are upset that much. Or you could just teach your kid your religous beleifs. See they are both really belief systems right now. Right now the facts that support both of them are not vary solid.

I honestly don't see why there is such a big fight. Both Theories could be right. I know you think that sounds crazzy but here goes. Acording to the bible God created the earth then all the animals and then Man. There are a lot of differant animals some of wich don't even exsit and then there are new animals. The seven days is a metahphor it dosn't literly mean 7 days it means over a vast amount of time. Then once all the animals where made then Humans where made. That is one way of explaining evolution. Since things where created before man then no one would really know how long it took. That is why the 7 days is a metaphor. On the 7th day god rested means that he left the earth alone to its own devices and let it control its self. That would also explain why there is evil and why God dosn't fix the bad stuff that people do. I'm not saying I have the answers. But what I am saying is that so many people only listen to there preachers and what they say. I say pick up the book read the entire thing your self and then come up with your own coclusions. Interpert the bible your own way don't let the church control your thoughts and your actions. If the first organsim was say an emba then over time the eviromant changed so it changed and became something else. Then eventully we get to man kind. That is basicly what it says in the bible. The one differance is that science says that it happened on its own. But what if god and on its own is really the same thing but just with a differant name. Both sides are close to what it is but not exactly right. I belive that evolution and creationsim is really the same thing expressed from a slightly differant point of view and that they can both work togather. They are both thoeries and untill there are more facts i think we need to understand they are both theories and not proff that the other one is false.

Couple points of interest. Over time humans are getting taller. Is that evolution, it could be. Cancer has always been killing people doctors know a lot about it but still can't figure out why it comes back or how to stop it with out Chemo. It is vary nasty and it sucks for anyone that has it or anyone who knows anyone who has it. But I heard somewhere that there is a thoery that it is evolution. That somehow the cells growing out of control would explain mutations. It could be that it is mutations not working. I know radation can change DNA but it dosn't do it in a positive way like in comic books. it usaly just messes things up worse. There is a third theory that most people don't look at I cal it naturalism, don't know its real name. Yeah it is kinda in science. It is about how things on earth need to be balaced. It kinda fits in with the food chain. Take HIV for example again a horible, Horible Plague. It kills a lot of people. What if the reason the diease came into exsitance wasn't from lots of kinky sex the eating of mokeys in Africa. What if it is because the world is over populated and needs thinging. HIV dosn't kill you right away that lets you spread it to lots more people. If HIV killed quickly then it wouldn't be as devistating. The same thoery can be said about all the storms. The storms might not be because we are in the end times. They may have some balancing effect. Like to get all the people who damage the coast off of it. I think that you can belive any of the theories you want. But don't attack others because they don't belive the same thing you do. I think that every so often you have to take a look inside and see what you really belive. I'm not saying everyday or when something tramatic happens. Just when you are in church or school and two facts seem like they might be in conflict or something like that. Maybe when you are having a drink and reliase that the guy over there is kinda sexy. Then you remembert you are a stright guy who loves your women. That is a good time to look inward. Thanks for reading this book, anyone who is still here.

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06/18/05 04:00 - ID#28103


Since I like the watermelon look I thought I would write and make it look like the theme of watermelon hopefully it still looks ok. I lke the comments idea and may use it more often then then post it notes. The reason is that the comment is attached to the specfic journal. But the post it's are good for a note that is personal you that dosn't need to be shared. By the way maybe that is one add that (e:strip) could get. There is no current generic term for post it's So I don't think there could be any conflict of interest there. But I also doubt 3M would spend the money but you never know. Just a thought. I like the picture of spot from Jason's window. I have walked by spot to many times to count. I had some other point I wanted to make but I forget what it was so hope everyone enjoys the weekend.
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06/17/05 07:13 - ID#28102


I'm not sure but I think The Guitar Festival is this weekend. I usally check artvoice and see if there are any concerts I want to see over the weekend. However I won't be going any place loud for some time. My right ear has felt congested and is sord of ringing or has the white noise stuff. I don't know where it came from I didn't notice it after MIA 05. I did get a good ECW PPV where I got excited and Yelled a lot. There where some dips in the volume maybe that did it and then I slept on it wrong. Hopefully I can go get some stuff to try and see if I have built up earwax and get it out cause it is very anoying. On another note I like the watermelon theme. I don't like the fruit but I like the theme.
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