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11/30/04 06:20 - ID#27945

Crazzy Work and more

Work was really crazzy today. It is really hard to explain unless you work there. But things where crazzy. I did some paper work that I've only ben shown how to do twice and I'm sure I really fucked it up.

The Papa Roach show on Saturday was amazing. Trust Co. or company was very good to. It was a lot of fun. i wish I had more to say but I'm in a not to talkative mood.
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11/27/04 02:16 - ID#27944

the snow

I like the snow feature. It can be kind of odd. But at the same time I think it is cool. I almost went to Andersons when it was snowing after The Incredables. But that snow thing is cool. Lets hope unless you are a snowboarder or skier that there isn't much snow on this site and therefore not much outside.
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11/26/04 05:37 - ID#27943

thanks was good

I had a good thanksgiving. It was Indain and African American (soul or southern) Food. I had a good time. Today I saw a great Movie, The Increadibles. It was really good. Saturday is Trust Company and Papa Roach that should be amazing.
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11/24/04 06:16 - ID#27942


I just wanted to say I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and what ever they are doing for thanksgiving. I really don't have much to say. I like the idea of the sex journal, not that i would have much to say but I would at least enjoy reading some of it. I thouht Flacidness's journal about the srtight guys going down was good. I Have no idea why some people signed up but don't really post anything. Well anyways every one have fun this weekend.
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11/23/04 08:19 - ID#27941

Paul RAW Depression

Ok First of all last Night I went to Monday Night Raw. It was a lot of fun. But before Hand I was fealing a little down I will get to that Next. The card was great and I had a lot of fun and spent some money. The best part to me was in the begingin they had a little skit with vince McMahon and trish and Shelton Benjimen. It was a take off on the monday night football TO opening (I only saw clips of it not the whole thing since I was watching wrestling). It was so funny they even played Monday Night Footballs theme music and said are you ready for some wrestling. I can't really get into the dialog but is was awesome and that started out a great show.

Here is why I think a lot of people on this site are kinda down
Summer is over and no fun summer activities
It is cold
it gets dark early
It is harder for epeeps to see eachother
school is stressfull
The Holiday season is stressfull
lack of sunlight exposure
Seasonal Depression kicks in about this time
There is No Hockey
We know it could snow anyday now
We arn't getting any or worse are getting bad sex
Giambara is a crimanal and should go to Jail but he wants to cut everything
The Bills Suck
That is just my thoughts anyway.

The lack of the site Growing as the way you want it to. I have a few Ideas here. First of all none of the papers like artvoice where willing to mention the site. That also includes that buffalo website. Also the address changed from com or org. I don't know what happens if you type in com. I also think that a lot of people like to keep there web life and home life seperate. That is why chat and I'm is so popular you can talk to people that you don't even know. I think with IM's and text messaging on phones it cuts down on people wanting to blog. I think the sign on the house is awesome but I think mostpeople don't know what it is. I think that the site just needs some pubicity and it will grow. I can't say why things catch on and why they don't. The chalk on the sidewalk worked for me and I really like this site. I'm glad I joined up. I wish I more more social with my friends and with people on this site but I only have my self to blame on that one. I think that this site can expand and grow. But I think for that to happen more people have to know about it. The best way for that to happen is for users of the site to tell others about it who don't use it allready. I would love for some more Buffalo bands to sign up and leave blogs. I'm sorry to write a book but I think this is a good site and I really enjoy it. I think that it can get bigger and better. But how big. What if everyone at buffstate who has there own computter joined? Then I think it would be to big of a community for what you want. Hey if I misread into what you wrote then I'm sorry and I'm sorry for the book. I hope everyone enjoys there thanksgiving. If you like to drink then party your asses off the night before. Then on Saturday Go see Papa Roach at ICON. Watch Wrestling on Thursday after Football.
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11/23/04 07:51 - ID#27940

Kim's Loneyness

I have to admit I love that song from Team America [inlink]matthew,465[/inlink] it is so funny. I want to download it then upload it as my user sound. The video that goes with it in the movie is amazing. I'm glad someone uploaded it. I won't get into the sadness and depression talk. It can really get complicated. One reason for that is that everyone has a differant Look on life and that out look on life factors into sadness, happyness and depression.
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11/23/04 07:19 - ID#27939

Beasts enjoyment of article

[inlink]beast,73[/inlink] First of all I'm glad you enjoyed it. I didn't want to get to graffic. I'm Happy somebody enjoyed it. I was trying to be as honest as I could. I see things in a differant light then most I think. In case I don't get to publish again this week. I hope everone enjoys their thanksgiving. Lets remember to be thankfull for what we have. Let us understand and be greatfull that we live in one of if not the greatest counrty in the world and remember that thanksgiving was when the indians and the formers of our country got along. Lets remember that our country was built on the blood of those same people who where here before us. Oh back to the sex for a second. I think there is nothing wrong with stright or bi sex or three ways or any other consentsual activities. How someone defines them self is up to them. I think lots of guys would do to do Carmen Electra and might be willing to blow Dave to do it. Some guys might even like it. From one of the American Pie movies 2 I think when stiffler was willing to take one for the team was a funny scene but I think it does reflect a reality of some guys. Ok back to reading journals.
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11/20/04 02:37 - ID#27938


Wow Now that I have Christmas Colors I kinda feal bad about writting about HBO and all there sexual education progarms or shows about porn that they have on depending on how you look at it. In case I forget I hope everyone enjoys thanksgiving I plan on enjoying it. HBO has a new series called Pornucopia it is about the porn business. Then there is Real Sex. Then they had a America Undercover show called Fetishes (it was a documentary). Then they have a look at the making of a book of clothed and nude porn stars called Thinking XXX. I think that all of these shows are interesting and people can learn stuff from them. HBO has always had interesting programs that you can learn stuff from. Not that I watch them all like all the autopsy shows. The America Undercover series has had multiple interesting topics. I think it is good that HBO has shows like this. It would be nice if more stations had documenteries on about varrious subjects. Discovery and National Geografic both also have a lot of interesting shows where you can learn new interesting stuff. The Taboo series was verry interesting. I admit that there are a lot of topics that series cover that I don't care about seeing but I'm glad that they are at least shown. I admit I do like Reality shows. But I'm more into the ones that document peoples lives.

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11/19/04 01:37 - ID#27937

Thanksgiving sord of

On thursday at work we had our thanksgiving lunch. I enjoyed it and ate a lot. So I had a small diner. I really liked how moist the turkey was. I droped off 17 rolls of film at walgreens today. I want to get a good digital camara. Hopefully for my birthday or christmas I will get one. I'm so glad it is the weekend and am looking forward to thanks giving.
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11/17/04 06:25 - ID#27936


[inlink]flacidness,106[/inlink] I think being sright is not as cut and dry as some people think it is. I think that a lot of guys would do things like give Bj's to another guy if there is agirl is invovled. See because then it isn't really gay. I admit I meny of us guys who would never admit it would be willing to blow a guy if his girl was hot enough. For example I will use porn movies or magazines as an example. There are men and women having sex. Most guys wouldn't want to see a guy byhim self but when there is a lady invovled then she justifyies seeing the guy. i'm trying to not be to vulgar and trying not to make this porn in its self. I think lots of guys would be willing to take one for the team if it meant getting with his idea of a really sexy chick. I mean oral not anal. There are some guys who don't find men attractice or don't like men but they still like how there johnsons look. Someguys may wonder what it is like to give a bj. I think sexuality is a lot more complicated then we know. Any guy who says he would never go down on another guy is lying. If the chick was hot enough he would think about it.

There once was a man from Nantuckt who's cock was so long he could suck it, as he wiped off his chin he said with a grin if my ear was a cunt i would suck it. Sorry a buddy of mine would always sing that song. And it brings up the question if you could would you? Then How do You know that You can't? It brings up a lot of interesting questions. i say anyone who chokes it and likes it would do it? If you could what would you do When you came?

Sorry If I wasn't clear but I hope I gave everyone something interesting to think about.
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