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03/31/05 08:32 - ID#28049

On the Internet

I know that you can find all kinds of cool and helpfull information using the internet. [inlink]ajay,314[/inlink] I admit I have never really used the net for much of that. I'm not really into drugs at all but I do adimit e and Special K do sound like they would be enjoyable. But I'm not into dance music so I would have no reason to go to a rave not that those are the only places to use them. From what i have seen on TV and Heard one of the dangers isn't the e it is that it is cut with differant things and what is mixed in with it is what is dangerous that is why people have testing kits.
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03/30/05 08:16 - ID#28048


I like that the weather is getting warmer It means summer will be here soon. One of the great things about summer hear is the festivals. I love going to Music Is Art and Allentown Art fest, Taste o' Buffalo, Artvoice Street Fest, The Chicken Wing Fest, Thursday in the square and I'm sure there are a few things I forgot. But I think it unofficaly starts this friday. The Buffalo Bandits Vs. The Nighthawks It si both Motorcycle night and Native American Night. I do know that they are Having Motorcycels in the Loby before the game not sure what Time. There will be people from the EDGE there. I know that isn't really a festival but it is a good start.
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03/29/05 09:24 - ID#28047

Guess Who?

I think I had a good easter this year. I enjoyed it. The people house who we usaly go to we went on saturday instead. But on Sunday I saw the Comedy Guess Who's it was funny and a good movie. I think it would also work as a date movie but guys can still like it. It seems like I ate a lot of food over the weekend. I also fit in watching some basketball. On Friday the Bandits Play Rochester that should be a great lacrosse game I hope the bandits win. I hope to go see Sin City on Saturday. I hope this warm weather gets warmer quiclkly not only because I like warm weather but to see the fine Buffalo ladies wearing less clothes. Plus I'm going to the Bisons Opening day on April 7th and It would be nice to not frezze there.
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03/27/05 01:17 - ID#28046

ReVealing Outfits Oh Yeah!!!

I know I am one of lots of guys who love ladies in revealing out fits. With spring and summer coming I'm really looking forward to it. One day you just notice the ladies wearing less clothing. But here is the part that I can't stand. Is how some of this girls act. If you check out there legs and boobs they get made. Hello you are the one who chose that outfit to show them off to everybody then you get mad when we look at them. If you don't want them looked at then wear something else that they arn't hanging out of. If I walked down elmwood in a thong I wouldn't get mad that everyone was looking at my ass or trying to see the size of my package. I would be wearing it to show of my package. Not that I would really do that anyways but I think you get the point. I know somepeople might say the wear revealing clothes for them selves. Bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit that is a lie even if the lady dosn't know it her self. Yes there are some women who are blessed that no matter what they wear you can tell they have a banging body but that is differant. Maybe the dress that way for the boy or girlfriend to look. But if that is the case just get naked in side. I think I have made my point. The person on the inside is so much more important then what is on the outside. But unfortuinately there isn't a goodway to tell what is on the inside from the outside but what if there was. Maybe I will continue more on these thoughts later. I would love to hear some others thoughts on this.
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03/25/05 08:15 - ID#28045


I admit that today I don't have any Political discussions. For example Why it is Ok for schools to get money from advertisers and companies who support Basketball but it isn't ok for the players. For example Duke can sign and has before with Nike. Duke gets money and Free sneakers and all there players must where Nike it works something like that. But it is illegal for players to get gifts. I understand there is the entire thing about gambaling. But Couldn't if a coach got a gift couldn't he do the same thing. In any Event I'm going to try and watch some to The NCAA's this weekend. I wish I had time to go the movies. I want to see the documentary about Deep Throat i think it will be very good. I think that animated movie is still at the amherst. I want to see Hostage and Sin City they both look good. There may be a couple other good movies out. I need to see what is out. I admit I really like going to the movies. I prefer to go during the day when it is cheeper and less crowded. I mostly go by my self. Not that I would mind be acompanied by a nice chick. But in that case I might miss a lot of the movie and have to go back to get a good understanding of it.
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03/23/05 08:13 - ID#28044

Confussed by Paul

[inlink]paul,2958[/inlink]Ok I admit that I don't know the entire story but I'm a little bit confussed by Paul's entry. First of all what is up with the site being censored. I remeber recently pictures of a nude Sir Paul McCartney Soyeon put up picks of a guy with a dragon Tat on his dick. Then there where the Naked Pictures of Brad Pit. So I don't understand the cnsored part.

I'm also confussed because Paul asked for people's ideas on how to expand the site. The site has expandednd and the community has grown. I thought that is what Paul wanted the site to do. I admit I'm not one of the originals here. I adimit that I have never meet anyone off line that I knew on line first. Not only from here but from chats, Message boards, IM's and e-mail. So I admit that I'm a little bit lost here. Maybe if I reread it I will understand more.

Ok I reread it and I sord of understand. I say the picture should have been left up. If someone is offendend to bad. If they are offendend then they should leave the site. Or not look at the picture. Or maybe on the homepage There could be one of those disclaimers saying that you don't edit content and that there fore some viewers might find something that offends them and if that is the case then they should leave now or proced at there own risk.
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03/22/05 10:04 - ID#28043

The Big Deal

My theory on the blogs being bought is a little differant. I read about it in the paper. I think that both Yahoo and Google are very competative with each other. Once one decided to buy blogs then the other one had to to keep up. I think they think that blogs are going to become the next big thing on the net. Lets take e-strip for example if you searched by topic and you could find so meny differant topics on here. e-strip is a small blog site in a local community. I think it is another way to get add space also. Lets say I talk about how I went to applebee's last night and I loved the food. Well applebee's just got a free add. But what if i only talk about resturants. Then someone could serach resturants find my blog and find what places I like and what places I don't. But what if I really worked for some of those places. That is just one example. I think the potential for blogs being used on the net is so high that these companies want to get in now. So blogs sites can give a huge amount of webresults. They also have the apperance of being personal and some indivuals take on things. For this reason they are prime for people and companies to sneak ads in. There are all ready people who go to chat rooms to start Buzz about movies and Products. If my friend Doug tells me about a band he likes I and we like the same kind of music I will check that band out. But If I read about them in a magizine I usaly won't check them out, the same with movie reviews. Reviewers are paid to review movies and often hate movies I love so I don't listen to them but if a friend of mine tells me about a movie I'm more open to their thoughts about it. I think that is one of the reasons search engines are buying blog places. Yes the entire picture thing may also be a big factor but I think it is all about adds and making money and the potential that blog sites have for the future, but I'm always a sinick.
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03/20/05 03:03 - ID#28042


I admit it I should be watching the final four instead of being here. But I still have more online stuff to do. I need to go buy food. So I may miss all of today's games. That seems to always happen with me. I mean to watch the games but miss a lot of them. Last Nights Wake Forest game was amazing. That was awesome. The Same thing happens to me with the NBA Playoffs to. I mean to watch them and allways wind up missing them.
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03/19/05 05:14 - ID#28041

Booky Political

I like the green. But I have a question what is the book in the corner for and what does it do?

I did that political test I think there should be more then 20 questions I don't think that it would be more acurate that way but here is How I came Out.

On Non-Fiscal Issues, you rank as a Strong Liberal (14).
On Fiscal Issues, you rank as a Moderate Liberal (35).
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03/19/05 05:12 - ID#28040

Weekend ARGHhh

It started out kinda rough. I went to HSBC arena and bought tickets to the Jackdaw pregame show that was supposed to be at the Backstage club I was told they where at Perl Street Bar and Grill. So I go there turns out Jackdaw Cancelled the day before. The guy did wind up letting me into the Buffet. The food was great I would consider doing that again it was a lot of fun. The Bandits game was a really good close game. There where a lot of hot ladies around so that was distracting but the game flew by. But this morning on my way to the bank I lost my paycheck. I hope if anyone found it they are honest and give me a call or turn it in to a bank or something as opposed to trying to cash it. I'm kinda depressed, I don't want to get to upset yet. I will wait and hope someone contacts me. On monday there are people I can call to find out what is going on and what I have to do about it. I know if I found someones check I would try to contact them. I had a few plans for that money allready like buying food for my house, and go to other Bandits games or maybe a concert. .
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