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Category: wishes

07/04/10 09:43 - ID#52095

wish #7 Neat Freak (UFC)

So Last night I did get UFC and Had a good time watching the fights. I can admit I don't watch it that much, hey there are many things I like and so it is tough to get a good balance. But you know what would have been cool (ok just part of it would be to see who shows up) to do one of those internet party invites thing. It would also be fun to do those for wrestling as well. I used to have people over for PPVs in the past, but that seems like such a long time ago. Yes sometimes they do get a little bit crazy and then you have to watch the replay to understand everything that went down, that is more on the wrestling ones really. But my place isn't fit for me let alone a group of people.

That isn't the only reason why a Part of me wishes I was a neat freak. (IF anyone is reading this) I need to explain that a clean freak and a neat freak are not the same thing, in some people they can be. A clean freak needs everything to sparkle and shine and be germ free. That can be kinda scary and lead to being scared of germs. What I mean by a neat freak is that every thing is organized in some form and there isn't any clutter and important papers are hidden away and when you walk into the place it looks un lived in. Of course I assume that along with that would be a very nice and big pretty TV in a holder and all the DVD's and CD's and movies would be easy access but not all over the place, sounds like a great way to live. Tables with drink holders and great couches or what ever. Why do I picture wood floors when I have a carpet in all my rooms.

Yes having a bunch of people over for food and drink and a great time would be one benefit but it wouldn't be the only one. I think a general sense of relaxation would be one of them, when I wasn't stressing about the neatness. But If I was a neat freak it would be 2nd nature and I wouldn't think about it. I think it would make budgeting better. If you are that organized you won't go oops that bill is late again. I think it could also lead to more planning of stuff out side of the house I'm not sure.

The thing that I wonder about is if I could function. Say people are over and they say put something where it doesn't belong would I freak. "You have to fill that glass up or wash it you can't wait till this fight ends", ha. See because the empty glass just sitting out of place might drive me insane. I wonder if I would be able to bring someone home from a bar or if it would be the same problem as with glass. "could you fold those and put those on that holder, yeah on the floor doesn't work", ha.

I think that if someone could come up with a way to train people to be different then what they are (I know they used to training kinda like that years ago but that was more like a manors thing) and then they had to let you go back, they could make a lot of money. But I think it would also be a great service. This kinda Happens on a show I haven't seen in some time called Wife Swap. It would happen because the families who trade wives/husbands would all ways be so different. So it is a way to see how a family who runs the home and how they raise their kids different works out for them. Hopefully each family can learn from the other and take aspects that they like, that they just can't do themselves.

When ever I write these I all ways feel as though I've left stuff out or could have said more but am never sure of what I should have said differently. It isn't like I write an out line. After all this is a blog not a paper for school, thinking back I never did an out line back then, maybe if I did I would be a neat freak. I'm not saying that I want to be one but it would or might be nice to be that way. I wonder.......................
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Category: wishes

06/18/10 07:00 - ID#51952

Wish #6 Spontaneous

I wish I was Spontaneous. I think it would be great to see that say some musical is playing in NYC and just go there and buy a ticket and have a good time and then zoom Home (yes it is an 8 hour drive or longer by bus or train). Or it would be great so see the Blue Jays are playing some where and then just go there. Or it would be great to like just go on an adventure somewhere. In my mind this was going to be much longer but this is all I can think of................
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Category: wishes

05/14/10 06:18 - ID#51570

Wish #5 Loved rides and flight

Amusement Parks have never really been my thing. Don't get me wrong there are somethings I do like about them like Bumper Boats, water slides and that one water ride that you get soaked on. But for the most part I don't like rides.

Part of it is I'm down to earth and like to keep my feet on the floor. But also there is that trust thing. Like does some kid who is doing this for a little spending money during the summer really going to notice if something is wrong with the ride, but that isn't what I'm supposed to be writing about.

I wish I could enjoy the spinning rides. Some of them look so fun. I thin so I get tossed pretty good. My stomach just can't take it. That is the same problem or at least pretty close with flume rides and roller coasters. Do they look fun, yeah of course but for other people. Some of the old ones look so shaky. I wish that I could go on the ones where you hang on by you arms and you go backwards and upside down and your feet dangle over water and all the different kinds they make, but it just isn't me.

Those same kind of feelings go onto other things as well. Is it parasailing where they pull you behind a boat? Looks fun but no way am I doing that. Bungee Jumping in all sorts looks so much fun. But I can't even handle going off the High Diving board, man that huge one at shirkston looked like a blast when I was little, but no fucking way you gotta be insane. I know it can be very dangerous but cliff jumping looks fun to, but not for me. flying through the air looks like so much fun and I wish I could do it but I just can't. Oh yeah how about the Luchadore style in wrestling that looks fun to climb up on something and do a flip and land on someone. But once i go upside down I can't find where my feet are so that is out, wish I could do skiing freestyle but I can't.

Well I guess that is all I can say about that.
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Category: wishes

04/30/10 05:46 - ID#51480

Wishing I was the Happy Hour #4

So On my way home I saw a bunch of people out side a couple of bars. I will admit It looks fun. Nice day out, warm, and sunny. I do like my Job. But there is that other part of me that thinks it would be great to have one of those Jobs (Now I Have pictures from the Drew Carrey show running through my head, I loved that show, it was great it really was) Downtown. Then from their you all go to the bar and be social before it is time to go home. Doesn't that sound like fun!!!!!

Now I'm not saying that I would want to Drink Everyday. I would think drinking for 2 hours everyday could do some damage. Then you would get used to it. I think there might be days where if you had they day off you would have to go to Happy Hour, since you are now addicted to it. I don't only mean the alcohol but that is a big part of it. I mean the social aspect of it. At the very least it would feel weird not being there. Don't get me wrong I like who I am. But I think there would be something nice about being "Mr Sociable ". I think the social aspect is the big reason why Happy Hour is a big deal, it isn't really about the relaxing it is about doing something after work but before you need to be home. But I don't do the Happy Hour so maybe I don't get it, but it would be nice to get.
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Category: wishes

04/29/10 05:45 - ID#51474

Wish #3 Loving the cold

I think that many people can be put into the group of loving the Heat or loving the cold. I myself am a heat guy. I have been burned a few times, ok more then a few and that does suck. I can't stand being cold. The cold is painful and things go numb and you shake and no thanks.

There was a time when I really enjoyed the cold. Don't get me wrong I do like snow but that is a different thing. I wish I enjoyed the cold because there are so many things you can do out in it. You have snowmobiling , skiing , snowboarding, Giant Snow Ball fights and all kinds of great adventures. That being said even if you love the cold you have to know how to do it safely and when you have been out to long. Granted I could never be the next lindsey Vonn, Shaun White, or Tucker Hibert but those sports all look pretty fun. I think it would also be fun to travel places and go on skiing vacations and things like that.

Well that is really all I have to say about that, oh yeah and it would also be great to be able to take pictures out in like wintery wonderland kinds of shots.
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Category: wishes

04/28/10 04:55 - ID#51468

"The Lifestyle" wish

Ok so the first thing is that what is weird about writting a blog is that unless you are left comments you really have no idea if anyone is reading you or not. So for anyone who might be you would know that I'm started a new catogory called wishes. This one that is here will not be copied and pasted onto facebook. I wish I could but I have way to much family on there, again there is no way to know if anyone is reading it or not, there is also no way to know how facebook shares their info with other sites now.

On Friday they are having a Fetish Show at Club Diablo. I think this one is just demonstrations and no skits or little shows, but not sure not sure if they will have someone spinning also or not. Fetish might be the wrong term it Might Be Considered BDSM. I want to go but don't think I'm going to. Between getting in, drinking, then taking pictures I really don't have the extra money. Plus the other thing is after a long week of work I'm often pretty tired on Friday. I would love to go and meet someone and go back to their place and be hung upside down by my balls as they use me as a swing, HA. But you know what I mean.

I am an admirer of the life style but wish I was In The lifestyle.
I just don't have enough trust to be tied up or pulled on.
I also have a low pain threshold.
I find a lot of things to be gross.
I don't think I could deal with small space stuff (Bags, and gas masks and that kind of thing)
Real Blood Freaks me out.

Some Might say it sounds like you don't like it, but that isn't really true. I love the idea of it and some of It I do like. I do admire people who partake in it. But I don't see anyway I could get into the lifestyle of it (Hey getting just a normal date or hookup is hard enough, imagine going up to some hot chick and going would you mind un ziping my pants and slipping this on me and dragging me around this bar).

I feel as if I haven't expressed what I want to express but not really sure what else to say..................
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Category: wishes

04/27/10 06:12 - ID#51461

Wish #2 being a Dancer

Do I like metal and Hard Rock Yes but that isn't the only kind of music I listen to. I used to really like a lot of Rap/Hip Hop. I think this is one of the reasons why I'm not into dancing. Mosh pit no thank you. That hardcore kid stuff with the punching kicking and elbows does look like a lot of fun but how no one gets killed I have no idea. I think with this as your base kind of music it kinda throws out dancing. I also think that if you are into this kind of music the tones and things you like are counter to dancing so I think that is why I'm not into dancing. I don't dance dude. That being said there is some R&b/Dance stuff I like but not much.

I like to watch Dancing and different styles of it though. Maybe that is another reason why I don't do it. I see it as an art form and something to watch as opposed to something you do at like a club or a bar. This being said I don't watch the Dance shows. Here is the reason why. I don't think those shows are really about who has the best ability they are about what the judges like the most artistically .

I know it is weird to say that I would like to be one of those people that Hear a song in a store and Just start Dancing to it, but I just would never have that much spunk and energy. That being said it was funny at the Bandits game there was this player (Queener?) for Boston who was dancing in warm ups. It would be nice to be the type of person who Just dances in a club when they feel the music. But that just isn't me. Even when it is like a Jam Band in Thursday At The Square, The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones, or Even Jackdaw (who are awesome live by the way, I think they are still together). I just don't feel the music in that way. I'm not saying I want to go so far as going to a Place like Pure where none of the Girls are (HA) or a dance spot. But it would be nice if to be able to Dance to Soma's music or some other DJ spinning at Club Diablo or a Band at some bar............
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04/26/10 06:36 - ID#51455

Wish #1 Intro

So I have to admit that I really do need to Blog more. Not sure how to do it really. Sometimes I have something to write about and then by the time I think about it I'm not really near a computer I can blog from. This new thing I want to try is wishes. I don't mean like I wish I won the lottery or that world peace will start on saturday . What I want to talk about is you wish you where like this or like that.

Everyone is who they are. Everyone has parts of themselves that they like and don't like and and fine with. But then everyone also sees some thing in someone else that they wish they where. Of course if you had that quality it would change you and change how your life is. So in reality your life might not be any better, hey and it could be worse. I'm not a person who likes saying very often, but.... "The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side". May be true here.

The Other day I had some great ideas, but again no computer. There are many reasons to take a shower or bath. Many people would think a shower is a quick way to get clean, and a bath is relaxing and can take hours sometimes. Well I find A hot shower to be relaxing like some may find certain substances relaxing. What this does is takes your mind to another place, well not always but sometimes. Yeah the getting clean is nice and all. But letting the mind wonder is nice. What is amazing is how one thought can lead to another and that can lead to another and in your mind it is clear and connected and makes sense.

So that leads to Wish #1 :

I wish that I was one of those people who can take those thoughts that blend together in their mind and scribe them down so that they make perfect sense (to someone else), and yet at the same time they fit what the writer (ME) was thinking.

I admit my skills in English and no where near good enough to do this. But that taking those ideas and thoughts and transcribing them is much more then Just a skill of writing, it is something else but not sure what?
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