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Category: movies

06/23/13 08:51 - ID#57831

This is the World Z

So last night there was stuff going on somehow I all ways miss Buffalo Bisons star wars night and Burlesque that I couldn't get home from really but watched Hockey and it was great nice to see Buffalo Boy Patrick Kane do well.....

Now before that woke up and went to see "ThisIsTheEnd" I never know how those review people (That I don't read) write those long reviews with out giving anything away... For those that maybe didn't see the ad I mean trailer is this bunch of stars are all together when what looks like it could be the end of the world... It is really funny and and action flick also... Now everyone has a different sense of what is funny so that is why I never say go see it it is funny... but I enjoyed and others behind me some place laughed more then I so.... Kinda but not really a spoiler they toss in a little surprise that I thought was great............

World War Z was fun... It kinda reminded me of not a zombie movie but like an apocalypse movie.... Again with out giving to much away it was more of like a story movie then here we are locked up shooting at them type of movie hard to explain but movie flew by and I liked it.....

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Category: movies

05/25/13 10:41 - ID#57711

Movies and Five guys

So some photos and a video before the movies ....


So I was supposed to watch Fast & Furious 6 first but went with The Hangover Part III .... Now to me it was more of an adventure movie and wasn't as raunchy as the other two but they still had some shock stuff........ Now I had some internet problem so I think the pictures might be a little goofy but....

So I knew some time back that five guys was going to open near Targer but not sure when it opened or what stage of open it is... What I mean is often a place opens and just opens and people go in "A Soft Opening" then at some point they advertise or have a grand opening promote the place you don't want to get people there before all the kinks or problems are worked out ? The Plan was to go after 2nd movie but since I did it backwards so the popcorn thankfully small it was tough to finish but here are some photos.....


It was then I was so stuffed and made it right in time for the previews for Fast & Furious 6.... So many great looking movies like Machete , The Wolverine, World War Z, This is the end and I forget what else..

If you like car chase movies you would like the Fast6 as called on Twitter.. Now going in I knew they where going to do a fast7 but have no idea what they would do to set that up... So the movie ends and they set up after the cast..... It is a fun movie great crashes and racing and story and shooting and stunts I found it very fun .....

One thing I forgot to mention about how good the food at fiveGuys is that they have these cool coke machines... It is touch screen and I like Barq's Rootbeer so I got it with Vanilla wow it was good.... I had never eaten in Fiveguys before but it was odd in a way the lady behind counter once it slowed down swept up later... Then came by and asked if I wanted ketchup or another refill it was a good time and both movies where fun :)
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Category: movies

05/18/13 11:57 - ID#57682

Iron Trek

So I haven't been to the movies in ages.....

IronMan 3 in 3D was good not sure if I saw the 2nd one maybe I did... They did reference The Avengers though a few times that I didn't see... It was fun, it was good and I really enjoyed it... Not sure on the 3D though.....

I really loved the 3D version of Star Trek into Darkness and thought it was really good... It started out very strong and thought it looked amazing and guessing that was 3D end credits where amazing and think a few parts where great in 3D but hard to tell with out comparing it to non 3D version ....

I also saw a bunch of Previews that look like the movies could be amazing......
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Category: movies

12/30/12 02:11 - ID#57104

[SPOILERS] Hobbit & Django

So Yes as the tittle says there are spoilers in my Movie Reviews ......

Now I grew up with the hobbit as a book and also as an animated movie ... The old Animated movie was pretty good not that I remember lots of it... So if you went to see this movie you know the story.... I just think the hobbit should have been hefty at least a bit.... I also would have liked the goblins to look more like a goblins but still a good movie... Guess you maybe want to go the other way so they don't look like Spiderman ..... The movie is from the perspective of looking back and that he is writting what really went down and he tells Frodo this and there is some LOTR overlay I think... So there is some story telling going on and that is ok.... But the biggest spoiler is this.... I'm really really getting into it Smogs eye open and credits roll ...ARGH what... But now that I think about it.... I don't know where Lord of the Rings starts tried netflix but they don't stream and can't get to my DVDs.... When news first came out about the Hobbit it was supposed to go with those movies so there might not be any gap not sure.... Or they might be coming out with new movies... All in all it was fun went with my mother and didn't see it 3D at the market arcade on Christmas there popcorn is good but different kinda tastes like Corn.......

Now some people like to say that movies have meanings or Messages... Not saying the Hobbit does or doesn't... But you can kinda find stuff in it... Things like having faith and belief if you look.... Sure that is true of any movie......

Django Unchained .... I did like it but It wasn't Terrentino (No way I can spell either of his names right sorry) Best movie... Yes the Dialog was good and there where funny parts to it... The guy from the last one played a German again so if you don't like him then it would be a problem.... I liked him, but he makes a better conflicted nazi... I just wish there was nice naked black women but she never got nude dammit the boobs where looking pretty sweet... But with all the violence don't know as it would have passed the ratings so.... Yes it was long but QT often is :) Yeah good amount of story... Again QT so it fits... Yes some odd music that fits ..... But for me the best actor was Samuel Jackson... he was great... Yeah he was advertised but I don't think any thing really showed him... I feel as though I've seen that guy before... kinda sounds like the guy on the Cartoon (seen a couple times) The Boondocks .... Now what would be an interesting thing is to see if the term Niger is used by both whites and blacks more then the violence ... Not the first movie where QT has used it... The Term seems to fit the time though... Not sure what word they used back then but would it have fit the movie if something else I doubt it .... Everyone did a great job... And there was also a huge ending with lots more violence.....

So again if one is looking for meaning or a message ... It was for sure anti slavery.... But could that be a reflection on other things that are kinda the same? But at a certain point one could say that it is Anti Gun.... Again with the spoiler hence why it is in the tittle first... When DJango is bought The German just wants to buy him and they pull guns on him for no reason and he winds up killing them and paying them... Maybe that is pro gun but that seems anti gun to me..... Now in another scene they go into a bar (turns out it is part of the plan) but again they are told they are a threat buy scared people with guns oh wait one of them is a niger.... Kinda relates to that case in Florida a bit ..... So it is very interesting also again not saying there is a message ... But there is another aspect that I think even if the message was anti gun it does kinda glamourise gun violence .... Fun times though .... Now I just need to go see Les Mis or what ever that looks great...

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07/21/12 05:02 - ID#56631

Dark-Spider-Man and more

So last weekend I didn't post about it but went to go see the new spiderman movie... It is the spiderman story everyone doesn't know about I know I didn't know much of it but it was pretty good.... Even Though I have never thought they had the exact fit for Peter Parker.. Yeah Tobie or is it Toby was good once I started watching fringe that that kid might have been better except he came of not really as a kid... I liked how in the last movie the did the hinting at the other goblin well guess that isn't happening...

When Batman Begins came out it was very good... I mention it cause they kinda restarted the franchise... Now maybe it was just in this mood I was in. But I thought Dark Night Rises was amazing... Can't give anything away other then that They linked the story lines together... There was just one part I didn't get but I think I understood not 100% sure... Walked in and walked out about 3 hours later :) I mean from the other movies... And they did some what I call wink and nod to future movies or at least story lines...Action Story I thought it was pretty amazing.... I said the mood thing so I'll mention it here... On the way to the show it hit me that one thing about being an adult is how some things lose being special.. Going to the movies is cool.. But as a kid it is like a treat you look forward to.. Oh mom can we get popcorn ..No we are eating after the movie...Things like that.. Yeah Doritos are cool but when you have a snack for every sporting event....

Now I have to mention Superman... Couple years ago they came out with what I thought was a good superman movie...Well not sure what happened to this guy but there is a new one out well new preview at least.. No idea if the Man of steel is a new take or remake or how you would call it....

That should be the one they showed .... I can't post trailers all day but I also think the next Tarantino movie could be great...

Now back to things at hand... I can't just post about this movie with out talking about the killings... Now both sides can make a point on gun control based on the mass shooting... Now what happened to the guy who knows... Maybe He really loved bane or is it bain or maybe he thinks that was a put down of the company :( ... Who knows but as much as I'm a Fan of the darknight one can see how in real life that villain does have a pull to him I could almost feel a bit of the occupy movement to the extreme in him... So for some people it was an unwanted real life real 3D event and that is to bad.... There is a part of me that thinks this could cause all kinds of security issues going forward.... That would be to bad at the 10:15 AM show I didn't notice anything... Did I mention how fun this movie was..Lots of yes moments but maybe that is just me....

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Category: movies

06/24/12 03:07 - ID#56563

Abe Vampire Hunter Plus

So on Friday I went to TNA's Base Brawl I haven't posted pix yet cause I have so many not sure what the best way to do it is.... Maybe just ball park pictures? One of each match? Not sure maybe once I figure that out they will go up.... It was nice to have a day off... But onto Saturday....

So I admit I've been a bad movie goer recently.... And with there soon being lots of festivals it may happen again... But I had to go see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.. Oh yeah in 3D.. In terms of the 3D there where some parts that looked and seemed amazing to me..Was that the 3D not sure ... At least some of it had to be... Now I never read the book and don't know if they had one after it... But it sure looks like the have a 2nd movie lined up or at the least have an opening so that if people want more they can have more... Or maybe it was a wink and a nod to something I wasn't geek enough to get... I like the way the entire movie was all tied together except there was one plot hole that didn't make sense and it happened twice... If you see it ...I think you may see what I mean... But it was still a fun movie and I liked it..... But there where also a couple of Actors in it I like from other things so...

Later in the night I watched Fright Night... Yes That Vampire movie with the kid who played Mc Lovin...... And Collin Farell and Blanked on her name Toni Collete ..... Again a lot of fun to watch.....

Of it being on cable for about half a year I finally Watched Hanna... Action movies are fun... Yes they toss in a little twist of course... Love the place in Germany but I wonder if it was really there or if they just made it up... Again had fun watching it....

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05/26/12 07:33 - ID#56486

Battleship +

So Not saying that the last time I went to the movies was on 2-12 but it might have been since that is my last post in this category .... Part of that is there are so many shows I like on and plus the Many shows on sunday nights and the lovely DVR.... Plus with wrestling PPV's and trying to keep up...... Plus sports like Friday night I went to the bisons game... Not really time to post pix today so that will be a sunday thing.... Hoping it isn't over 3 months till my next shows... But it is that crazy season Next weekend is Pride Buffalo... Weekend after that is The Artfestival....... Think I have those dates right....

First movie I went to go see Was Men In Black in 3D.... I liked the other 2 and if Memory serves there is one thing that story wise doesn't make sense...But it was fun and at points I could feel the movement in the movie and it was pretty cool how 3D not really sure but fun time....

So the movie ended at just the right time to see The Dictator.... I enjoyed that crazy movie it was great and funny.....

So after that I figured that was it... But as I left I checked the Times and Yes I could see Battleship....And yes there is stuff at the end of the credits kinda like how they had stuff during the credits of the Dictator but different.... This was a fun movie.... But also this being memorial day this was a great time to see a Navy Movie where they battle Aliens... Good times....
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02/12/12 11:57 - ID#56055

Red Tails Phantom

Well Yesterday's plan got thrown off a bit and then the Bus to the Movies was mega late... So I missed The First showing of Phantom Menace and saw Red Tails.... Pretty good movie... Yes even if anyone doesn't like Negros I know there are some out there it is still a pretty good movie... It is a pretty good war movie I think oh yeah and it is Black History month so it kinda fits... Didn't know it was a Lucas Films movie.... Plus the music is amazing I'll post some Youtube stuff I can find........I use the term Negro cause it is the term used in the movie as a positive....

Phantom Menace in 3D... How you make a movie that was filmed all ready 3D I have no idea... Been a long time since I've seen it and yeah it is still pretty good. So that also means it is tough to compare it to the 3D version... But the Darth Maul Glasses are worth the price so..... I still don't think I see all things 3D but a couple explosions looked pretty cool and some of the lasers and Light Sabre Stuff was cool.... Now only 5 more 3D movies wonder about clone wars... I wonder if this will set up episodes 7,8,9 only in 3D... Now some would say whats the point but... Doesn't Han and Leia maybe have a kid... And you are telling me that am A sith Lord that shoots lighting out of his hands dies from that fall? Maybe Speilberg will do them who knows.....

Opening ..... Terrance Blanchard also did Malcolm X very dramatic Music

This is going to be kinda random since I don't know what song is what kinda

Blue Skies .... Some times I wonder if I was born at the right time

Think Christina Agularia does a Modern Version of this song but this isn't her's

Another old timey song

Well that is Plenty now one from Star Wars

Yes some talking but worth it

Darth Maul Isn't dead! Ha
Granted Video ends before that but gotta love that music...
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12/31/11 04:55 - ID#55824

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I admit that It had (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) had an amazing Opening that was so cool.... Now I never read any of the books so I have no idea where this story is book wise or how it translates... What I thought I heard is that this is a Remake of the Sweedish Movie based on the book but I have no idea.... Yes some of it was a bit brutal to say the least but the chick seems pretty cool to me... Or maybe her being nude help? I also saw some interesting Previews of some cool looking movies.... One of them was just a poster Tim Burton has a movie called "Abraham Lincoln Zombie Hunter" The poster is pretty bad ass.... Now when I last went to a movie it was at the Galleria Mall and gotta say those seats that move didn't like and the cup holders that pull down kinda tough.... But after this long movie maybe those are a good idea my lower back was very tight well it was a good time..... Oh yeah and on the way home got some Champagne and some Flavored Vodka for tonight!
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12/13/11 05:28 - ID#55728

Breaking Dawn zombies +

So Today went to see Breaking dawn.... See cause this is when I think the movies could get really good... Say about 15 Minutes of action and the rest of the 2 hours was Drama? Not sure if that is right... But that being said Gotta give the Effects people props there where some effects and dream part that I thought was pretty cool... They Did a great Job on Bella ... Between making her look dead, really beat up and Vampire... So it was cool visually...

Today I watched a Movie called Zombie Honeymoon.... It is a zombie movie and it is kinda cool cause it takes the perspective of this guy who turns into a zombie but still loves his wife and eats others instead of like her so it was nice to see a Different take on it....

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