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Category: tv

07/31/06 08:06 - 83ºF - ID#28437

inked Miami

Here are a few Pictures of Kat and a few Tattoo pics. First of all I'm sorry that I didn't mention earlier that I have been watching new episoded of Inked (Tattoo shop in the palms in vegas). Then last week I saw Miami Ink is new also (TLC). I really like both shows they are both about Tattoo shops but are so differant then each other still. Well since I'm talking about reallity shows there are 2 others I might as well write about. On Tuesday nights There is a cool show called Rockstar Supernova. Supernova is a what they refer to as a super band that is when stars from other bands get togather but they don't have a lead singer. Everybody performs but unlike Idol they have a real band playing behind them and if they want they can play guitar and sing. There have been some great performances. I know it isn't original material but some of the performances have seemed like it the way a song has been alterted. Viewers of the show watch and vote. Unlike those idol shows the next day the 3 people with the lowest amounts of votes wind up performing the next day for supernova and they pick who gets the axe. Unlike that idol show it is verry positive and the constents get advice or construtive cristicism it isn't you fuckin blow and will never make it like old simon. I think the show has a great energy. The only problem is it is on at the same time as last comic standing. Some of the comedy is verry good. Yeah I know I'm a little off topic but back to my point Kat is so hot, her lucky man. Oh yeah plus she is so amazingly talented. Oh the pics I got off a web search not Miami Inks site. Yeah I admit I am to much of a pussy to get a tattoo but I do really like good ones. Sometimes I wonder if the stories about the tattoos are made up. The reason being is that they all seem to have meaning that they show. So if someone wants to get a tattoo and get on tv they may make up a story. I think most of them are real. I would like to see an actual study if they help people heal. I would think a memorial tattoo might not really be the best thing. Yes it is a way to remember that person but I would think each time you see it on you it brings back the pain, but not sure. I'm guessing for somepeople it really is a big help.






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Category: tv

07/30/06 11:29 - 74ºF - ID#28436

Kingdom of

Last Night I watched a verry violant but verry good movie called "Kingdom of Heaven". It did have a good storyline also. It was about war over jurulsehem (how ever it is spelled). With out giving to much away originally anyone could pray there and muslums or jews or christians who attacked anyone else would be hung. It is to bad the middle east lost that and isn't like that anymore. Part of the movie has the theme that everbodies religion kinda overlaps and that jews pray over muslems and vice versa. I just think that it is so sad that today everybody is killing each other over religion and over the holy land, when that isn't what realigon is supposed to be about. If you like period pieces then you will like it, If you like orlando bloom you will like it, if you like realigous philospical movies you will like it, if you like violant night movies you will like it.

I forget who posted about it maybe (e:Terry) I watched a new reality series called "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?" On Sci-fi it was interesting and I will watch more of it. The winner gets there own comic book. I saw an add that there is also a Dark Horse Comics tie in to the series but I didn't completely understand the add.

I may watch a movie or two today not really sure what I'm doing. Maybe go up to New World and buy a few CDs, not sure but I feal like doing something not sure what though.
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07/29/06 06:29 - 83ºF - ID#28435

Sat work missed Friday

So Friday I found out that I needed to work today. Not that I wanted to be we really have a lot of work because of some speical wal mart orders that is really all I can say. But after work me and the 2 guys I was working with went to Towne it was a nice time. On the way there I saw that the Purple Victorian House on porter near West is part of the Garden walk. I hope some people on here got to enjoy that today. I picked up an artvoice and saw that the infringement festival is going on. Some people here might be interested in it they have some info on line about it I think the site is but not sure. But One thing I saw pissed me off, I missed a show that I bet was awesome last night. At nietches they had The Stripteasers (seen them a couple times but never a full show, they are interesting) who are a burlesque show, if that is the right word. Then Anal Pudding was there also. Not sure how that worked. Again they are a band that I have only heard a few of there songs but are preaty intering. Oh yeah on a side note I really need to get a life I think. Also I feal sorry about the night out Alex aka (e:jenks) had out that really sucked. Oh yeah that is what I forgot on Friday I went to see the bisons game. They won and the fire works where good. They only played 7 innings because the game the night before was rained out and we caught the end of that game, wich the bisons lost.

I think I said in my last post that there was a Sabres press conferance. Aparently they will be using the old blue and gold uniforms for 15 home games and the new symbol for the rest of the home games but I didn't hear anything about the away games. I feal as if I'm forgetting something, well this is good enough for now.
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07/27/06 08:21 - 75ºF - ID#28434

various tidbits

I was going to go to the square but the rain scared me off. Plus I wanted to sit and I didn't feal like getting all wet.

I had fun at the bisons game I went to. They won 2 to 1 and it was Italian Fest night. Watching mini bocce games between innings was cool, plus the fire works where preaty cool. I'm going again on friday should be a fun time.

I think I need to go find a rocker girlfriend. What got me thinking about this oddly enough was an article in todays Buffalo News about the singer Peaches. It was preaty interesting. From what I read one of her songs is about having sex with two guys and having them get it on with each other. Plus last night on inked the employees went to a party given by there boss Carey Hart and his wife Pink was there. She is so hot.

I heard there was some sabres press conferance today but I have no idea what it was about going to have to try to look that up.

I taped and watched some of 30 days last night. It is a reality show by the maker of "Super Size Me" This episode was about a legal Alien who is a minute man who stays with a family of illegal aliens. In an upcoming episode some time this season Spurlock will spend 30 days in jail. I think it is a verry interesting show.

I think it is great that there will be a female Roller derby league with a buffalo team in it. I think going to match or a game would be awesome, not sure when they start.

Not sure what I'm doing saturday. At the least maybe a movie or maybe I should go buy socks at target and an Air Conditioner at homedepot or someplace.

Wish I could have gone to Ozzfest today. Even with the rain I'm sure it would be and is an amazing time. Multiple band concerts are so much fun.

Well that is about it for now I know I had something political I think that I wanted to talk about but I can't remember what so oh well.
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07/24/06 08:56 - 79ºF - ID#28433

yesterday tomarow

On sunday I had a great time, I went to see Wrestling and had a lot of fun. Then on Tuesday I'm going to the bisons game. not sure about the square yet.
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Category: sex

07/22/06 02:29 - 68ºF - ID#28432


I may be going to see Clerks II soon so that should be fun. When I went to Yahoo today to read mail I saw this story. I had to read it. I will post a couple comments about it after wards.

At swinging convention, sex is on everyone's mind By Adam Tanner
1 hour, 21 minutes ago

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Vera Rhodes has come a long way from her conservative upbringing in Pennsylvania's Amish community.


There she was a virgin until she married at age 30. Now, she is an enthusiastic 54-year-old member of the millions-strong "swinging" community who speaks openly of her encounters with multiple sexual partners.

"Last night it was really special," said Rhodes, who is divorced and makes a living giving massages in the Midwestern state of Iowa. "There was a couple from Mexico, a couple from Virginia and a couple from Ireland, from Australia."

"I like to participate in life as much as possible," she said with a broad smile.

Rhodes was among some 3,000 people gathered on Saturday at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas for the annual Lifestyles conference, a five-day, $700-per-couple event (377-pounds-per-couple) that offers a mix of seminars, socializing and sex.

Early on Saturday, Rhodes was back for more, joining the action in a suite where more than a dozen couples were having sex.

The conference organizer, Robert McGinley, 72, president of The Lifestyles Organisation, estimates that there are 3 million swingers in the United States alone. He founded his group in 1969 and began holding the annual conferences in the 1970s.

He said his firm brings in millions of dollars in annual sales from organizing tours to swinger-friendly resorts, Internet sites and from conferences. The Las Vegas event is the largest annual U.S. swinging event, he said.

"The lifestyles community is rapidly expanding," he said. "It's an expanding economic powerhouse."


The crowd at the Stardust appeared mostly middle-aged and middle-class. And many were nowhere near as active as Rhodes. Organizers estimated that perhaps 40 percent of the couples were attending their first conference.

"I'm still thinking about it; we've been monogamous for 26 years," said one middle-aged newcomer from Palm Springs, California, who said she was raised a Roman Catholic.

At one seminar, several women were overcome as the presenter demonstrated a sexual device -- one passed out in the packed room.

For all their enthusiasm, few of the swingers tell family and friends about their hobby.

"Socially, we're pariahs," said Drew Alexander, 40, who attended with this wife Tina, 38. "We're behaving in a way that's completely against the ingrained Catholic values."

Another couple did not want their names printed but were far from shy. They made love early on Saturday in the hospitality suites where couples wandered from room to room to watch the action at close range. They emerged from their experience beaming, saying seeing others sparked more passion.

One attendee who stayed completely on the sidelines was the man behind the event.

"I've never been a big swinger, that's not the point," McGinley said. "What I would like to do is bring a new understanding of sexuality in our lives and our relationships."

I thought it was a decent article. I think that if I had a cool girl that I would have no reason to swing. However that being said I think I really might like it. I think there is something powerfull in the fact that some else is willing to let you have sex with your girl and vice versa and that both people know that there women are happy enough with them that there is no chance of leaving them. It is also a way to spice things up and have fun and experiment. That being said I don't know if I could really do that. In theory I could. But often what one has the courage to do in therory isn't that easy to really do. Basicly everyone is strangers and you are not only trusting your partner but also the couples and everyone there. It seems that for some people it is really up there allay. It does seem like it is sord of a way of cheating with out really cheating for some people and if that is the case than maybe that couple shouldn't do it. I think a documentary about the swing convention would be preaty cool. I don't mean something that is just all sex like a porn but something that is informative and show sex even if they bar out some faces to give a better understanding of it.
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Category: movies

07/21/06 07:18 - 80ºF - ID#28431

Sci-Fi serenity

Last night I watched Serenity I saw it at the movies , on HBO in demand. It is one of a few movies I have seen with future represive governments like V for Vendeta, Aeon Flux, all the star wars movies and some others. But it got me thinking about movies that have philoshpies in them as opposed to just basicly action. Yes there is a good guy and a bunch of evil guys in action movies. But often there is no philosphy. I can't say that I'm a huge sci-fi fanatic. But one thing I like is that often philosphy plays a part in the story and that makes the movie more interesting. I know that it isn't only in Sci-fi that philoshpy has a big part in good Kung Fu movies like Iron Monkey for example and I can't remember the name but there are corupt monks. I will admit that you don't want a movie to be all philosphy and no action but a good mix makes a movie a lot better.
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07/20/06 08:27 - 77ºF - ID#28430

House Warming Pics

Well this may sound like and old post but it really isn't. Back when Jen, Ryan and Timika had there house warming party a had a great time and took a bunch of pics. Yes a few of them I brightend up. I also posted them out of order because of how they where saved. The link above should take you to them on . They are in order for those of you who havn't seen them. Also for any new peeps you can see other pictures from other parties on my page there.

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Category: web

07/19/06 07:29 - 86ºF - ID#28429

rate 420

Ok so I admit rating sites are evil but verry fun in some ways. But I got a message on myspace about one that a few people might like it is called it is girls with bongs. So far nothing dirty but it is kinda intersting. But I wonder do I rate them do I go by what the picture of the girl looks like or should one really rate the bong. Again I have to admit that those sites are so evil. Unless you understand that it is just for fun and that you are really just rating the picture and not the actual girl. I wonder how legal the site is also. I mean no one smokes any thing legal out of a bong. But are they really using it or just look like they are using it. I wonder if that sight will come back and cause those girls there jobs. I wonder if it is legit or mostly models. In any event it is a good time Killer to check out some time.

Another site with ladies with bongs. This looks a lot more professional. That is not the only thing on this site but some of you may enjoy it.

Another interesting site is . They sell movies and snacks and stuff from Japan. Yeah some of it is porn. But when you go there they have a site that dosn't sell any adult stuff.
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Category: news

07/18/06 07:45 - 83ºF - ID#28428

camp fire? Bon fire ? Can Fire?

On my way to work yesterday I saw something interesting that I forgot to post about. In downtown Buffalo outside the convention center between city hall and the square there was what looked like a fire. It was early and dark still maybe aroun 5:20 Am . There where a bunch of chairs and some people sitting around from what I could bearly see what kinda looked like a garbage can and you could kinda see light coming out from it. At that time in the morning I am sure as hell not going to go up and say "hi I'm on my way to work what is going on here?" Then there where a few people also standing around near the bushes. This morning I was late for work that got me downtown about an hour later (i lost and hour somehow this morning) so say about 6:20am and there where people sitting on nice folding silver chairs. Then there where a few people sitting on the steps that lead up to the convention center doors on the second floor. I was wondering if some people who live downtown get to gather in some communel event. It is warm out so it isn't homeless people staying warm. If it was where would they have gotten the matching (at least from a distance) chairs. So now I'm thinking maybe it is people who work at the convention center. For things like this Is why I wish I had a cell phone i would have loved to take a picture (not sure how it would come out) then load it up to (e:strip). If anyone knows what is going On it would be cool to know. I have no idea if they will be there on wendsay but maybe anyone is still up and has nothing better to do go see if they are there.
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