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05/30/05 04:55 - ID#28094


I had a good Holiday. I went to two get togathers one for only a little bit but I really enjoyed my self. At the first one I had Two pieces of Tandori Chicken and Two chesseburgers, lots of fruits, nuts and a few treats and a few drinks and chips so I'm very full. It is always nice to see people and take some pics. I hope everyone enjoyed or is enoying the long holiday weekend. It sucks that I have to go to work on tuesday but it will only be 4 days so it will still be a short week.
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05/29/05 08:48 - ID#28093


I am the first to admit that I don't get really political on this elmwoodstrip. I don't know all of Tim's politics. I do know that he is a preservationist and an interesting guy. He is very nice so I thought I would pass this along to anyone who might be interested.


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05/28/05 06:05 - ID#28092


The other day these thre guys in black suites and black sunglasses show up at my house and say I had better mention I go to tops also if I know what is good for me then they say they where never there. I'm of course kidding but I do shop at tops also. I know some people go to Alda and Sav-A-lot. The way one needs to shop is by wich place has more stuff on sale that they need. I do know somepeople use coupons and will go to multiple places in a day and get what is cheaper at both stores. I've gone to tops a couple times to get SOBE it was on sale for a dollar. But they didn't have a lot of falvors. But they did have the sobe lean wich is usaly hard to find. I'm not a lean person. This brings me to another point when you see things that are fat reduced are they really any better for you. I say not. because when the fat is reomoved something has to take it's place. Often from what I have found is that things with fat removed have much higher sugar levels. That gets me to Splenda and other fake sugar. I eat enough crap with all kinds of chemicals in it so I'm no one to talk. But if you are trying to be healthy just buy something with sugar in it. I'm sure the the sugar is better for you then what ever chemical they add that acts as sugar.
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05/27/05 07:18 - ID#28091


If any of you have been up early in the morning this week there have been some cool sunrises. I'm in cheektowga around 6 am and have seen some good ones. I wish I had my camara with me. Not that I'm sure how I could get a good picture. The one day it was really cool. Smoke or maybe steam of somekind was pumping out of Rosina food and the sun was hitting it and making it look orange and it kinda faded into the sky it was really cool. It is weird when the Moon is still out and the sun is coming up or vice versa when the moon is all ready out and the sun is going away. I wonder if anyone has used a lense tha captured them both in the same picture. I think you would need a wide lense a very wide lense. I know you could do it digitaly by taking a picture of the sun then the sky that leads to the moon and keep doing it then line up the pictures to make one large picture. I'm no way near good enough to even think about doing that. But I'm sure profesional photogrophers could do it. But I wonder if it has been done, I should search the net for it. I don't know what I'm doing this weekend maybe go to a movie maybe go the falls unsure I hope everyone does something nice for it, being it a long weekend.
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05/26/05 07:02 - ID#28090

what to Say?

I admit I havn't felt like saying a lot lately. Maybe it is because I have been tired for like a week now. I'm not sure why it started the day before beast's going away party. Can journal writers get writers block. Or is it just that nothing is really going on except for doing a lot of work at work. Don't get me wrong I have a great time at work and sometimes I don't know how I get any work done at all. I don't know what to say about the loss of Nona since I didn't know her. I think it is good that Paul can be so open about it. To post the picture of her in the casket kinda freaked me out a little. But I still think it takes a lot of guts to do and I really respect that. When my father died I wanted to take pictutres at the service but I just couldn't. For me taking pictures has allways been about documenting stuff and enjoyment I didn't know how to just document it. I wish I would have taken more pictures or passed my camara to someone else to take pictures. What I originaly was going to write is that I went on a nice walk down elmwood to the bank. It was so nice out. But I saw cops and an ambulance near KFC so I crossed the street didn't want to get in the way. I was thinking about going to the square but not really into who is playing so I'll watch Wrestling. I hope everyone can enjoy the great weather.
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05/22/05 01:26 - ID#28089

Sith's Sorry Walk

First of all yesterday I went to go see the 10:30 AM showing of Starwars Episode III. I thought it was very good. But I'm a huge fan. With out giving to much away it answered really all the questions we had about Vader and how he became vader and all that related stuff. So from a story side it was very good. I also liked all the action and battles very well. I know recently there has been talk if there are parallels to our country and bush. I say that there could be but this story is much older then that. I compare it more to germany. "The Empire" and the guards in gray looked german. Then the "storm troopers" felt like how the Nazi's marched. But there is the theme of How we give up our freedoms willingly to be safe. This has happend in many countries and may be happening in ours right now, we may be the next tolloratarian country in the near future. But you can really enjoy the movie with out thinking about any politics. You can be a Bush fan and still love the movie.

On my way out of the movie I ran into a buddy of mine and his father and mother. Al is a cool guy. I don't know why I never call him. We talked for a few minutes then his brother and brothers wife arrived. They where all going togather. But it got me thinking why don't I socalise more. It really is a tough question. I know there was a time years ago when I was the only one making the calls to all my friends and that got me tired. I think about my friends and do mean to call but never do. I know part of it is because I'm busy all week and don't feal like talking on the phone or making plans. then I can't call them on the weekend and ask them if they want to do any thing this weekend. I think the other part is that sometimes I feal that I let people down (I don't know if I really do or not). I really don't want to do that so then maybe I just don't get in contact with them. I don't know I'm kinda ok really screwed up. Take last Night for example. I wanted to go to Off The Wall. Yes meeting a bunch of people offline for the first time would have required me to have a drink. But I really wanted to go. I watched and taped "The Whole Ten Yards" (good flick). I was taping "Our Fathers" in the other room. When it was done I was going to go up there and meet some (e:peeps). But I feal alseep after the movie trying to find something to watch for 30 minutes. So I'm sorry that I didn't get to meet you there and you only know me by what I type. If I let anyone done I'm sorry.

I went with my family this morning on a walk at the waterfront and downtown buffalo. It was the Hospice walk. There where a lot of people there. I overheard two people talking about SNL last night I guess it was very funny. That is a great show that I miss or when I do see it it is one I've allready seen weird. Hospice is one of many good charties that can use more money. I don't telll anyone to donate to any charity. I think people who want to should do it on there own and give to someplace that is special to themselves.

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05/19/05 06:48 - ID#28088

EDD not ED

I have decided that I suffer from EDD wich would be said as ED just like ED would be. ED or our friend ED is erectile disfunction. That is not a problem I have But EDD is LIke A.D.D. I Call it easily Distracted Disorder. It often happens when there are fine ladies around. It Happend sometimes at the Chevelle concert. There where some nice ladies to distract me. The Show was very good they are great live. Some of the stuff they performed I didn't know. Some of it was nice and heavy. The opening band was good to. I just blanked on there name but they where good.

Onto the Califonia thing for a second. I have always heard the property values where vary high there. I have my own theory of why. I think with the entire gold rush that started to make land a premium. Once land became expensive then the land went up in value. Plus you have Mountains where You can go skiing and the ocean in the same state that could be a factor. Then You have Hollywood out there and LA and some very rich neighboorhoods. There are some places like New York City where things are more expensive. Places with higher costs of living usaly also have higher paying jobs then places with lower costs of living. If you checked the stats and the stats didn't add up. Then I would say it is because the land is more expensive and theat the houses are on the land. I know when I was growing up I heard that a $60,000 buffalo house was hundreads of thousands of dollars and that there where houses out there that cost millions of dollars. I mean big houses not mansions. I would love to go visit CA again some time.
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05/16/05 04:57 - ID#28087


I admit I don't know if I spelled there name right or not. But I'm looking forward to seeing them On tuesday night. They are another one of those bands that I don't have any of there CD's but the songs I've heard really rock. I'm not sure who the opener is but it should still be a blast. The sphere is a cool place to see a show I like how it is set up.
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05/14/05 06:26 - ID#28086


I went to see Unleashed with Jet Li today. With out giving away anything. It had a lot more story then I thought it would. However the action was still very good. There where some amazing fight scenes. I think that good martial arts movies are helped along by good stories. Fighting by itself is silly you need a reason to fight or not to fight and you need an evil or at least bad guy to fight. It is even better when someone who was bad becomes good or vice versa.
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05/12/05 06:36 - ID#28085


I just wanted to let eveyone know who likes Lacrosse or is at least interested in what the indoor game is like that the cahmpion ship is saturday. It will be broadcast Live at 3:30 PM. I belive on Chanel 2. It is on nationaly. I am upset that the Bandits didn't make it but I will still watch it and see who wins the championship. I do adimit that the games are better in person but you still get a good feal for them on TV.
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