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08/31/04 06:50 - ID#27843

3rd Blog Robery

Today work was very stressfull. Lastnight I had fun watching Wrestling. But after I went to bed My sis called. Her house was rebed. The TV, VCR/DVD, Toaster, Microwave and her VHS tapes and DVD's. Her door was locked and she opened it and the stuff was gone. So that hints to the landlord, the people downstairs or the old tenant, maybe the locks where never changed. Yes it is possible someone picked the lock but does that really happen? You would think the downstairs neighboor would have noticed something. Like someone going up and down the stairs. It would have taken a few trips. I don't know what really happended. I think some one might have been casing or watching the house and that bothers me. So I had that stress plus being extra tired from being woken up by the phone and then the extra stressfull day. I was sick of work and didn't care about all the little bullshit things that go on there It was a rough day. I need a new job maybe one where a lot of cool chicks work (personality wise not that they are considerd cool).
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08/31/04 06:15 - ID#27842

Run away

[inlink]soyeon,86[/inlink] i would love to Runaway with you, oh yeah but I'm not is school. "I want to Run away and Never say Goodbye, Runaway, Runaway" or it goes something like that. It is a great song my Linkin Park. I remember school it sucked. I liked some parts of it like all the fine ladies, swimteam and a few friends. I didn't know her But I went to school with Jodi I forget her last name she does the news on chanel 2. She is so much better looking in person, she is naturaly gorgeous.

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08/31/04 06:02 - ID#27841

Bulid up not out

[inlink]drchlorine,22[/inlink]. I think it would be great if people road bikes and walked look at china. Yes they do ride lots of bikes. It would never work if they had cars. If everyone road bikes or even had motorised bikes or even motorcycles the road would be so less crowded. Plus with bikes or rollar blades or scoters or skateboards there is no pollution and no dependancy on gas. I understand that with sprawl in this country that lots of people would never think of not driving somewhere. When it comes to carrying heavy stuff like food and aplinaces I understand. But the problem is we build out in stead of up. You can build suburn houses on top of eachother into a big buliding and still have lots of room. Just because the building is an aprtment buliding dosn't mean the place has to be small. They also don't have to be expesive lofts there can be a middle ground but that is just my opinion.

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08/30/04 07:52 - ID#27840

Soyeon's Site

[inlink]soyeon,84[/inlink] I admit that I wish I had more time to look at all of Soyeons site but it is very nice. There are lots of pictures of her. Very nice pictures I most admit. I navagated around it and clicked on stuff that I don't know what it said but still enjoyed myself.

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08/30/04 07:36 - ID#27839


Handball, waterpolo, Hockey, lacrosse, and basketball all are kinda simalur. yes I know they are very differant but I enjoy watching all of them. But some some ways they are very much the same. Granted handball is not on very often but I hope it will be on more since the olympics exposure of it. I have played all of those sports once. I'm not saying I was any good at them but they are all fun. I think Lacrosse(indoor) is the best live. But Handball is cool to. I wonder if there is a prohandball league that is televised anywhere.
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08/30/04 07:29 - ID#27838

Closing the games

I watched the closing ceremonies of the opympics on CBC and some of the american coverage as well. I Liked it but thought the olympic opening was better. But I did like all the athletes togather as a celebration.
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08/28/04 12:51 - ID#27837

Elmwood Arts

I just went to the elmwood arts festival thing. It is nice. There are things that I like there. Like the ladies at JP Bullfeathers, wow. I like where this one lady had her cell phone, I think it would have ben funny to see her answer it. The thing is that the art that I liked I couldn't see in my house. The pictures where a little expensive then I would still have to get them framed and they where odd sizes. The multiple angles all put togather do look very cool, I will think about it and maybe buy one. I may go back later today I'm unsure. If not I will go again on sunday.
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08/27/04 03:31 - ID#27836

Ideas to grow this site

I know that paul on one of his blogs said he would like to get more people to join here. When ever sometihing grows it also does change some. I don't know what the aim is so some of these ideas might be a bit off. I know the chalk idea got me to check out the site so here goes.

In front of a bar or mutlple bars as a sign or on side walk:
"Did You Meet Any (E:Peeps) tonight go to to find out"

In front of the Verizon store:
"Need more people to talk to try"

At Canisius, UB and or Buffstate as a sign:
"New to Buffalo Learn more about it at www.elmwoodstrip. com"
[Buffstate it would read new to elmwood instead of Buffalo]

A sign anywhere:
"angry or upset and you need a place to vent then go to"

Those are a few ideas that I thought of. They might work or they might not. They might not bring in the crowd that Paul is looking for. They could bring in lots of people if they worked, plus it is a cheap way to advertise. Just a thought.
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08/27/04 03:18 - ID#27835

[Jet Li's] Hero

I just saw Hero it was very good. But I'm a fan of His type of movie. I don't like period pieces to much but it was still very good. I'm not sure how Terentino has to do with it but he gets some kind of credit for it.
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08/26/04 06:21 - ID#27834

Elmwoods art fest

Sorry I forgot the proper name of the festival that is sat & Sunday but I think it will be fun. I plan on going. I hope they have some interesting and cool art. We shall see if they do. I think it could be fun.
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