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04/30/05 05:24 - ID#28075

Kung Fu Hustle

I saw Kung Fu Hustle today. There where some funny parts to it. I thought it was very good. There where comedy aspects to it. I think that if you like kung fu movies it would be verry enjoyable. What I didn't like is that the elmwood regal is up to $6.50. If the theatres arn't carefull they are going to put themselves out of business. You could rent two movies for that price. Or if you belong to one DVD Dot or Net Flix or blockbusters simalur service they are a lot cheeper. If you don't mind spending that Much I would see it. I still want to the new XXX movie it should be good.
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04/30/05 04:16 - ID#28074

Body Modifaction

I think that Body Modigaction is fine. Sometimes it can be plastic surgery (hey if I could make mine thicker and longer safely I would most guys would), Piercing, Tats and some others that I may not know about. That is as long as you are doing it because you want to. What I mean by that is that you arn't doing it to be like your friends or to be cool or to shock your parents or any other of the wrong reasons.

I have heard of some people who get tats to remember important events or things that happen in there life. I think that is fine as long as it is something you can handle remembering with out adding more trauma to your life. Some events you might not want to be remind off every time you see your left breast.

I admit I do like tats but I'm not getting one for a couple reasons. I hate needles. Plus I hate pain. I have been told it dosn't really hurt. But I've also heard that it does hurt. From the sensations that I heard it gives you I might not be able to sit through an entrie tat. But I do like them. I would love to have a tiger, a dolphin a couple dragons but it isn't for me.

I know somepeople do modify there body so they can feal better about them selves. At first I thought that it dosn't work and that they need to work on themselves first. However I have seen evadance that proves me wrong. Many ladies who get there boobs done do feal better about themselves and it gets rid of there body issues.

All that being said I think that everyone needs to look at the risks also. Then decide for them selves. I think it is also important to try and see how you will look back on your decsions. I do like piecrings. They are a bounus on the ladies. However you don't need to get them so that you fit in.

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04/27/05 07:52 - ID#28073

cutting on purpose

Well of this talk of cutting brings up what about Plastic surgery. What about people who go under it willingly to change there apperance. maybe some sergin could take skin from somewhere else and create a new forskin. I think it is interesting that some people want to look like famous people. On cable 105 it is one of the discovery chanels have a lot of shows about surgery and plastic surgery. I'm affriad it will be to graffic for me. But I do Enjoy I want a foumus face on MTV.
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04/26/05 08:21 - ID#28072

Cuting it pain

From what little I know about circumscions I have heard that if you get it done as an adult it is very painfull. I have heard that it dosn't hurt much as a baby plus if it does you don't remember it. I think parents who do it are conserdend about cleaning it and health issues. If a doctor recomends it then it usaly gets done. There may also be concern that a kid with out a cut penis will be mocked in school. For the ladies how would you react if a man pulled it out and it was uncircumsized if he was a hook up or a boyfriend? It is to bad the the kid can't speak up. However the parents actully have say as to what happens to there kid.
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04/25/05 07:23 - ID#28071


First of all I'm glad to see Beast back even though she is leaving it is still nice to see her post. That got me thinking about moving and or traveling to other countries. I have been to Mexico, Canada and a few differant places on a cruise. But I think that everyone should have the opertunity to travel somewhere even if it is just Cleveland or Toronto. I think it is good to see other places and if possible see how other places are run. Plus it is good to get away from where you live. There are so many places I would love to Visit like Europe. I would love to take a european vacation. I would also like to visit Japan and Korea. I think that anyone who has a chance to study overeas should do it. It is a once in a lifetime (unless you are really smart) oppurtuntiy. I think it takes courage to move from where you live. I think it is amazing when people go live in another country because they want to. A cousin of mine lives in Korea and teaches english to kids. I wish I could do that but I think I couldn't handle it my self but tor those that can I think they should. This goes for people in other countries to not just America. I also think that if more people did this there would be less wars. When you understand other cultures you generally get along with them better. That being said I'm glad I'm not in China right now. They and the Japanesse are really going at it. Verberally at least now japan in bashing China's history books and how they teadh it. Or at least that is what the story said. I also read an interesting story about a prolife group in buffalo being up set that they Gay Choir was singing in the church. I guess the main reason they where upset was that it was entertainment in a chuch. Well it is all Bingo's fault. Bingo is what started this. Hello it is gambiling and a lot of people (mostly poor) do get addicted to going. I co worker told me that in england they are going to legalise Gay marraige and when they do Elton John is going to get married. Well that is one reason to travel there. If you are going to get plastic surgery for about the same price as in the USA you can go to Thailand and get it done (great medical system equal to us in plastic surgery at least) and have a weeks vacation so get that boob joob and a weeks vacation for the same price as a boob job here go for it. Sorry I kinda rambeled on but I think you got the point. I like traveling and think everyone should do it. maybe there could be some charity that helps poor people or maybe there allready is one.
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04/25/05 06:44 - ID#28070


I have never used face book. I know some time back I read a piece about it in the paper. I think it was about it's use in UB. It sounded amazing. I think people would use it to meet people on campus or to go places I wish I still had the article. Then I could scan it and figure out how to share it with everyone. It seems to have great potiential. I can uderstand why they don't want people in the Canisuis Liabary using it. When I went there sometimes getting a machine was tough enough just with people doing school work. Now using it to connect soicly no one would ever get off the computers.
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04/24/05 03:25 - ID#28069


Well first of I did have fun yelling at the bandits game and listing to TommnZ and That Buckwald guy who does elvis. I didn't see much of it but I did see some of it. I am mad cause the bandits could have played a lot better then they did. I admit at times they where great but they fell to farbehind early. They did catch up and looked like they could tie up the game. But then rochester caught fire and went on a tare so the bandits had to play desperate and in backfired.

That game and the couple people who wrote about it got me thinking about regret. If I and I think most of us look back to when we where younger there are lots of things we regret. For some people maybe there isn't much or maybe they don't have that fealling. But for someof use there is a lot and tons of painfull memories to go along with them. But what if in the furture when we look back will we regret it. Back when we where doing things we regret now we thought we where ok. Since we think we are ok now there is no certainty that we won't regret this time later. For example I love this site and the other sites I go to. But what if later I think that it was all a big waste of time and that I should have been out at happy our trying to be socailable and trying to get laid or something like that. I hope the decisions that I make now I still think are good in say 10 years. Well in 10 years we will see. I think I will still be the same loser then as I am now but who knows.
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04/23/05 04:48 - ID#28068

Bandits poetary

I can't remember the name of the place but I went to this poetry place last night. They have things that are all ready made like bowls, gargoyles, cups, plates, angels, dragons, Pooh, tiger and stuff like that. Then you paint it how ever you feal like. It is a lot of fun.

Tonight I'm going to the Bandits Playoff game vs. the rochester Night hawks who ever wins will play in totonto Next week. The Banidits havn't had a home playoff game in some years. It will be fun and will be a great game. I hope The bandits are able to win. I think I'm sitting right behind the players benchs but we will see when I get there.
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04/21/05 07:56 - ID#28067


I live so close to Allan but I never go there. I really need to go there more often and maybe check out the old Pink Frizzies and places like that. I think second skin closed I wonder what will replace it.
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04/20/05 06:09 - ID#28066

4:20 Snow

First of all I wish you all a Happy 4/20 for those of you who celebrate it or hang out with those that do Have fun and enjoy.

2nd last night I was talking to someone who said they heard it might snow over the weekend. I thought no way that can't be true if it does I'm going to lose it. So I looked at the paper today and for days where it listed showers possible it listed the low as 35. So if it where to rain when we where at the low tempature it could snow. I hope that it dosn't it was so nice.
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