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Category: movies

12/31/07 05:46 - 33ºF - ID#42697

Walk Hard the Dewy Cox Story

Saying what Walk Hard was about with out really giving anything away I don't think would work with out showing the preview. It was kinda a spoff of those movies made about real rock stars like Johny Cash. I think most of the stuff was based on that. I thought it was funny. I never really like to say that because everyone has a different sense of what is funny, I thought it was. There where some interesting "Stars" in it that I won't get into and some people who I could tell they where actors I had seen but couldn't think of there names. There where a couple people from SNL who did play there parts well. On a side note yes there was nudity for both the boys and the girls. It was mostly for the guys and I thought maybe the stuff for the girls was thrown in as a joke but who knows. All in all a good comedy movie. I also liked the real end of the movie, and not where you think the movie ends.

Oh yeah Hope everyone has a great New Year and that tonight you have fun and get a little crazy but not so crazy you regret it and hopefully we all shall see each other tonight and that will lead into a great 2008.
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12/29/07 02:14 - 36ºF - ID#42675

The Pat's are On Tonight

So I was going to talk about something but then when I didn't go see the movie I thought I might somewhere I lost what I wanted to talk about, oh yeah it was something to do about how that entire tiger thing in SF smells fishy. Like a tiger gets out and the cops are called, shouldn't a zoo have people to take care of that. So it travels 300 feet to where people are eating. Should a place that sells food be that close to Predatory Animals. If it went towards food then maybe it was Hungry. I don't have the answers but something seems a bit off. Today I was kinda checking to see if their was football on tonight I heard there was a Saturday game. I saw that I think Chanel 2 will have the Patriots game on. So I didn't think much about it other then now I have to flip between that and the Penguins/Sabres game. By the way I wonder if there is a bar that would have both games on, that would be cool. But then On Yahoo I found this article that talks about that in the New York and Boston markets the games can be shown on local channels. I think that is a good move I really do. It could be a fun game to watch. I wonder if I will like the Comenters since I have not seen a NFL network game since people moved around this season. In any event for anyone that likes football and didn't know now you know. Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend and a great new year and hopefully a lot of us will all see each other on New Years Eve.

Patriots try to complete unbeaten season

By HOWARD ULMAN, AP Sports Writer 2 hours, 27 minutes ago

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - The Patriots will get help from plenty of fans instead of a video camera when they return to the scene of "Spygate." Those who aren't at the Meadowlands can still watch the final step in New England's bid for an undefeated regular season on the channel of their choice.

Interest in the potential history-making event convinced the league to allow NBC and CBS to simulcast Saturday night's game against the New York Giants nationally. It had been restricted to the NFL Network and local stations in the Boston and New York areas.

Win, and the Patriots become the first team to finish a regular season at 16-0. Lose, and Patriot-haters throughout the country can celebrate in front of their TV sets.

"It will be like the State of the Union address," an unusually cheery Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. "You can flip to every channel and see it."

New England fans who just have to be there can pay exorbitant prices online for tickets. Some are being offered by Giants fans who don't care to attend an event that has no bearing on their team's playoff status.

New York plays a first-round game at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the following weekend.

"We definitely appreciate the support of the fans. We definitely hear them when we're on the road," Patriots safety Rodney Harrison said. "We always have a lot of support on the road, but at the end of the day the game is won or lost between the lines."

The Giants (10-5) clinched a wild-card berth last Sunday with a win at Buffalo. That improved their road record to 7-1. They're 3-4 at home, where fans - like those selling their tickets for Saturday's game - may not be very supportive.

"That's probably one of the reasons why we are better on the road than we are at home," running back Brandon Jacobs said. "If it is that way and (the Patriots) got more fans, then so be it."

At least one person won't be there the way he was three months ago - the Patriots' video assistant who got caught taping the New York Jets' defensive coaches with a sideline camera in the season opener, costing Belichick and the team $750,000 in fines and a first-round draft pick.

That, too, was at the Meadowlands where the Patriots beat the Jets 38-14.

Now, New England, still without a loss, will end its regular season on the same field in front of cameras the NFL wants to be there.

Then the Patriots get to rest during their bye week. They have home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

"We're not looking at the playoffs right now and we're not really thinking about being undefeated," linebacker Tedy Bruschi said. "There's a simple way how we got here, and that's focusing on the opponent that we happen to have in front of us. This week we've got a formidable one in the New York Giants."

The Giants lead the NFL in sacks and have the fourth-most productive running game in the league, led by Jacobs.

"He's 270 pounds," said Harrison, who will have to tackle him. "So that's like a Ferrari meeting a Mack truck."

The Patriots would be helped if the Giants play their regulars sparingly, since the outcome of the game has no bearing on their playoff position. Coach Tom Coughlin hasn't said what he'll do.

Belichick said he'll use his players according to what he feels is best for the team.

"This has been a very special season," Tom Brady said. "I'd hate to think that we'd go out there and not put our best out there this week."

The Giants would love to stop New England from being the first team to go undefeated in the regular season since the Miami Dolphins in 1972, who won the Super Bowl to finish at 17-0.

They'd also like to keep Brady from breaking Peyton Manning's single-season record of 49 touchdown passes and Randy Moss from passing Jerry Rice's mark of 22 scoring receptions. Each needs two more to set the records.

"Nobody in the NFL wants to see them go undefeated," defensive end Osi Umenyiora said. "If they do go undefeated, they are going to be known as that team that was just that much better than everybody else. I don't want to see that."

The Patriots need six points to break Minnesota's record of 556 in a season set in 1998 when Moss was a rookie with the Vikings. They've outscored opponents by a record 312 points with a margin of 36.7-15.9 per game. They're tied with Tampa Bay for fewest points allowed, 239.

"The good thing about those records is all those didn't come against us," Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce said. "Those 551 points, those 15 wins, that wasn't against the New York Giants. This is just one game. It isn't our fault the guys before decided to give up all those points."

The Patriots are trying to make history. The Giants want to stop them.

"It would definitely help just knowing that you're playing a good team and having the opportunity to end on a high note," New York quarterback Eli Manning said. "The outcome doesn't ultimately matter, but you still want to go out there and play good football."

It matters to the Patriots and all the fans around the country who will be tuning in.

So what does Belichick think of the widespread TV coverage?

"We're just trying to get ready for the game," he said. "I'm not planning on watching it."

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12/24/07 04:49 - 31ºF - ID#42636

2nd post of the day

First of all I want to thanks everyone for their Birthday wishes (Christmas ones also). Anyone who is reading this I hope you have a great Christmas. If you do some other Holiday then I hope that is good also.

Since today is Christmas Eve I thought I should go out and see some dark and violent movie. Well you got me I went to see Sweeny Todd and it just so happened to be that way. I think that sometimes around the holidays it is good to see a movie kinda like that. Yes Christmas movies and specials are good, but you also need a break from the season. Beside most dark movies show somehow that being bad isn't a good thing. Or maybe they don't and that is just how we precieve it ourselves. I will admit that I didn't really know the story so I can't say how true it is to that. I did enjoy the story aspect of it. One surprise I will give away is that I didn't know that it was a Musical. I knew that it has been a play before, but didn't know the sing through most of it. I enjoyed that it was a musical, but not sure if that is everyone's cup of tea. Yes it is very dark, violent, no really not that violent just the violence is very bloody and there is a difference. Bloody movies aren't my thing but this one was very good. There was even a love story or is that two love story angles in it. But it wasn't that romantic comedy type so that is good. I won't give away the story other then to say that I like that it doesn't have a "Hollywood" or "Fairy Tale" ending. I will admit that I went in not knowing what to expect and liked what I saw i just wish it was a little bit more but not sure where or what of, so I'm Happy with the movie. I will stop here so I don't give anything else away. Have a great holiday everyone and go out and see a movie.

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Category: business

12/23/07 08:02 - 32ºF - ID#42628

Elmwood Small Business loses out

So in the box below you will see an article from the Buffalo News about the "Ice Bowl". I"ll give my thoughts about it under the box as not to cause anyone who reads it to take my thoughts into account untill after they read it.


Poster Art USA threatened over trademark infringement
NHL benches 'Ice Bowl' line
Updated: 12/23/07 6:47 AM

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The Ice Bowl poster featured a generic hockey player.
The National Hockey League has melted a locally created line of "Ice Bowl" products linked to the New Year's Day Winter Classic outdoor game between the Buffalo Sabres and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Facing NHL threats of prosecution for trademark infringement, Mark Corsi, owner of Poster Art USA on Elmwood Avenue, has agreed to halt sale and production of his "Ice Bowl" merchandise.

A source familiar with the situation said the NHL started with a "cease and desist" notice, and escalated actions when Corsi continued to sell the homegrown line of posters, T-shirts, hats, gloves and mugs.

NHL representatives did not respond to inquiries about the situation on Friday. Corsi is barred from discussing the situation under terms of the agreement.

In an October interview with The Buffalo News, Corsi explained he came up with the idea for the locally produced items in July on the heels of rumors the Sabres would play an outdoor game in January at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

"It was 90 degrees and everybody was talking about the Ice Bowl," Corsi said. "And nobody was calling it the NHL Winter Classic, it was Ice Bowl, Ice Bowl, Ice Bowl."

After consulting his attorney, the seller of new and vintage posters found "Ice Bowl" was not a registered trademark and quickly filed a federal trademark application. The centerpieces of Corsi's product line were a poster and T-shirt featuring a generic hockey player, dressed in a dark blue jersey, with gold trim, emblazoned with a gold "B."

Corsi said he took care to make sure none of his items bore direct references to the Winter Classic, or trademarked images of the NHL, Buffalo Sabres, or Pittsburgh Penguins.

When the items were unveiled, Sabres Chief Operating Officer Daniel DiPofipredicted Corsi was on thin ice, saying "any reasonable person will recognize he's referring to an NHL event." The Sabres front office declined to comment on icing of the "Ice Bowl" line Friday, calling it a league matter.

Corsi, who saw brisk sales of the "Ice Bowl" line out of his Elmwood Avenue shop and its Web site, opened a kiosk in Amherst's Boulevard Mall in November to keep pace with demand. Brian Calvert, the mall's specialty leasing manager, said the Poster Art kiosk remains open and has switched over to Buffalo-themed posters and other merchandise.

"I know [Corsi] was disappointed about what happened. It's too bad because the Ice Bowl products were really nice, but his regular products are also quite nice and he's doing what he has to do," Calvert said.

While Corsi, an Elmwood Avenue veteran, can't talk about the "Ice Bowl" meltdown, he has found an outlet for "silent protest." An officially licensed poster depicting the Stanley Cup is now hanging upside down in the window of his store at 1055 Elmwood Ave.

As the banned "Ice Bowl" line has evaporated, NHL-sanctioned Winter Classic products are arriving at local stores and the Sabres Shop at HSBC Arena. Jim Laux, of Laux Sporting Goods, said although the official products are expected to sell well, the timing is off a bit.

"It would have been nice to have them in sooner. We won't get the jerseys with the players names sewn on them on the floor until after Christmas," Laux said.

Sabres spokesman Michael Gilbert also said Winter Classic items have been on shelves only a few days but have been hot sellers since their arrival. In addition to the special white Sabres jerseys, the official product lineup includes thermal underwear shirts, hooded sweat shirts, caps and the fuzzy "Fargo Flap Cap."


My take is this. First of all the guy who runs Poster art came out with Ice Bowl Stickers, Hats, Shirts and posters before the NHL could. You have to give the guy credit for that. I still have not seen a single poster, from the NHL. "The Ice Bowl" was never officaly called that. He didn't use any terms that where trade marked like NHL, Sabres, Penguins or even any player names. He even invernted his own uniform. When I hear "Ice Bowl" I think of NFL football games from before my time. What the NHL is trying to say is that "ice bowl" = "Winter Classic". It doesn't and I think they are being greddy. It comes down to the fact that they are a huge comodity and this guy isn't. This has Big Business and the power they have to run over and try to put small ones out of business all over it. I'm not saying if I was in the NHL's position that I would be happy but that doesn't mean you go after the little guy. What things like this do is hurt small business. It also hurts the person who wants to do some thing creative next time cause what if he gets sued. I think that often big business forgets that everyone was a small business at some time. In terms of the name it should be clairifeid that the Winter Classic has two names not one. All the shirts say "Winter Classic" but it is sponsered by AMP energy drink and is also called "The Amp Winter Classic". If you follow the same logic can AMP Tell the NHL that they have to pull all the winter classic stuff and and the AMP Logo to it. Wait that sounds crazzy right well is that really any worse then worse then attacking a guy who breaks no copy right laws. Hey AMP paid good money to have their name on it. I'm still going to watch it cause I like both hockey teams. I just think that it is sad to see that the NHL doesn't have good Business ethics.
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12/22/07 05:30 - 41ºF - ID#42616

I Am Alvin

I won't know really what these pictures are untill the journal is posted. The reason is this new camera my mine. The Olympus was much more user friendly and the software was better also. You can't tell what the pictures are when they are saved to a disk and I can't find the pictures on my computer it puts them into the kodak software so I had to count out the pictures maybe these are the ones I was looking for. I went with the Family to the Cheesecake Factory and thought it was very good. I had some kind of Fettucini and this Godiva Desert that was very good. The reason is that I will be 35 on Sunday. I don't think I'm going out tonight even though I should. I think I'll watch the sabres game. I know I should go out after but I see myself staying in with my lame self.

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(


Missing Image ;(


The movie we saw was the new Chipmunks. I thought it was funny and really enjoyed it more then i thought I would. Some of that might be because I'm a Jason Lee fan. Yes I did think they where a touch to much high pitched but it was still a fun movie to see.

Yesterday I saw I Am Legend. I admit I did like it. I don't know if there was a surprise ending or something after the credits that changes everything cause i couldn't stay through the credits. I like that it was sort of a zombie movie with out Zobies and had a good time watching it. That being said I would have liked it if there was more to it. What i mean by that is that if "God didn't do this we did" if that got more into the story and if there was a little more philosphy oh yeah and violence also. All in all a good movie.

I know that doesn't really show all of the place, but it does look pretty cool inside i think. Oh I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend and a great Holiday and can at least maybe get some time off away from work. Hey unless you like work more then your family in that case I hope you have lots of work to do and stay away from your family. And yes there really are people like this and they do request to work the holiday for that reason, that doesn't mean that there are any (e:peeps) like that but if that is you and that is your thing go for it.
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12/16/07 04:50 - 24ºF - ID#42541

Sabres Blackhawks

Do to the huge size and that I had to shrink them down and I need to go watch more football I only put up 5 pictures from last nights sabres game. I had a great seat I was in the first row of the 300s right on center ice. If you visit my webshots page you can see almost all of the ones from the game and warm ups. In case you didn't see the news it was a pretty big deal that Kane (plays for the blackhawks) is from Buffalo. Before the game they had this face off with his family on ice that was pretty cool. Kane scored the first goal and I think get the first penality also but not sure about that. In the end the sabres won and got an empty net goal also. I had a great time and it was a fun game to watch. Monday night I'm going to WWE RAW and hoping that my camera problems are over. I just hope that these pictures come out as prints ok but we shall see. I also need to figure out at how many mega pixels I should take pictures at so they will upload here and on webshots. Hope everyone has and continues to have a great weekend.

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12/15/07 05:19 - 20ºF - ID#42526

ARGGG No Pictures 2

So for those who have been reading my blog you may notice that I have not had a lot to say. Well some of that is not having anything to say and 2nd is that I have had bad luck with cameras. Yesterday or today was going to be the day that I put up a bunch of Pot Luck pictures. That currently and most likely will never happen. When I got home I took two pictures of my place. Next day I went up to walgreens and followed their instructions at the photo machine and I got an error that said I removed the media, but I did what it said so I tried again and still no luck even with help from someone I know and he said that there was some type of other file or program on the card that was interfearing with getting the pictures. When I put the card in the camera it asks me to format or use a different card. If I format it by, by pictures that aren't backed up, I couldn't even download it onto the computer. So for now I have a new memory card that I'll try out at the sabres game tonight and then try downloading them first and see if that works. I'm wondering if a photo place would have some way to get the pictures off the card and ignore what ever else is on there. I have no idea how anything else could have got on there other then maybe the card got damaged somehow at walgreens.

The pot luck itself was a good time, it really was. I hope someone or multiple people are eating the left overs of the cake I brought, and anything else that is left. All the food was very good that I tried. I really liked the Vegatrian Lasagna I some times don't like it. I admit I'm really don't like the one wine I tried and the wine I had wasn't my thing. I'm not saying it wasn't good wine just not my thing. But I also didn't get to try the stuff that looked just like grape juice. The white stuff was very good and kinda tasted like white grape juice. It was nice to see (e:jason) there. I have not been to the other dinners so I can't compare but it seems like there was a pretty good turnout. Oh when I mentioned (e:jason) I wasn't saying it was good just to see him, there where a bunch of people it was good to see. I just haven't seen him at an event in a long time.
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Category: crime

12/08/07 07:46 - 29ºF - ID#42439

Pictures that are no more, ARrGGGGGG

Today started out great I was going to the Bandits Open Practice. I was then going to post pictures on Webshots a few here and maybe a few on myspace. Well those pictures won't be posted or at least not by me. After the practice they had an autograph session. That would have been better if I was on the same side as you entered the field from I was until and security guy sent me to the other side. Then later on there where lots of people on that side. But at least it gave me a different view. I should have gone over there half way through it, oh well what can you do. Both before the practice and after I took some what I thought where great pictures the the area around HSBC and The Aud. This includes some interesting sky pictures. So as I heading to get a bus I was rushing I should have just took my time. When I got on my bus and it pulled off no Camera. I was on cement the entire time so if it would have fell I would have heard it. I think the guy behind me may have slipped a hand into my pocket and taken it. The part that sucks is that if it was my other jacket pocket the second it was gone I would have known and a fist fight with everyone would have started. The part that sucks isn't the camera, a camera is just a camera and is only money. It is the pictures on the memory card I care about. Well maybe with some luck the pictures will get posted some how. Maybe the guy will sell the camera for money and the person who buys it on the street will be a bandits fan or fan of Buffalo and post them some place. I doubt that will happen. In any event it sucks. That part that sucks the most is knowing if I took just a few more pictures of Downtown Buffalo after the game then my camera wouldn't be gone. Or if I got a better or worse spot in line then I would have left at a different time and got different results. It sucks knowing that if I would have done any one little thing a little bit in a different way than it would not have happened. I recently bought a New Camera because I got one for a Christmas Present but it has the wrong kind of batteries so I decided that since my camera is pretty beat up I might need a new one soon so I kept it for myself. I just thought I would drop it again and that would be the last drop it took. I didn't expect to lose it or have it stolen. It sucks losing those pictures. I wonder if someone stole it if they would be dumb enough to sell it to a pawn shop. There is no way to check them all anyways. It is also possible that I thought I put it in my pocket but missed to. The thing that is ironic is that I just mentioned on (e:paul)'s journal that around this time of year you have to be more careful cause crime goes up and then it happens to me. It is also Ironic that If i was robed that I was wearing Bandits gear at the time. Not really much I can do but hope someone honest has it and decides to look at the pictures and then finds me through a web search. If that happened I would pay them so I could get it back and get the pictures processed. The thing that really makes this entire thing odd is that my sis is in NYC and was going to use my Camera and I was going to test out the new one for the game but then she got a camera that is easyier to use. So I wonder if she would have used mine and I used the new one if it would have got taken. I kinda think not as it is smaller and not shiny since it is black but who knows. I guess I'll test out the new one at diner at (e:pmt)'s this week. I still just want to scream ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH it is just more frustrating than an angry feeling. Maybe that person needed it more then me, but I don't know. Oh yeah sorry for the long paragraph that I don't know how it would be multi ones. Hope everyone has a better weekend then I did.
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12/07/07 07:36 - 32ºF - ID#42427

Enchanted Compass

So Had kinda a busy day today with a little bit of Christmas shopping and picture developing and picking up. I did have a great time at the two movies I went to see. I saw the first showing of The Golden compass. If you like adventure movies like Narnia or Lord of the rings you would like this movie I think. I don't want to give anything away so all I'll say is armored Polar bears fighting is pretty cool. All in all I thought it was pretty good. The only thing I didn't like is I kinda saw the ending coming and didn't like how it ended. I didn't read the book or maybe there is a series and that is why they ended it where they did. Then I went to see Enchanted that was a great movie it really was. Disney didn't make fun of them selves as much as I thought they would. It was more of a this is how it would happen if Fairy tale people where sent to our world. That being said I still really liked it. Yes it did get a little bit date movieish , and that part I didn't see coming but I should have. Again with this one I saw how it was going to end. But hey it is a Disney movie with a romantic comedy it had to kinda end that way. I think I liked the creature aspect of it the most. That aspect in Disney movies has been made a lot of fun of in Drawn Together, but I still enjoyed it. There is a chipmunk who I think steals the movie but that is just me. I thought both movies where great and a lot of fun.
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12/02/07 09:04 - 28ºF - ID#42359

The Snow & Cold

So Last Night I stayed in a caught up on stuff I taped and Burned on DVD and watched the Sabres who pounded "The Caines" I Just wish we could have shut them out that would have been cool. There where a few bands I wanted to see at Club Diablo but I think the main thing that kept me in was how cold it was. But now with the pretty snow it doesn't seem as cold so soon I get to go move it from one spot to the other. Yeah kinda a dull post and not even any pictures or anything but oh well. Oh yeah the Dinner I do want to go but have to figure out what to buy if I can do that In the next couple of days then I should sign up but we shall see.
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