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Category: snow

04/13/08 11:56 - ID#43998

Winter or Spring

I don't know if anyone remembers this but we had a snow fall some time back and I said that it wouldn't be the last snowfall. Well when I woke up this morning and left the house I thought it might be rain but that little bit of stuff was snow, it was hardly anything but snow it was. Before the weekend I heard it could snow on Monday. I wish I had more to say that was more interesting but you gotta love Buffalo.
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Category: snow

03/28/08 06:28 - ID#43818

3rd snow post

So first of all in my last post I mentioned world of wheels that is currently going on, I'll be going on Saturday sometime and hopefully that will be my next post. So I was going to write about the snow and this is currently the 3rd one about it from today. So here are my thoughts about the snow.

First of all since in don't snowboard or ski I'm sick of the snow and winter. One of the reasons why winter seems so long is because it can snow around Halloween and still snow at easter. I have had easter dinner (late in the year) and it has snowed before. But the other reason is the way the year is broken up by winter. The new year starts during the winter and then ends again in the winter so it makes it seem even longer then it is.

So I had heard that there was a snow fall warning or what ever they call it. As it rained last night I didn't think it would turn to snow but it sure did. I wish when I woke up this morning I took my camera out side. The snow was so pretty. It was the way it just kinda sat on the trees and it really looked very nice. So it was odd that it looked pretty and yet you could be tired of it at the same time. That being said I wouldn't be shocked to see it snow one more time during this early spring season. But that is Buffalo it is better then floods and Huricaines so I guess the snow isn't so bad in comparison.
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Category: snow

12/02/07 09:04 - ID#42359

The Snow & Cold

So Last Night I stayed in a caught up on stuff I taped and Burned on DVD and watched the Sabres who pounded "The Caines" I Just wish we could have shut them out that would have been cool. There where a few bands I wanted to see at Club Diablo but I think the main thing that kept me in was how cold it was. But now with the pretty snow it doesn't seem as cold so soon I get to go move it from one spot to the other. Yeah kinda a dull post and not even any pictures or anything but oh well. Oh yeah the Dinner I do want to go but have to figure out what to buy if I can do that In the next couple of days then I should sign up but we shall see.
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