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01/29/11 03:54 - ID#53511

State of the NFL?

First of all Last Night on Bill Maher during new rules he did a great job of comparing baseball to the NFL it was about how the NFL is Socialist in how it divides up the money among all the teams and it was very good.

Second of all I have been meaning to write something about the NFL since the playoffs started a bit late I admit.......

So this weekend is the pro bowl and I have a few issues with it.. Yes being voted in is an honor. Once selected they call you a 2 time or how many ever times all pro. But that being said the game its self seems to be have been more about the trip to Hawaii. Now the current commissioner has tried to change that and make the game the week prior to the Super Bowl. Since it is a week before the Super Bowl no one on either team is going to play they have rest and practice and won't take the chance of injury... But that brings up something else if you are in the playoffs you don't want to play in the probowl cause that means your team lost... So it is kinda like for anyone in the playoffs like a slap in the face or at least a reminder that you didn't get to where you want to be... Of course for teams not in the playoffs it is a different story.... My other issue is that the voting starts way to early.... If you miss the first 4 games you won't get any votes but can go on to have a great season... The reverse is also true you can have a great half season get lots of votes then tank.... I say no votes untill week 12.

Will there be a pro bowl next year who knows there might not even be a season... College kids stay in school what happens if next season is scabs or there isn't one don't take that chance...

Logic would tell you that the owners and players will work something out... I hope that is what will happen... Maybe they will learn from baseball how much no season or from that other strike year how much that hurts both sides... People will stop watching.... But what would hurt more is the perception that people aren't watching ....

I can Admit that I don't know or understand all the money issues. But what I do get is that every so often the net works bid on the rights to the NFL ... That is why Monday night football is now on Cable and NBC gets Sunday Night Football. It used to be that when you took all the TV money each team got 1 million dollars more then the Salary cap. Now the reason that the net works pay that money is because people are watching the games. The amount of people who watch the games determines how much they can charge form advertisers. So if you lose viewers companies will pay less so the net works pay less so the NFL makes less and that is just TV. Not to mention things like who makes the shoes and the Jerseys and ads in the stadium. So loss of viewers hurts everyone pretty hard....

Now what may back fire on the NFL and when I say NFL I don't only mean the league I also mean the players and owners in this case is the international viewers. If there is no season you may lose them or if the play isn't at the level it should be you may lose them as well.

Before the NFL went international they had The World League Of American Football. That was a great league they would try things before the NFL would like helmet cams and things like that. Yes teams did have players that belonged to NFL teams but not sure if the NFL had any ownership or not but it did get interest over seas.... What was cool was that they had American teams as well. I can't imagine what traveling to Europe to play a game and vice versa would have been like.. Later on they took a year off and it became NFL Europe. At that point it became all about spreading the game over there and getting more fans for football and the NFL.

What I don't know is if the NFL figures hey if we out source we can get the same quality players at a cheaper cost... Hey the more players the less value each player has.....

Recently the NFL has continued this push with having every team play an international game. The plus side to this is you get more fans for the sport. But the downside is if those fans get into the game and then there is no season then you risk losing those fans to other sports and they will never come back and they will tell all their friends hey this Greedy American Shit doesn't happen in Soccer or Rugby....

I think that the NFL is trying to expand into other parts of the world and may add teams. I don't know what the best way to do this is though. Say they add a London Team is it fair to travel all the way to London for a game and the other way around.

The other issue I have is all the divisions are currently even so how do you add teams maybe an international team to each Division. Maybe add one each year till all have 5 teams instead of 4? Then maybe add one more Wild Card Team? If London won the Division would Americans Watch?

Or maybe the thing you do is ad another Division to both the NFC and AFC. The fact is that the NFL wants to make more Regular season games and less preseason games so since you play more games it makes sense that you would have more teams...

I have no idea what is going to happen to be honest. I think Toronto wants a team, They want their own team not the Buffalo Bills. There needs to be an LA team for sure. But if you go international who should get teams. I say go look at the CFL and where they have good crowds go there. I would say Toronto, Montreal , London England not Ontario, Not sure where else in Canada but How about a couple Teams from Mexico.

I admit that sometime the NFL is the No Fun League. I like when players get pumped and do dances but they need to do it for them selves not to put it in the other guys face. I wish they did the helmet cam thing for all the players. I know that would make it to hard to do replays but maybe put the helmet cams with a stream on line so people who want to watch the game that way can on featured games at least.......

I hope that the greedy owners, greedy league and Greedy players come up with what is best for the game and players in the future so that they don't destroy the game I like to watch every Sunday we shall see...........
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02/07/10 10:12 - ID#50979

More Pre then Game

For Those that don't follow Football or sports you may not know that today is the superbowl. This for some time has been more of an event then a game. Yes a game will be played but for so many people it is much more then that. There have been some great games and some bad games, I hope tonight's is a great game. There have been games in the past where the ads where better then the game. There have been times when the singing was better then the game. By the way When will Metallica get a half time show. Granted one of their new songs might take up the entire Half but the half could be extended. I can remember other networks would have their own Half Time show you could click over to.

I know I bash E! for this but they do this same super early pre game show thing to on the award shows. I have seen that they had a 2-3 hr red carpet and then a preshow before that. Then again for some of the awards Fashion TV had stuff on at the same time. Than after the awards they have a post show. The post show makes sense so you can recap and show people what they looked like getting the award. Maybe I need to stop bashing E! because the more I think about it their preshow is like the NFL. On their show they interview people and see what they are wearing but if these people don't win you won't really see them.

Today the 1st preshow starts at noon. Yes I will be watching it. Not sure what road to the superbowl is. But hey it should be good. Later on is the All Iron Team. Hey if Madden can have one why not Phil Sims. By the time that the game starts I will have seen more pregame then I will game even if it was the first game to go to Over Time. Yes and as bizarre as that sounds it is but it isn't really. I do want to ad that I have seen some pretty interesting stuff in the past before superbowls . Some of it was about players. Some it where ads that didn't show again during the game. Some of it was entertainment.

I haven't been to a Bills game in a long time. The one thing I can remember though is Tailgating. Everyone does their own thing in their own way. This is different in Different cities as well. My impression was that there where people who where their hours before us. I have heard that some people get there the night before or maybe it is more like very early morning, I guessing though that they wait for the sun to come up. I have even heard that some people go to just tailgate and don't even have tickets, now that is a party and watch the game on a TV outside the stadium. That is the same Mentality that goes on in all the pregame stuff. Just wanted to ad that this doesn't only happen for football It happens at concerts as well. So my end point is Enjoy the game, enjoy the event and hopefully the game will be better then the pregame stuff but it won't be longer then it. Oh yeah and if the team you want loses show some class and watch the other team interviewed.

I feel as if I'm leaving something out but not sure what else I could really say other then the Super Bowl started out as a game and now it is an all day event hope everyone enjoys it. Hey if football isn't your thing and you are at the party for the party enjoy that to cause it could be better then the game.

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08/03/09 07:43 - ID#49449

Less then a week

Yes there is still a Month to go, but Football Starts in Less then a week. The Bills Play in the Hall Of Fame Game. It is the first time I remember them playing in it, does anyone know if this is their first one. I still Have to look up the times and see when the game and Inductions are. I'm going to a Bachelor Party on that Saturday so I hope there is no conflict. I also have to ad that I have all ways been a Madden Fan. I don't care that he Hates the bills and Loves Farve. He doesn't really hate the bills but when he did only NFC games he Never saw them. Bret was a great QB and has had great Perseverance playing in Greenbay is what football is about to some. Besides How bad can Madden be he is a former Raider. That is another reason I liked him. Plus his football games are pretty good. What I can say for sure is him leaving broadcasting will shake up who calls what and we shall see how things wind up. I know lots of people can't get into Preseason Games but the one Next week is one to get into. Well at least until Everyone gets pulled. Well maybe since it is The Hall Of Fame Game maybe they keep all the starters in since it is a special game?
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10/19/08 05:08 - ID#46193

No Whites Cellphone Football and More

First of all I need to go watch the 2nd football game.

Second of all Today's Bills game has enforced a feeling I've had before that the NFL needs a Rule change. NO WHITES!!!!! I don't mean players I mean shoes and shoe tape. There was a play where San Diago jumped off the goal line and knocked the ball back and downed it like at the 1 yard line. On the replay to me it looked like he stepped on the goal line, it is hard to tell though. You can see where the white line is and where the white shoe/sneaker is but there is a point where they meet that all you see is white. This isn't the first time I have seen this happen where you can't tell if the shoe hit the line. If you changed it so no shoes could have any white in them and all tape on shoes couldn't be white I think it would make the videos more clear.

Two things I found Ironic about today's game
1) There was a power failure ok more then one and the chargers where one of the teams
2) CBS and Time Warner are still in the middle of there huge battle, but yet on one of the stadium shots you saw a huge Time Warner sign on the inside of the stadium

So I'm watching the game and then they lose power and CBS goes to the Steelers Game. That was cool seeing some of that. But here is where things get odd. They update us the Buffalo scored. Wait how could they score with no power. So I turn on the radio and the game is on. The radio guys are broadcasting using cell phones how awesome is that listening as I watch the Bengals losing. My first thought was if the power stays off all game I can't wait to see what the news says about the game. Now once the power came back on they showed a field goal that happened with out power. Wait if there was no power how did the Cameras work. So later they lose power again so back to the Radio this time I thought I heard the Radio guys say they where using a princess phone that was a land line, how crazy. It was a crazy day of football but the Bills won a great game. One added thing I liked was that Greg Gumble (the dude who has a brother who does news) was calling the game. I have allways liked him, back from when he and Albert called Basketball games, they made a great combo back then. My point is now that the Bills have a good record maybe we will get people who aren't only locals or the lower ranked announce crews. That being said I know the Bills have a long way to go. Yes 1st in the AFC EAST but the teams below them coming into today where 1-1 in the divission and we haven't played any one in ours yet so once we get into those and see how we stack up then we shall see how good we really are. Go Bills!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I forgot this story I found on Yahoo kinda different about the NFL and Barrack

Sun Oct 19, 2008 11:39 am EDT
Could Mike Ditka have derailed Barack Obama's ascendancy?

By Chris Chase

Barack Obama's easy win in the 2004 Illinois Senate race catapulted him to national fame and set him on his current path toward the White House. It was a convincing victory that is now but a footnote in the career of the Democratic presidential nominee. But that victory wasn't as assured as it appears in retrospect. For a few days in the summer of '04 there was the very real possibility that the Republican opponent in Obama's first major election battle race would be Chicago Bears coaching legend Mike Ditka.

Jack Ryan had won the Republican primary that year, but dropped out of the race after the release of embarrassing papers from his high-profile divorce with actress Jeri Ryan. The vacancy left GOP leaders in the state scrambling to find a replacement. With fears that the election was all but lost, Republicans wanted a major name to turn the tide. Ditka was that name.

For days the press played up the "will he or won't he" stories about Ditka's possible candidacy. The Drudge Report even said that Ditka would declare his entry into the race. But, in the end, Ditka rebuffed the offer, saying he didn't want to go through the rigors of a campaign or give up his lucrative jobs as an NFL analyst at ESPN or as an endorser of a casino and car dealership.

There's no way to know whether Ditka would have won but, remember, Obama was still a virtual unknown in Illinois in June of '04. Had Ditka run and won, Obama most-assuredly wouldn't be running for president today. Either way, the Hall of Famer almost certainly would have received more than the 27% of votes that eventual nominee Alan Keyes garnered in November. And you know he'd have locked up the endorsements of these three potential voters.

I'm not sure how I feel about it but check out the link. It is kinda a well what would have happened if, so I don't give it a lot of credit but it is something to think about. Ok off to watch football.
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08/01/08 07:11 - ID#45222

"Are You Ready For Some Football?"

I will admit that saying Isn't really the right one. But that being said Football Season Starts this weekend. Yes some would say preseason doesn't count and maybe they are correct. If you get NFL Network then on Saturday you can watch the Hall of Fame inductions and speeches. I'm sure after the fact you will be able to see them on other sports shows and maybe it will be on line. Then on Sunday at 8pm on NBC the first real Preseason game The Hall of Fame Game is on. It will be the Colts vs. (my) Washington Redskins. I have no idea how long any of the starters will play or if they will at all, but it is the HOF Game they should play them all. I think it is good that Art Monk (former redskin) is being inducted. I think this game will conflict with the X games but maybe not I'll have to double check the times. I have real trouble watching presaeason football games, but that being said I like watching the Big Time ones like HOF and what ever the call the one from Japan or where ever they have it. I have not done any free Fantasy leagues yet but I may, summer isn't over yet but Football is here.

A little bit an update: last night during the X games (another great night of it, it really was pretty good) I saw that the Hall of Fame inductions will be on ESPN at 6pm.
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12/29/07 02:14 - ID#42675

The Pat's are On Tonight

So I was going to talk about something but then when I didn't go see the movie I thought I might somewhere I lost what I wanted to talk about, oh yeah it was something to do about how that entire tiger thing in SF smells fishy. Like a tiger gets out and the cops are called, shouldn't a zoo have people to take care of that. So it travels 300 feet to where people are eating. Should a place that sells food be that close to Predatory Animals. If it went towards food then maybe it was Hungry. I don't have the answers but something seems a bit off. Today I was kinda checking to see if their was football on tonight I heard there was a Saturday game. I saw that I think Chanel 2 will have the Patriots game on. So I didn't think much about it other then now I have to flip between that and the Penguins/Sabres game. By the way I wonder if there is a bar that would have both games on, that would be cool. But then On Yahoo I found this article that talks about that in the New York and Boston markets the games can be shown on local channels. I think that is a good move I really do. It could be a fun game to watch. I wonder if I will like the Comenters since I have not seen a NFL network game since people moved around this season. In any event for anyone that likes football and didn't know now you know. Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend and a great new year and hopefully a lot of us will all see each other on New Years Eve.

Patriots try to complete unbeaten season

By HOWARD ULMAN, AP Sports Writer 2 hours, 27 minutes ago

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - The Patriots will get help from plenty of fans instead of a video camera when they return to the scene of "Spygate." Those who aren't at the Meadowlands can still watch the final step in New England's bid for an undefeated regular season on the channel of their choice.

Interest in the potential history-making event convinced the league to allow NBC and CBS to simulcast Saturday night's game against the New York Giants nationally. It had been restricted to the NFL Network and local stations in the Boston and New York areas.

Win, and the Patriots become the first team to finish a regular season at 16-0. Lose, and Patriot-haters throughout the country can celebrate in front of their TV sets.

"It will be like the State of the Union address," an unusually cheery Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. "You can flip to every channel and see it."

New England fans who just have to be there can pay exorbitant prices online for tickets. Some are being offered by Giants fans who don't care to attend an event that has no bearing on their team's playoff status.

New York plays a first-round game at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the following weekend.

"We definitely appreciate the support of the fans. We definitely hear them when we're on the road," Patriots safety Rodney Harrison said. "We always have a lot of support on the road, but at the end of the day the game is won or lost between the lines."

The Giants (10-5) clinched a wild-card berth last Sunday with a win at Buffalo. That improved their road record to 7-1. They're 3-4 at home, where fans - like those selling their tickets for Saturday's game - may not be very supportive.

"That's probably one of the reasons why we are better on the road than we are at home," running back Brandon Jacobs said. "If it is that way and (the Patriots) got more fans, then so be it."

At least one person won't be there the way he was three months ago - the Patriots' video assistant who got caught taping the New York Jets' defensive coaches with a sideline camera in the season opener, costing Belichick and the team $750,000 in fines and a first-round draft pick.

That, too, was at the Meadowlands where the Patriots beat the Jets 38-14.

Now, New England, still without a loss, will end its regular season on the same field in front of cameras the NFL wants to be there.

Then the Patriots get to rest during their bye week. They have home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

"We're not looking at the playoffs right now and we're not really thinking about being undefeated," linebacker Tedy Bruschi said. "There's a simple way how we got here, and that's focusing on the opponent that we happen to have in front of us. This week we've got a formidable one in the New York Giants."

The Giants lead the NFL in sacks and have the fourth-most productive running game in the league, led by Jacobs.

"He's 270 pounds," said Harrison, who will have to tackle him. "So that's like a Ferrari meeting a Mack truck."

The Patriots would be helped if the Giants play their regulars sparingly, since the outcome of the game has no bearing on their playoff position. Coach Tom Coughlin hasn't said what he'll do.

Belichick said he'll use his players according to what he feels is best for the team.

"This has been a very special season," Tom Brady said. "I'd hate to think that we'd go out there and not put our best out there this week."

The Giants would love to stop New England from being the first team to go undefeated in the regular season since the Miami Dolphins in 1972, who won the Super Bowl to finish at 17-0.

They'd also like to keep Brady from breaking Peyton Manning's single-season record of 49 touchdown passes and Randy Moss from passing Jerry Rice's mark of 22 scoring receptions. Each needs two more to set the records.

"Nobody in the NFL wants to see them go undefeated," defensive end Osi Umenyiora said. "If they do go undefeated, they are going to be known as that team that was just that much better than everybody else. I don't want to see that."

The Patriots need six points to break Minnesota's record of 556 in a season set in 1998 when Moss was a rookie with the Vikings. They've outscored opponents by a record 312 points with a margin of 36.7-15.9 per game. They're tied with Tampa Bay for fewest points allowed, 239.

"The good thing about those records is all those didn't come against us," Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce said. "Those 551 points, those 15 wins, that wasn't against the New York Giants. This is just one game. It isn't our fault the guys before decided to give up all those points."

The Patriots are trying to make history. The Giants want to stop them.

"It would definitely help just knowing that you're playing a good team and having the opportunity to end on a high note," New York quarterback Eli Manning said. "The outcome doesn't ultimately matter, but you still want to go out there and play good football."

It matters to the Patriots and all the fans around the country who will be tuning in.

So what does Belichick think of the widespread TV coverage?

"We're just trying to get ready for the game," he said. "I'm not planning on watching it."

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09/05/07 08:30 - ID#40960

Season Starts in less then 24 hours +

It is kinda sad that summer is really over. But in good news the square is still going on and On Thursday NFL regular season starts. The Saints at The Colts. I'm hoping it will be a really good game, i think it is on NBC. I almost all ways watch 2 games on Sunday and try to watch some of the night game and some Of Monday Night Football. In terms of the bills I don't feel so good. I looked at there first 3 games and think they may go 0-3 but who knows.

On a side note I saw a movie on IFC called "The Bridge" it is about people who kill them selves by Jumping off The Golden Gate Bridge and they have interviews with the families of the jumpers. It is also a little more then just about that though since they have some footage of the bridge and areas around it. I never thought about how much that water is used for until I saw some of the movie.
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09/07/06 08:13 - ID#28460

Starts Tonight

Regular season of the NFL starts tonight. I think the pregame stuff has allready begun. Well it looks like if I ever start a free fantasy football league I will all ready be behind. They can be fun. I usaly wind up kinda in the middle of my group. I do better then a lot of people but not good enough to be an expert. Hope those steelers win tonight. also on a side note 3 good shows are now all back on allready Bones, House and The Wire. Well goodbye sundays football season is back and it is that fall season, man that was quick.
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02/06/06 07:22 - ID#28297

Finaly Champions Again

Not sure what my favorite Commerical was during the Superbowl. I like the one with the Bear then those Full thortle ads where cool also. But That wasn't really why I posted. I have been a Steelers Fan for A Long Time. I remember they have allways been great I think I statred watching them when Chuck Knoll was still coach not sure I know Bradsshaw wasn't still playing. I remember people like Bubby Brister and can't rembember who used to be the running backs. I thought slash was the man Wide reciever then play QB. I am glad to to my steelers finaly Made it to the Superbowl and Won it has been a long time. Here are some pictures I got off the net of the Celebration.











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10/17/05 07:42 - ID#28203


I have to admit that I'm verry surprised that The Patriots lost and with the Buffalo Win we are tied for first place. I thought that if Losman played to his ablity we would have a good year but that we wouldn't make the playoffs. I admit it is still early in the season but so far the NFL is looking like the entrie season is going to be verry interesting in dead. My raiders are biting bad interms of there record but what ya gona do. Monday Night Bikini football at Guido's on Chipewa sound awesome. It also sounds like a great way to get brought up on sexual haresement or assult charges to. I have also heard a couple adds for some strip club where they show football. I think watching Football with the Jills and Bikini Bar tenders would be so distracting wich one do you watch. But stripers that would be almost impossibe I wonder if they Have TV where they give private dances. I know there are some clubs in the falls where you can get BJ and Finger the girls from what I have been told I wonder if that is the same place or same girls I doubt it. In any event I think Hot girls and Football are a good mix but forget about work the next day. Go Bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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