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07/31/04 01:40 - ID#27786


I'm trying a sketch Lets see how it comes out.image

It was a mountain castle. Yeah it is kinda funky I was going to conect it to another castle but I ran out of space so it is a strange bridge that leads to a tower. I like to draw but I suck at it. It is even harder with a mouse.
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07/31/04 12:39 - ID#27785

Bisons and Nadar

Last night I went to the bisons game. It was a lot of fun. Plus they won. Then there where fireworks I went with some of my family I had a great time.

I came home and watched some of Bill Maher On HBO. I like his show. I also liked Politicaly Incorrect. I'm not saying that I agree with everything. But I do like the way he presents his Ideas. Nadar was a surprise guest. It was great at the end of the Show He and Michael Moore got down on there Knees and Begged Nadar not to Run. Nadar thinks that he will help Kerry win. But both Bill and Moore thinks that if he runs that that means bush wins. Nadar didn't really say what he was doing just that he would wind up helping Kerry.
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07/31/04 12:30 - ID#27784


Sorry that Lilho had such a bad day, it sounded very rough. But I can't blame
[inlink]lilho,142[/inlink] the kid that much who tried to make out with you and grab your chest. Yes it is wrong but from your pic I can see why someone would want to try that. There is no way that I could put up with kids like that. It sounds like what you do is very tough. But I'm guessing that even though it stresses you out that you are good at helping the emotinaly distrubed kids.
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07/30/04 03:20 - ID#27783


Yes if the majority voted for Nadar then he would win. But lets face it most people have never heard of him. I think that some people who would vote for The Johns would vote for him. But the problem is as long as you can vote for either one of them I think that neither of them can win.

The more canadates that there are that are not republicans then the better Bushs chances are of winning are.

Nadar and Karry need to unite if they want to beat bush. If everyone who likes either of them can only vote for one of them(only one of them runs) then they might beat bush. But if nadar is running then he takes votes away from Kerry that he needs to win states.
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07/30/04 03:07 - ID#27782

Off The Wall

I admit I have never been to Off the Wall. It Look like an interesting place. I was
[inlink]mike,222[/inlink] going to tryit since it has opened. I have heard it is expensive but I don't know. I'm kind of a picky eater so there are some places that I don't like any of there food. I do like their one add that says that you can buy everything except the girls. That is to bad I'm sure the Waitress are lovly and would be great to buy, not that I could afforid them anyways. Maybe I will check it out one of these days.
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07/29/04 06:24 - ID#27781

info Profile.

I was a little tentative but I did put up some info about myself on my profile. As I get more confortable I will put up more on my profile. All you guys and girls seem cool, so I'm not sure why I'm unsure of myself.
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07/29/04 06:08 - ID#27780

Amish In The City

I have to admit it was very interesting. I know like most reality shows there will be a lot of drama and people will clash. But so far it is very interesting and people are learning about other cultures. I know it has sparked a lot of controversy. But The Amish people decided on there own to have the journy filmed. It was on for 2 hours last night. I thought it was very good. It seems a lot classier then some of the other reality TV.

It is the weekend for me. I hope it dosn't rain I have a bisons game to go to on friday. On saturday a friend of mine is getting married.
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07/28/04 07:18 - ID#27779

sex vs. shoes

I disagare. Sex is better plus you don't have to pay for it. Sex is fun.

But bad sex on the other hand that is differant. There is stress, Std's and all sorts of other bad stuff.

So I guess the real question is what kind of sex it is.


But I'm a guy so shoe shopping isn't high on my list. I also tend to be a pig sometimes. I try not to be, I am really a good guy.
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07/28/04 06:56 - ID#27778


I like the GIF's I think they are called in soyeons journal. I'm sorry About the depressed fealing shown in the raining picture.

I'm trying to read Journals and e-mails but it is tough to do it all with only an hour online. work was ok today. I'm glad that I have one day left. I have fridays off. Payday and Pizza day. then there is a meeting right after lunch. Sleeping danger is at high level so I will try to sit in the back.

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07/27/04 06:36 - ID#27777

I'm gonna try to be here every day

I'm going to try to write a blog here at least every week day. It will be tough since i'm using the computer at the (Crane right now) Libary. So I don't have as much time. The computer I use is messed up right now. I will try to read the blogs that I can. What is that world with the i symbol on it? Hopefully if I get some time I can find out.
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