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Category: comedy

12/13/08 04:42 - ID#47056

Stripteasers +


Well first of all thanks Heidi for inviting me to see the Stripteasers last night. When I saw the poster I knew I wanted to go but figured I wouldn't wind up going. I'm glad I went I had a good time. For those who have never seen them I don't know how to explain it really but I'll try. First of all they are a Burlesque Act . To me it isn't about stripping or at least it wasn't here, some acts combine the two. The show starts out kinda with this guy on New Years eve changing Channels some of the stuff on TV is pretty funny, a lot of the show, Some stuff was mocking ads and some of it was local NYE stuff at Roxy's the girl in the bathroom was pretty good. The over all concept is that when midnight strikes the guy loses his TV signal because everything goes digital and then he wakes up and is a a Burlesque show. Then they go into a bunch of Different Burlesque acts. Those where all pretty good also (maybe someone else who saw it like Heidi will post so you get a better idea about it). I won't give the end away but it ends good and everyone has had a great time and the cast comes out (did I mention that in some skits they don't wear very much clothing, oh yeah) and bow (some hot talented performers I must add). As the credits role the performers sit on the stage and watch (so do the viewers) some out takes from the videos they shot that was pretty interesting as well. It was a great time and so worth the money, I would advise you all to go see it. The theatre was tough to find but only because I got there a few minutes before the sign was posted. The Alt thearte is a small theatre on the 3rd floor of that huge great arrow building near Hertel and also near Amherst going between Elmwood and Delaware. They have nice wooden seats and then tables on both sides of the stage, Not ready to be at one of those tables but maybe some day. I think I covered what I could really.

Later that night on one of the showtime stations I watched some comedy that I think was from a series a couple years ago called White Boyz in the hood. One show had 3 people on all of whom was pretty funny I thought. Then the second show was a clip show where they showed Jokes based on what the topic was. That show was funny but some of the clips showed jokes I just heard on the previous show. Some of the people I had never heard of and some I had and thought where pretty good like Rich Vos and this lady who I can't remember something like carny colanie or something like that she was very funny.

Next up was Mallrats. I admit It has been a long time since I have seen this movie. I know a lot of Kevin Smith fans didn't like this movie, then you have people who hate Shannon Daughtry. I admit that fact that it had Stan Lee was pretty cool and there are some pretty cool parts in it, the funny part is that I went to the mall today, ok maybe ironic. I don't know this movie just wasn't really funny. That being said Joey Lauren Adams (hot girl and great actress that scene in the rain in chasing Amy should have won an Oscar) is all ways a good part of the movie oh yeah and you get to see her boobs so that is an added bonus. So that was my night of comedy.
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Category: comedy

11/08/08 03:38 - ID#46606

Public vs. Private Jokes oh no.....

So I'm Happy Obama won. I Will admit he hasn't done anything yet so it is to early to be happy. But let us assume that he Doesn't completely mess things up, and I hope he doesn't then that lends its self to a problem. What will people like SNL and Bill Maher do for jokes. I know that isn't all that they do jokes on But Clinton, Bush, and W. all had good stuff you could make fun of. I haven't seen anything on Obama other then he is Black. But see those jokes unless you are black you can't do on TV or in public really. You can tell jokes to your friends or send e-mails or texts and I've all ready heard some funny ones. But they aren't things that Leno could say for example. I think there is a difference between private and public jokes and that it is a differnt thing. For example you and your buddies might have inside jokes about something stupid one guy did or little things within a group but that doesn't mean you can go do stand up comedy. What is true about black jokes, is true for other groups of people. There are all kinds of polock jokes but you couldn't really say them on tv. I also think that Public and Private jokes sometimes use a different kind of humor but I don't know how to explain. So with Obama as president I don't know what the comedy writers are going to do, I realy don't. On a side note I thought the recent South Park with McCain and Obama as theives was a pretty intersting one.
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Category: comedy

11/02/08 12:02 - ID#46473

SNL Zack and Miri make a Porno

I am a fan of Kevin Smith movies. That doesn't mean that just because he makes a movie I will like it. On Saturday I went to go see Zack and Miri make a porno. I don't want to give anything away so I'll just say I thought it was funny and there are people in it who you will know if you have seen his other movies. Yes there is a story to it and everything isn't a joke and every scene isn't porn. I liked it and thought Katie Morgan did a great job acting and was pretty good. I guess if I had to rate it I would give it two thumps up or if you like the star system 3 of 4 or 4 of 5 depending on what star ratings you use. My system is just if you like a movie or not and there are factors that lead into that. Hey if you like this type of movie you should like it but if Horror is your thing then you won't, hey go see it. Oh yeah the one thing that was odd was I was the only person watching the movie where I saw it. . (E:STRIP) EXCLUSIVE: There is both male and female nudity in it. Yes Katie Morgan is so hot in the porn the scenes. As great as her big breasts are and they are pretty nice I think her tits when they where Natural years ago where cuter doesn't mean that I don't love them now. I don't want to give away the Male Nudity because it is sort of a Surprise and there are also a bit and some sound during the Credits so please stay for the entire movie. I just wish the lead actress would have done complete nudity I think it might have been a little bit better that way.

I didn't get to see John McCain live on SNL last night, I wanted to watch it but didn't know he was on but passed out on the Sabres game. He started the show with Tina Fey on QVC since that is the only station he could pay for and yes they where selling stuff like Knives that cut through the pork (funnier when he says it) I thought it was a funny bit. Then I watched another clip of him as part of weekend update. I liked that but didn't find it as funny. But see that is why watching stuff live is better then on the internet. It would have been better to see the McCain part as one part of weekend update as opposed to the entire clip. I'm not sure what time it is on but I think SNL has one more live show on Monday Night and I'm not sure how long it will be. I do have to give credit to McCain now and Palin in the past credit for going on SNL. It is good to see that McCain does have a sense of Humor and that he can make fun of himself. I'm not saying it will get him more votes but it might.

I hope no mater what people did or where they went that they had a Nice Halloween and that they had a good weekend and remembered to turn there clocks back (what a hassle that is, I know it is small but still.......). I do have two picture posts from the (e:strip) party for those who haven't seen them yet.
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Category: comedy

09/28/08 10:38 - ID#45822

Chris Rock SNL

So not sure if this is going to work, I didn't But that is ok here is some Chris Rock Comedy from Bill Maher that kinda has to do with some of his Comedy Special that was on Last Night.

I thought Chris Rock was pretty Funny. It was kinda interesting since it was taped from 3 or four locations and mid joke he would switch outfits. I still found it funny though. The reason for the switch was that it was the same joke from a different location I found most of it funny, political, dick, race and all kinds of stuff was covered.

What I was trying to post of Video of was Tina Fey (i love you rape me with Polar so I can have your babies, she is hot) As Palin from SNL last night, it wasn't on You Tube yet, oh yeah did I also Mention I love Anna Faris (rape me please and make me your sex slave). It isn't just that she is hot I have seen her in a bunch of those goofy parody movies. Last nights episode was pretty good top to bottom. So here is a link to the page of the video

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