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02/28/05 09:52 - ID#28024

Oscar and more

I admit it I watched the Oscars. But I was unable to stay awake for the entire show. I liked What I saw of Chris Rock. I thought it was funny that he made fun of himself and Jude Law. I think Jude Law is a Superstar. He was supposdly done doing movies a few years ago. But then he came back to do some special movie and now is in a bunch of differant movies I did see this amazing add but I don't know if it was last night or not. It is for Afflect and this duck is doing all sorts of stuff for this guy who is injuried like paying the bills and Then the Chinese food comes and Duck is mentioned and the money gets droped. Oh that reminds me of that Pizza hut Commerical Why is miss piggy being a canabial and eating Peporoni, that is just wrong. But back to my point I liked the whole why didn't this movie work thing about the stars. But I thought the interviews at the Magic Johnson Theatre where great. There are a lot of entertaining movies that Never get Nominated for awards. But then again with movies Like Lemony Shinckts, The Increadables and Shrek 2 you can see why. I think the oscars need to expand some and add more awards. I think Team America World Police was great. I think they should have awards for Each Genre of Movie It would be more fair that way. You could have a great horror Movie and it would never be nominatd for best picture. I had something else I wanted to rant about. OH yeah the Tim Robbins moment that was perfect. I saw robins on Bill Maher and he looked completly lost the entire time.
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02/27/05 03:50 - ID#28023

What's Art?

[r] Wow How can I follow behind Paul that was a great post[/r]. The question of what is art comes up often. I think music is art. You can really make anything into art I think. It is all in how something is presented. If you put your atistic (what ever that it) view and add it to something to change it. If i stick my dick in paint and use it as a brush and then a chick does a differant color with a tit and another color with her other one. That is art but it most likely wouldn't be a picture I would wind up liking. I think often we try to say this is (not)art or that is(not) art. But I think that is wrong. Just like some people say rap isn't music. Rap is music you may not like it and think it takes no talent but it is still a type of music. If a bang on a table and kick a chair I can make a beat and make up a song and that is art but not very good art. Tonight the oscars are on. They are supposed to reprst the best movies of the year. I don't know what movies are nominated. I don't know if any of the movies I saw are nominated for anything. I think

Metallica Some Kind of Monster

was a great movie and should win something. I think movies are a type of art. I admit I havn't seen very many movies that you might consider artsy. But I do like good animated movies like Spirted Away and Ghost In the Shell 2. We are surrounded by art everywhere but we don't really think of allot of it as art. Some one had to design that package of Softlips you bought to keep your lips soft Or that cool pepsi symbol or that cigeratte symbol they both are versions of the Ying Yang. I think we take art for granted and don't relise how much of it is around us. I admit I hardly ever go to Art Galleries. One reason is that I don't know what type of art they are going to be showing. I'm odd about what kinds of pictures I like. I think Ice Sucputures are amazing. They look so differant when lighted at nite. I mean the big ones that they have festivals for. I had a final point I wanted to end with but I forgot it, so I hope those of you who read this enjoyed it a little bit. If my art skills in writting where better this would have been more interesting and about 10 more paragraphs.
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02/26/05 07:51 - ID#28022

Internet Fame

What's internet fame like, and really what is it. Is everyone on this site internet famous to each other if we only interact here. What about to those who view what we say. Or does it take us to be none and talked to offline by someone we don't know from being on line?

Well here is an article that poped up as i went on line using AOL today. I have not seen the video. Even though American Pie was meant to be funny what happens to Jim is a good point. Internet Fame is not always a good thing. That is the end of the philosphy discussion and here is the article that I read

Internet Fame Is a Cruel Mistress for a Dancer

By ALAN FEUER and JASON GEORGE, The New York Times

ABC News

Gary Brolsma of Saddle Brook, N.J., lip-syncs an obscure Romanian song. Watch Video

AOL Search:
· Numa Numa Dance

Talk About It:
· Post Messages | Chat

(Feb. 26) - There was a time when embarrassing talents were a purely private matter. If you could sing "The Star Spangled Banner" in the voice of Daffy Duck, no one but your friends and family would ever have to know.

But with the Internet, humiliation - like everything else - has now gone public. Upload a video of yourself playing flute with your nose or dancing in your underwear, and people from Toledo to Turkmenistan can watch.

Here, then, is the cautionary tale of Gary Brolsma, 19, amateur videographer and guy from New Jersey, who made the grave mistake of placing on the Internet a brief clip of himself dancing along to a Romanian pop song. Even in the bathroom mirror, Mr. Brolsma's performance could only be described as earnest but painful.

His story suggests that the quaint days when cultural trinkets, like celebrity sex tapes, were passed around like novels in Soviet Russia are over. It says a little something of the lightning speed at which fame is made these days.

To begin at the beginning:

Mr. Brolsma, a pudgy guy from Saddle Brook, made a video of himself this fall performing a lip-synced version of "Dragostea Din Tei," a Romanian pop tune, which roughly translates to "Love From the Linden Trees." He not only mouthed the words, he bounced along in what he called the "Numa Numa Dance" - an arm-flailing, eyebrow-cocked performance executed without ever once leaving the chair.

In December, the Web site, a clearinghouse for online videos and animation, placed a link to Mr. Brolsma on its home page and, soon, there was a river of attention. "Good Morning America" came calling and he appeared. CNN and VH1 broadcast the clip. Parodists tried their own Numa Numa dances online. By yesterday, the Brolsma rendition of "Love From the Linden Trees" had attracted nearly two million hits on the original Web site alone.

It was just as Diane Sawyer said on her television program: "Who knows where this will lead?"

You Said It

Nowhere, apparently. For, in Mr. Brolsma's case, the river became a flood.

He has now sought refuge from his fame in his family's small house on a gritty street in Saddle Brook. He has stopped taking phone calls from the news media, including The New York Times. He canceled an appearance on NBC's "Today." According to his relatives, he mopes around the house.

What's worse is that no one seems to understand.

"I said, 'Gary this is your one chance to be famous - embrace it,' " said Corey Dzielinski, who has known Mr. Brolsma since the fifth grade. Gary Brolsma is not the first guy to rocket out of anonymity on a starship of embarrassment. There was William Hung, the Hong Kong-born "American Idol" reject, who sang and danced so poorly he became a household name. There was Ghyslain Raza, the teenage Québécois, who taped himself in a mock light-saber duel and is now known as the Star Wars Kid.

In July 2003, Mr. Raza's parents went so far as to sue four of his classmates, claiming they had placed the clip of him online without permission. "Ghyslain had to endure and still endures today, harassment and derision," according to the lawsuit, first reported in The Globe and Mail of Toronto.

Mr. Brolsma has no plans to sue, his family said - mainly because he would have to sue himself. In fact, they wish he would bask a little in his celebrity.

"I don't know what's wrong with him," his grandfather, Kalman Telkes, a Hungarian immigrant, said the other day while taking out the trash.

The question remains why two million people would want to watch a doughy guy in glasses wave his arms around online to a Romanian pop song.

"It definitely has to be something different," said Tom Fulp, president and Webmaster of

"It's really time and place."

"The Numa Numa dance," he said, sounding impressed. "You see it and you kind of impulsively have to send it to your friends."

There is no way to pinpoint the fancy of the Internet, but in an effort to gauge Mr. Brolsma's allure, the Numa Numa dance was shown to a classroom of eighth graders at Saddle Brook Middle School - the same middle school that he attended, in fact.

The students' reactions ranged from envious to unimpressed. "That's stupid," one of them said. "What else does he do?" a second asked. A third was a bit more generous: "I should make a video and become famous."

The teacher, Susan Sommer, remembered Mr. Brolsma. He was a quiet kid, she said, with a good sense of humor and a flair for technology.

More From The Times

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· Required: Law and Charm-School Degrees

"Whenever there were computer problems, Gary and Corey would fix them for the school," she said.

His friends say Mr. Brolsma has always had a creative side. He used to make satirical Prozac commercials on cassette tapes, for instance. He used to publish a newspaper with print so small you couldn't read it with the naked eye.

"He was always very out there - he's always been ambitious," said Frank Gallo, a former classmate. "And he's a big guy, but he's never been ashamed."

Another friend, Randal Reiman, said: "I've heard a lot of people say it's not that impressive - it doesn't have talent. But I say, Who cares?"

These days, Mr. Brolsma shuttles between the house and his job at Staples, his family said. He is distraught, embarrassed. His grandmother, Margaret Telkes, quoted him as saying, just the other day, "I want this to end."

And yet the work lives on. Mr. Fulp, the Webmaster, continues to receive online homages to the Numa Numa dance. The most recent showed what seemed to be a class of computer students singing in Romanian and, in unison, waving their hands.

Mr. Reiman figures the larger world has finally caught on to Gary Brolsma.

"He's been entertaining us for years," he said, "so it's kind of like the rest of the world is realizing that Gary can make you smile."

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02/26/05 07:21 - ID#28021


I admit it I looked at the pictures. But I didn't download the video. They wanted me to on the site to downlaod a program to watch the video and I didn't know what it was so I said screw it. That chick looks hot. For fred it is no big Deal I'm guessing he is a rock star tobad it wasn't britney though that would have been awesome. But if this is just some random chick as opposed to like a girlfriend she has to be kinda pissed. On a side note I'm glad Wes is back Bizkit wasn't the same without him he was a big part of there chemistry.
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02/26/05 07:10 - ID#28020

Fantasic Four

The Fantasic Four could be very good or it might suck who knows. I liked Both Punisher Movies. I think I saw the first Captain America Movie from what I remember of it it was good. I admit I never read the comic but I did watch the cartoon on TV. My favorite was The Human Torch. If it is done right it could be very good. I thought The Hulk, X2, and Spiderman 2 where all Amazing Movies. I think the New Batman Movie could be the best one yet. It is always tricky to turn a comic into a movie they are differant media. To be honest I think the best way to go really is High Grade Animation or Even maybe Animee Style or like Final Fantasy. That way you don't have to worry about Cod Pieces and People looking like they are into S&M (nothing wrong with that) but they are supposed to be "Superheros". One Reason Why a Liked Hulk is it Told a lot of Story and it had that Comic Book look to it.

I know there are a lot of remakes out there now. But that has kinda allways been the case. For example look at all the steven king movies, LOTR, and Harry Potter. It is really hard for movies to be original. Even Original movies have themes and ideas from other movies or other places. The thing to remember is that it is not the original and to take that into consideration when watching it. What I would like to see more often is a double deal on DVD's. What I mean is the New Version and the original Packaged togather. There are some movies where that would be really interesting and where you might get three movies. A great example would be "A christmas Carol" There are a bunch of differant Versions of it. I think That could also work at movie houses and drive ins. They allready have some premeires that when you see them you can stay for a second movie. Wouldn't it be cool to go see for example (this may not be a good example it is just the first one to come to mind) The New Batman Movie and after words they show one of the old ones back when he had the blue cap and robin was all colorfull. I think that would be cool.
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02/24/05 07:00 - ID#28019


I have tried to watch Bill Mahr 3 times this week. Each time I haven't had enough energy to stay awake for all of it. Robin Williams was one of the guests. I enjoy his show on HBO and I thought Politically Incorrect was funny. I have also seen a little bit of his standup and he is a good comedian. I used to watch SNL and Al Frankin was on. So I was surprised when I saw him covering a real event. I wonder are there any republicans who are involved in politics who you would consider a comedian?

I know somepeople might say Micheal more is funny but that dosn't count just like when bush is funny it dosn't count. Does anyone rember the show "That's My Bush" I thought it was awesome it was on Comedy Central.
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02/23/05 07:56 - ID#28018

Gay Civil Unions

On sunday they had a great simpsons episode where the town needed money so they legalised same sex marriage. Marge was cool with it until it was her sisster. In simpson style it turned out to be a guy who was on the LGPA tour. It was an interesting take on the issue for anyone who saw it.

I don't know if it should be called Civil Union or Marriage or someother term. But I belive that people who are gay should have the same rights as people who are stright. Even if you belive it is wrong and a sin and they are going to hell. They sitll should have the same rights as everyone else. There is a law that if two people live toagher long enough they can be legaly considered married. I admit I don't know how it works. I don't know if they get all the same rights as people who are legally married. But I think that if two people are a couple and want to be legally bound they should be able to. So what if One is a guy and a girl or if it is two guys. If two transexuals want to get married they should be ablke to also. I think that most people are aganst it are really thinking that being gay is wrong and since that is wrong then being married is wrong. Even if I thought Homosexuality was wrong I would still think that they have equal rights. There are a lot of rights that come with marriage not that I know them all. Somepeople might argue that how do you know if the couple would be married if it was legal they arn't losing anything. But that dosn't make sense because if it where legal then if they thought they where ready then they would tie the knot. So meny couples break up after the fact that gays won't make it any worse it will most likely make it better.
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02/23/05 07:38 - ID#28017

The Parks

[c] I was reading an interesting article in the Buffalo News today about the parks. I had forgotton that they City Paid the county to run the parks. I think that if the county has closed the parks then they need to give the city a portion of that money back. That wasn't mentioned in the article. But you would think that if the city pays them to keep something in good condition and they close it then they shouldn't get the money for running something that is closed. The article did mention that it might be possible for the city to run the parks. It was an interesting article. They mentiond the the city parks mergerd with the county parks. But what I don't know about is what happens to the Olmsted Parks becuase they are run differantly. [/r] I think it is a shame that the parks may stay closed. a lot of kids use the parks for sports and so do adults. I hope they work out some solution so that the parks are safe for everyone. If I where to make a film or even a porno the 1st place I would go is a closed park. It would be a great place to shoot a movie. Empty Basball diamond or public sex with downtown in the background. Nice shots of the River. A nice Playground. Basketball courts. There would be no body there. But that brings up another question what if people decide to use the parks even if they are closed. Would that be safe and what if someone got hurt who would be liable. If the parks are closed and I ran a company that is where I would dump my trash (if I where evil). Why not no one is using it anyways and it is free so why not. I hope this problem gets fixed.
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02/22/05 07:51 - ID#28016


Wow this is odd I read journals and forgot what I wanted to rant aobut. Welll it wasn't really a rant. My mind has gone blank. Don't you hate when you lose your tarian of thought. I did Read an article about blogs today in the buffalo news. It was interesting. I like this place but I did join myspace also. I wanted to check out a band Called The Juliet Dagger. It is a lot differant then here overalll I enjoy here more. It seems to be more about blogs then over there. But I do like there forums what I don't like is that there is no way to know if anyone in the forums has comentend on something you said. If you do a bunch of them it is hard to remember wich ones you took part in. I'm still drawing a blank about what I wanted to talk about. I did watch Monster the other day it was very good. I also watched The L Word the second season just started it was good also. I can't rember who but someone mentioned that they think they should end the Real World. I disagree I think it is a great show. I think it could be modified. I think They should have a Real World and Call it Home Addition that would be where people all ready living togather Would get ;picked or 7 strangers all from the same city all get picked I think it would make the show more like real life. I do like the New note feature that is cool. I know as soon as I go offline I will find something that gets me thinking about something I would like to write and then I will forget it when I go to type.
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02/21/05 08:54 - ID#28015

The Parks????

This poped into my Head today. Now that The Parks are closed what happens to the acitivites at them? For example at LaSalle Park They have Softball and baseball games and multiple age groups and football? What if you want to walk in the park? But it is closed would you be arrested? Will cops drive around them to make sure no one is there? What will really happen to them? Or does it just mean that no one will take care of them and if you get hurt, mugged or killed then no one is liable? What about Hoyt Lake? Since Shakesphere in the Park is at the Park, What Happens to it? Can a private company lease them out? What about the Bike Path that goes thourgh the Park would that be considered opened or closed? Or are the parks just closed for a few months? Isn't park of Delaware park a golf course, what about that? Erie County is all messed up. Does the county have any ansewers to these questions?
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