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03/10/07 06:04 - 36ºF - ID#23303

The 300


Today I went to see "The 300" (e:Paul) has a post about it that I commented on today. I decided I would still talk about the movie anyways. In (e:pauls) journal he has a couple links that do lead to a couple interesting articles about the movie and Politics. I'm for now just going to talk about the movie and try not to give anything away. Firstly as a war movie goes I think the battle scenes where pretty good. I don't know how to explain the look of them but they did have a good look to them the picture was verry visual. I have a few pictures I found on line as an example of that above. I will admit that there where a couple of scenes that where kinda guersome and slow motin violance but that is what you expect when you see this type of movie. I like that there was a story line and not all violance and there was betrayl and it kinda told the story of the spartans and how they where fighting for freedom, and more. All in all I thought it was a great war movie with violance some great nudity and love in there also.

On a side note if i look at my journal stats on my previous one it says #799 so that means this is My 800th , that is a lot of journaling. However on my top stats I only have 796 so this would be my 797th . Not sure why those counts are differant. I don't remember deleting or making any journals private but maybe I'm wrong about that.
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