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04/14/13 02:43 - ID#57520

Reality MTV

To Start sorry for 2 things:
1. I have kinda covered this topic before and not sure what I said or how I will say it now
2. I've been a bad (e:Peep) lately haven't been reading I love the site still of course but I sometimes forget to come here to read and keep up plus the site is back to being pretty active :)

I don't have all the details since I don't watch MTV as much as I once did but the movie awards are on tonight and I think they are on live.. Some years taped some years live think it is live this year.... It is all ways an event Sure Twilight will win everything ...HA but that isn't what I'm here to write about but gotta give them credit for awards that also lead to hot moments like Best Kiss (Oh gawd I'm on Twitter so much my hands want to type hashtags infront of every topic), Best villian and Most Anticapted movie that isn't out yet....

Today there is a Buckwild marathon on... For those that don't know (Assuming anyone reads this) Buckwild follows young adults in West Virgina ... It is kinda like the real world and kinda like Jackass they are country so for at least one person there have been sub tittles ....

For those that may not know two of the people from the show have made the news.. The most recent is Shaine (not sure how he spells it there are a few ways it could be spelled) who died with a couple others in a mudding accident... From what I read MTV had started filming season 2 all ready not sure how far along they where... This wasn't caught on film... MTV didn't film any of the funeral or that kind of stuff... I think they where asked not to and I think they paid for the funearal or some of it at least.... MTV decided to stop shoting and there is no season ...... They say cause Shaine was such a big part of the show.. But really how could we watch after that as a viewer ????????

I'll be honest I have no idea what the 8pm Listed as NEW through my cable box Buckwild half hour show will be... Think it is like the cast reflecting back on Shaine and highligts of him from the show... But it doesn't sound like that...

Now Then what is the Point??? Yeah good question.....
I like Realtiy TV and Documentaries... But I don't see how the cameras being there can't effect it... As someone who likes to take pictures .. I'd like to think that a quick snap catches that moment and I think it does.. But when you have a sound pack on and a camera crew to report to.. It has to have an effect even if they just follow......

But where things get more muddy is that I know there are things on TheRealWorld like no TV or if there is it has to be stuff they have the rights to.. There are only certain places they can film so it does effect how people live and act... Alcohol in the house.. But I don't know how much of that is true in Buckwild or where they follow.. I great example was TheRealOC . What made that show so amazing is there where like no Parents but what really made it feel so fun is that The school said you can't shoot here... So I just wonder how the cameras fit in with buckwild since I don't know....

.......The Point that leads to is if the cameras do effect what the young adults did then is MTV responsible ? Well yeah kinda.. I'm not saying if they are or not... But the next question is what about the fame factor? In other words once you are this person on TV and people see you out and about does it put pressure on you to be that person on TV? I don't know.............

...........Also Does The TV show encourage you to do more stunts or act a certain way? Yes there are people I'm sure who go those stupid rednecks can't wait till I see them all get blown up and die on TV... But there are also people that think the show is great so you get praise for the things you do... Does that encourage you to do more of ....? If it does than does that mean MTV is a factor in the death.....

These are just thoughts things that one should and can think about and wonder about I'm not saying I have all the answers... As much as I would love to see a season 2 think MTV is correct in not shooting the show anymore... Unless of course the people on the show ask them to keep filming......

The ?s I'm asking aren't new to BuckWild... The real world I think was first a show over in Europe and it worked so they brought it here.. and the same ?s could be asked then? Also over in Europe there was a show called Queer As folk that lead to the show over here.. The led to "TheLWord" that lead to "The Real L Word" ... That for those that don't know is a show on show time.. Yeah there is drama yeah there is hot lesbian sex, some stright sex and did I mention lots of drama... It makes great TV but I wonder how much the cameras effect that show... As an example one of the people one of the people on the show plays music and because of the show has a bunch of followers and that is how she gets her music out... On a side note .. At least one of the people from that show will be in Buffalo for Pride at Roxy's and yeah it is sponorsed by the show.. Sorry I have no idea if they will be filming... But that is a good example lets say The Stripteasers where to be someplace and they are filming would they do there best show ever ? Would people who think they will be on TV dress a bit nicer... Would the burlesque girls dancing in front of the stage care about the cameras would more hope up to be on tv if they where fiming ?

Again just something to think about........

One of the things about the News and reality TV is that I think it causes a breakdown in what is real... There is this new show on HBO called vice.. It is really good and they go to these dangerous place with a film crew and it is really good.. But at the same time it is entertainment... So line get blured a little bit....

The other thing is death in the news... It is like there is this fire and 3 people die and it is told the same way in the same tone as the weather and the sabres... So it is like 3 people dying is equal to how the our sports team does... Cause it is reported the same... So the depressing stuff and the good news is all told to us the same way... I admit I don't know what the effect it is... But If you thought Johnathen Winters as was an example was very funny... His death should make you cry... Yes we all take the blame in this when we post to facebook and twitter... I'm not saying it is only on the news... But they do set the tone so.....

I didn't proff read this so some stuff may not make any sense... and there isn't really a point just some thoughts......................
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03/26/12 05:01 - ID#56289


So I tried to watch like 5 minutes of the voice and I'm sorry I can't I like Christina to much with her huge rack and you can sometimes see what looked like not her nipples but however you spell the thing that pasties cover..... It is to much for me to take... Plus it is on when Wrestling is on... But after that is a great show I think called SMASH.... It is kinda like Glee in a way that it is a singing show.... Or maybe kinda like Fame was.... But it isn't a school it is adults going through a musical so yes there is drama and sex as well not that they can show any thing really on NBC nudity wise.... So I DVR it and I think it is great..... So I figured I would find a few youtube videos to post.... Now what I don't know is how they do season 2.... Will it be the same actors and the story continues about the musical going on and maybe a new cast or do they do a different musical I have no idea.... Story wise the musical isn't even all written..... So here are a few videos I assume......

a scene from a club

Great Voice Yes there are some odd pop up things on the video.... She currently plays the back up.......

This is Monroe well the person playing her.....

Now I like many different bands and styles..... But one thing I like about the musical style... Or at least one reason why I think I like it... Is that when it is good when a note is held.... the sound of the word or letter is kept... How many songs does someone say a a word and hold it and you have no idea what it is they just sang.......

I admit This is the first time hearing this.... Of course unless you are a punk band covering this is such a touch song... No one can do it as good as Judy Garland........

Ok that is plenty..... The vocals are great but they are so better with the visuals so you know whom is singing.....

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01/23/12 05:09 - ID#55973

Anthem Football chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth I became a fan of through a show that I can't remember what it is called about the Pie Maker and they could bring people back to life for 30 seconds it was a great show...... Now there was some great football on yesterday even though the 49ers lost argh..... Thought this anthem was great not sure how this video translates though.... I didn't take it....

Here is her doing another anthem....

Ok and one more song....... I guess

This is Great :)

Not sure what this is from but I think it is funny.......

Ok now it really is time to stop...................
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01/02/12 11:26 - ID#55835

MSG Advertising

So Time Warner and MSG currently are no more! Bastards .....

TV impasse is bad news for viewers of Sabres games
MSG pulls broadcasts from Time Warner
By Mark Sommer
January 1, 2012, 10:16 PM

Updated: January 2, 2012, 8:04 AM

Watching games for Sabres fans in the foreseeable future may come down to subscribing to Direct TV or FiOS, or attending a local bar carrying one of those.

That's because the ongoing impasse between MSG and Time Warner Cable remains frosty, despite the expiration Saturday of the contract, signed in 2005, between the sports cable channel and the giant cable provider.

The Sabres next play Tuesday against the Edmonton Oilers -- the first of 12 games that MSG was to have televised in January -- and again Friday and Saturday. One game -- Jan. 18 against the Chicago Blackhawks -- airs on the Versus network, which will be relaunched today as the NBC Sports Network.

For most Time Warner subscribers, it's likely to be a waiting game, as both sides each other for the failure to reach a deal.

"Right now we are waiting for MSG to come back to the table. We are eager to resume negotiation for a reasonable price on behalf of our customers," Time Warner spokesman Matthew Tremblay said Sunday.

Michael Bair, president of MSG Media, cast similar blame on Time Warner, saying the last "meaningful conversation" between the two parties was about two weeks ago.

Bair suggested viewers consider subscribing elsewhere.

"We urge them to select an alternate provider and switch from Time Warner to ensure they don't miss any games. We have no other choice, because we want to make sure the fans don't miss their games," Bair said.

MSG, which removed Sabres games from the Time Warner lineup, will hold a "viewing party" Tuesday in Tully's sports bar at Main Street and Transit Road in Clarence. Free chicken wings will be offered along with ticket and merchandise giveaways.

Rep. Kathleen C. Hochul, D-Amherst, issued a statement Sunday urging both parties "to come together and resolve this situation quickly."

Downstate, MSG also carries games for the NBA's New York Knicks and the NHL's New York Rangers, New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils. Those games, too, no longer are available on Time Warner.

Friday, Bair said the majority of MSG's market is in the New York City area, where, he said, "the biggest battle is brewing. It's unfortunate that Buffalo is caught up in this ..."

So Here is the thing...... I have Time Warner and Really like.... Can't believe these bastards on both sides... Now I don't know how the money works in NHL but I have a good guess based on how it works in the NFL...
  1. People come to game so they see the ads at the arena and on the boards some of these change based on event think Lacrosse as an example
  2. People watch the game on TV and see these ads on the boards or where ever else they have them where TV will pick them up.. (this was a problem in the NFL cause some got upset that kids saw beer ads in the stadium when watching)

How many people see the stuff on the boards is what gives those ads value... The less people the less value they have... Now who gets that money if it is the team or the arena or if there is some kind of split I have no idea.... But with the lose of TV that = loss of people viewing that so someone is losing money... Now at some point the Ad people are going to either want some of their money back (unless they got a great deal) or won't pay as much since no one on time warner sees those... Now this isn't true for just the sabres but for the rangers and Devils as well.... I assume basketball has some kind of ads also think it might be signs that change?

Now the next part of this is TV..... There are people who have Time Warner and who when they watch Hockey they wouldn't be watching any thing else so Viewer ship drops... Now the less people are watching the less they can charge for some ads I'm thinking the local stuff you might see during the sabres game... Not sure if it is enough people to effect things...

During Sabres games you have at least a few companies that pay for like the ad of the power play or the Celino and Barnes stuff.... I assume that the other hockey teams do this type of stuff as well.... So now that these games aren't on MSG on Timewarner that means less viewers so that ad space just lost value.... So again Not sure if this hurts MSG, The sabres or how that money gets split up.....

What I do know for sure is see MSG wants you to switch to Direct TV cause then MSG doesn't lose any Viewers they don't lose any ad dollars and it gives them more power to hold hostage sports in NYS and NJ (Devils games)......

Now Time warner thinks it is better to just lose the money and if so lose some viewers they might be right on that.... What I wonder though is Could the Sabres sign a Deal with another Station?

For example every NHL is recorded.... Who's Cameras are those...NHL? Sabres? MSG? Who pays for the TV guys who also do the Radio? Is it the Sabres or MSG... See if it is MSG I doubt they would allow the sabres to make a deal with some other Channel on Time Warner...

Bottom line is who losses the most honestly is the fans.... Ok with how they are playing maybe the fans really win... But everyone losses really....
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11/17/11 07:19 - ID#55538

Youtube Boardwalk Videos

I admit I'm a Steve Buscemi Fan... Now the other day I watched Board Walk Empire... They had this beach scene that reminded me of (e:matthew)'s costume... They had a cop who would measure girls suits.... Great show with violence and story and great music.... Now I posted some of these on the facebook page and G+ so thought might as well put some of them up here today?

Now granted this is just a sampling plus often times the music makes a scene but away from the scene it isn't the same thing.....
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11/08/11 06:25 - ID#55468

Glee and Sons Of Anarchy

Yes I voted for whom I think will do the least Damage as a Criminal Today..............................................................................HA Then got some BK..... Why is it that almost everything that is good is bad for you at least in some way (Sex, Drugs, Red Meat, More Sex, foods with fat in theme, Ice Cream, Loud Music).......

So last week Glee came back after the end of Baseball and kinda tough to get back into it with the long break but a decent episode... But tonight is the going all the way episode... Does every show have one? But looks like Glee is kinda going to make fun of that also .... One of the ads has Santana (is it wrong since they are adults playing teens to want all the women of the show do to playboy [oh won't say whom if you don't know but one of them if memory serves did do nudity on a certain show on certain pay station] or maybe even Penthouse...HA) says something like how Finn is bad in bed... So think they may be serious and lite at the same time.... Yes Story line is what pushes the show but what makes the episodes to me is the singing... Hey some songs to me are better then others... This isn't the first show where they sing other then fame... Anyone remember a great idea in Cop Rock think it started the same season as Law & Order another great idea that really took off....

Sons Of Anarchy is a show about a Bike Gang Club and I think it is really good that will get the DVR along with Covert Affairs that is pretty good and not just cause Pipper is hot and the theme and start looks James Bondesqe ..... Sometimes Making it to 11 is pretty tough... Those fox comedies look so good but can't get into them for some reason so 9 might be a DVR or maybe another great show in Board Walk Empire?
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11/21/10 11:27 - ID#53147

Time Warner and Fox

So I like Time Warner I really do. They have some great things that from what I hear the dishes don't have. But that being said they need to get there stuff together and stop lying on their ads.... Or maybe that is to harsh and they need to get all the channels on board and improve things....

If you have seen there ads the newest one shows some lady buying shoes coming in and using start over to watch her favorite show.... Well hold on that doesn't really work like that... Not all he stations (fox comes to mind here) have start over... Also it doesn't allways work right on shows that don't start right when they say they do... This Happened to me when I came home and tried to watch Bill Maher the show ended in the middle of new rules... Also what about live things like football that go over the time. Oh bye the way this is a problem with DVRs to from what I hear. So don't believe that kid playing baseball with his dad ad either......

Last night I really wanted to watch The Hurt Locker , Like a fool I trusted the ad. But not so much that I checked the channel it was on (The Movie Channel I think) and start over came up so I thought it would work. Go get food for the movie and football today and go in and no start over as an option on enhanced TV, FUCK! So one of the options is on Demand and of course that isn't one of the movies that the ondemand channel has either argh..... So I went to find some on demand stuff and found "Fan Boys" it was wild and was great to see Seth Rogan play two parts but what made the movie good really was the hot chick in it but was all the cameos those where the best parts. The next Movie was "Zombie Strippers". Ok Zombies and a strip bar it was awesome. Yes it was very funny and there where lots of tits. Did I mention it was funny. Oh yeah and they took zombies in a new direction (the effects are different on men and women and women have control, yes two strippers fighting on stage and the golf balls where funny)........

Now in Time Warner's defense they don't control what each channel puts on their demand station and when they are on. For example Starz has this thing they call early premieres where movies come on before they air normally. That being said (yes the on demand stuff is free but still) it would ve nice if they had more movies and specials on the ondemand channels....

There is the new service I have seen advertised where say you miss a program you can go back into the past to view it. You can go back I think 3 days. Again this isn't on all the channels...

My point here isn't that I'm bashing Time warner it is that these services that when they work right are pretty cool you can't depend on them, like the ads make you think...

Next things next the fox and time warner thing. It is time for those two to make a deal. I think they will reach a deal because it is suicide not to, both companies would lose way to much money...
1. Glee, House, NFL Football, Simpsons sunday night line up and Yes American Idol are the huge fox draws. If Time warner was to lose these here is what would happen.
A. Some people would just give up and not watch Fox anymore. Less people watching fox means lower rating and less people watch the comericals drop way off in value..
B. Keep Time Warner but watch Fox over the air. Well ad money wise again you had people watching time Warner who know watch Fox over the air so they lose money.
c. I need fox so drop my price on cable, oh you are charging me the same for less ok bye. Yeah a lot of viewers would drop Time Warner and that is where they lose the big money. Most of those people would go get another provider or maybe just go the HD route through the air....

I can admit that I don't work for a station or in braodcasting so not sure how the money stuff works other then that when everyone on friends wanted that huge increase in pay they all got it because they ratings where so good that advertisers paid so much money during those time slots that it was a drop in the bucket to NBC. So time warner losing fox and fox losing time warner would be a huge blow to both companies that they can't afforid. But there is another factor that I don't know how it works every net work has a local affilate and yeah Fox 29 would no longer be on cable and that has to effect how much local ad money they get. Well that would happen in every city with time warner. I think that might be why you see the scrols during shows cause they don't want to lose the money.

D. There is this X factor that no one can really count or quintify. What effect does this bickering between cable and stations do to the viewer. I as viewer like the shows I like and they should be there when they are there. It is bad enough when nights change and now one program I liked is on at the same time as another. This bickering could turn people away from both companies. Maybe they will decide to just watch shows on the internet with one of those huge sony internet TVs. Or maybe give up on TV and just wait for the good shows to come out on DVD and Spend a weekend watching the entire series. Who knows what it will bring. Maybe Viewers will find a way to watch the NFL on line...

The Bottom line is that making fair deals behind closed doors before the public hears about it is best for both the cable/Satlite companies and the stations....
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10/26/10 07:28 - ID#53016

The Glee Machine

So I admit that I like Glee. What I don't like is that makes me a gleek argh,,,,,, I was never a geek so how can I be a gleek. When it 1st came on I watched the Premiere episode. But then it wasn't on again for a month or maybe more so I didn't really get to watch it. It may have been on when I watched something else maybe wrestling not sure.... But I got caught up by watching the last few episodes of it.......

Yes Again I admit I do like that over dramatic way of singing (Musical Style) and that is why I watch it. But if it was all singing and no story would you keep watching I doubt it... There are some parts that are really funny... I wonder if the girl from the premiere who got the handler is going to show up again... I also wonder if the Asian girl is all ways the same actress (hey many people wouldn't be able to tell). Reason I say that is she doesn't all ways look the same.... But that is just me.... I also need to say that some episodes are better then others just like some songs are better then others.....

This leads me to the Glee Machine. Tonight is the Rocky Horror Picture show episode. Yes I hope it rocks and is very good. But you know you could buy the CD of the songs before the episode even airs.... That is just odd. That says to me that this is more then just a show it has turned into a selling machine. Not saying if that is good or bad really just what it is... Just hope that they don't put the selling of CDs and who they can get rights to, to sell to drive the show and base it off of that......

The Reason I say that is today On facebook I saw a link about a Glee Christmas CD that will be out before that show airs. Again I hope that is a good episode... If you go to a place like target you can buy the Glee CDs. I just hope that they are the product of the show catching on and maybe people doing there own parties or what ever and not the point of the show....

Just wanted to add that I do like musicals like Rent, Avenue Q, Phantom and I'm sure there are a lot of great ones I never saw like the Billy Joel one and the Green Day one........

I felt Like I had more to say going into this but kinda lost it someplace, ok off to make food and watch glee. Oh yeah two quick points. I have never seen the rocky horror picture show, somehow I need to change that...And somehow with Baseball the simpson's tree house of horror is after Halloween....

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07/19/10 06:31 - ID#52239

Lights on vs. LIghts off

First lets see if I can ad a picture to this journal I couldn't yesterday.


Awesome it works now so that means I can do my Festival pictures. I must ad that I don't work for Club Diablo and I don't know any of the music or really know what is going on, but I love the art and think I need to take the camera to this.

In the past few years the quality of TV and Movies have really gone up. You have plasma and flat screens and high def and all this stuff, not to mention now they make 3D movies (sorry not the same as when a 3D movie when I was around as a kid) and huge IMAX screens. Now they have 3D TV that come with glasses. It blows my mind it really does. But there is one thing that they don't have other then 3D shows. You can never really make sitting at a show the same as sitting on your couch, no mater how big the speakers and screen are it just isn't the same.

That is what leads me to my point. The other night I watched 2012,and I did enjoy it. I'm at home so the lights are on. Well that movie and most movies are made to be watched in the dark so very often there are dark scenes and you can't see anything at all. I'm not going to say that they should lighten them up how would you know it is night or someplace dark? What I'm saying is that like how every show and movie has some kind of rating, they should have one for if it is viewed better with lights on or off or maybe even dim. People go out and buy these costly players and they hook up to the net and you can stream movies onto computers and every TV in the house and all kinds of things on these giant TVs that brag about how clear the picture is and how great the sound is, but if you aren't watching it in the right type of light you lose some of that.
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05/24/10 05:59 - ID#51724

Good Bye and Thank you 24

So Tonight is the Series Finale of 24. Every show must end at some time and now is 24's time. I think that people in the entertainment industry need to come up with some correct terms for when a show ends. I have seen many shows that I really enjoyed Cancelled . When a show is cancelled the Network says no more, we don't want any more episodes, I've also seen shows pulled in mid season when they had more episodes they could show. I don't really get the entire ratings system but that is what causes most cancelations. But then you have other shows Where the story just needs to end. I don't know much about lost, but that is an example. I remember I used to watch a show called Millenium and I thought well once we get into the new Millenium and we all live then what will the show do and it went on. There needs to be a term for when the people who make the show say this is where it ends or they agree with the network that it is time to move on to something else. This is the case of what happened with 24. Keifer acts and produces and he thought this is where the show should end so it will tonight and Cancelled is the wrong word.

24 does have a lot of critics, including people who watch the show. Yes there is a formula they often follow of a mole, and twists and Jack winds up all ways being correct in the end and things like that. But any show has a forumla or a way that it works. I admit I miss the message boards they where a lot of fun aka Forums. Most people where there cause they loved the show. Plus it was fun to guess what would happen, and people would talk about how something didn't make sense, and then others would counter that. But even for those who bashed it some there they where still watching it because they liked it. Yes there where some who did stop watching it but that was the minortiy.

Why I liked it:
1. The Real time thing: Yes there are some little things in it like no travel time, and how do you go for 24 hours with out a bathroom. But it is real TV time, where travel takes how long you say it does and things like that. The time was a bit off becuase of adds. But one thing I really liked about the breaks is when they come back and you get those little pieces of what was going on............

2. Action: There is no way in a blog that I could cover all the action of one season let alone the entire series. The Action scenes are shot great and it isn't just lets blow things up, but that is part of it. It isn't lets just tourture this guy. I don't have a % but many of the scenes also of dialouge. The ones that doen't have talking int hem still move the story along. There have been shot outs and explosions and escapes and all kinds of amazing action scenes.

3. The Story: Lets face it action is great but with out the story it is kinda pointless. With 24 though I think that with a couple exceptions (The Famous Kim cougar story got bashed a lot) the story could hold it own as a series by itself. There are plots and then these people are really supported by these people. Then the people get caught but that is only part one of the plan. My point is that there are twists and turns and the stories are fun.

4. Acting: I can admit that before 24 I wasn't a Sutherland fan. But he does a great Job in 24. I wish I had a huge HD TV so I could see all the facial stuff he does, he really does a lot of it. He goes through all the different emotions pretty well. Yes Jack has cried a couple times and it has always been very convicing even if some don't think it really fit, story wise. He isn't the only one who has done a great Job. There are way to many people to list. Plus that is more of a I like this person and not that person kind of thing also...

The Thing is though that a show can have qualtiy writers and actors and story and all those things that make it a good show, and you still may not like it. A good example of this for me is ER and Dexter. I used to watch ER all the time, I really liked it. The problem was the operation scenes I just couldn't watch so I gave up after some years of watching. The Same thing happened with Dexter. I loved it what a great idea. He is a detective who goes around killing Serial Killers, what a great idea. I loved how he would go into flashbacks about how he learned to kill. One day during season one the gore was just to much so I had to stop watching. That is why I call Dexter the best show on TV I don't watch. I think that 24 is the best show on TV I do watch and one could argue that it is, the best show on TV currently. But after tonight that will be no more.

There is good TV and Great TV. I think the difference is that Good TV you like to watch great TV you watch and can't wait a week to see the next show. It could also be maybe just that each show is connected , that is one of the things that I really like about Heros. That may take over my best spot for shows on TV. Yes I also really like True Blood, but on Cable they can get away with a lot more so I don't know as compairing them is fair.

To Sum up:
Thank you to all the writers and actors!
Thank you Fox for not cutting them down after season 1
Thank you to whom ever came up with the Idea
Thank you to anyone who isn't covered by the 3 above

It is to bad 24 couldn't last more days (seasons) then 8, but it has been an amazing 8 years. If this was another network or another show at the end everyone who worked on the show would come out and bow but it isn't a comedy filmed in front of a crowd. 24 you will be missed Monday won't be the same with out you.
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Well, since 2018 I am living in France, I have finished my second master of science,...

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Nice to hear from you!! Hope everything is going great....

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Hello from the east coast! It took me so long to see this, it might as well have arrived in a lette...