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Category: art

12/06/12 06:14 - ID#56959

Buffalo News Story and my take on tagging

So I've never lived in NYC, LA, Toronto or a major city but to me Murals at least are part of living in the city... Or maybe just when I was a kid growing up poor there where a couple famous ones on The "West Side" (IN LA Voice) .. The Buffalo News has a story about a Movie that they had at a Gallery and I guess some Taggers are upset about it...

When I went to share the movie it gave me link and so copy pasted it not sure where it takes you ....

You might need an account to the service to see It?

The Link to the Buffalo News Article

Now the next thing I'm doing did Is doing the copy and Paste thing and then put it in " " cause last time the box thing didn't work ... My mother pays for the Sunday Paper someone at work gets it every day so....

'Nickel City Vandals' stirs controversy on Buffalo's graffiti scene
December 6, 2012 - 2:09 PM

Nickel City Vandals from Aaron Ferguson on Vimeo.

Last night, I stopped by Daddy's Garage (a sweet new graffiti gallery and shop on West Ferry Street) for a packed screening of Aaron Ferguson's new film "Nickel City Vandals." which Ferguson was kind enough to let us embed above.

(I had to miss this panel on the future of culture in Western New York at Daemen College in order to attend the screening. But this look at a small subsection of Buffalo's active street culture that's just beginning to inch out from the underground turned out to be well worth it.)

The documentary project, completed as a part of Ferguson's studies as an MFA student at the University at Buffalo, considered this moment on Buffalo's graffiti scene. The filmmaker and many of his subjects -- including the hilarious and insightful legit graffiti artist known as Brakes as well as Sam Lunetta, director of the city's anti-graffiti task force -- painted a picture of a graffiti scene in a kind of holding pattern. The scene lacks the artistic sophistication of some years ago, the film suggested, but was beginning once again to pick up steam as a crop of new graffiti artists with unique styles beginning to rise through the ranks.

But not everyone agrees with Ferguson's portrayal of the Buffalo scene. At the screening, which drew a large, diverse and curious crowd, representatives of the hard-core BF (or Buffalo's Finest) graffiti crew handed out a strongly worded statement calling the film's integrity into question. Below is a scan of the letter, which was handed to me in an envelope by a very serious-looking girl after the screening ended. At the bottom of the sheet is a graphic representing legendary Buffalo graffiti artists known by the tags "ATAK" and "HERT." The latter of these has been claimed by Buffalo-born Ian Deeber, a graffiti world cause célèbre who pleaded guilty to graffiti charges in Pittsburgh and was sentenced to prison in 2010.

The distribution of the flyer created a bit of a stir at the screening, but the filmmaker and the subjects in attendance seemed relatively nonplussed. "The graffiti scene can get wild sometimes with others trying to hate on and degrade people who are trying to do positive things for the community," Brakes wrote after the screening.

Controversy and all, the night seemed to both signal and encourage a new and broader appreciation for graffiti, as has the recent mural tribute to the late Spain Rodriguez painted near Buffalo's Central Terminal. We're entering a new era when it comes to how the public views street art and graffiti -- whether legal or illegal. And from where I'm standing, films like "Nickel City Vandals," which will always raise the ire of underground artists who would prefer to remain so, are a welcome addition to the city's broader culture.

--Colin Dabkowski

So my take is kinda this I've gone past the trains and them past me more times then I can count (Work near the tracks so)... I've seen the out line bubble letters and some bad tagging in my hood just hand written names that sorry isn't art... The stuff on the trains is... Of course there are different styles (People who type would call them Fonts) so with shadows some with pictures.. I saw one that was amazing (Wish I had my camera) where the person as part of their name had bricks it was really cool... Of course everyone has a different version of art.... I can see why if I had a nice building and someone tagged it I would be pissed... But Again there is another movement that they just touched on that to me is different and that is Street Art... Some of that is really amazing... They didn't show it directly they showed pictures of it in a gallery.... Maybe if I get my papers together when it gets warm I can go to like Toronto and look for some and try to get photos and not get killed... Cause I know I'm not treking around not only bad areas but some of them are with a camera to take photos....

Again comments by those who know much more about this then me would be very nice.......
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Category: art

06/09/11 05:48 - ID#54458

Allentown Art Festival the blog I'm not writting

So the blog I want to write I really can't .... One reason for this is in the past I have tried to take pictures of the art on my walls but I don't know it never seems to look right with reflection or taking at an angle or the flash hits it... Plus there is that tricky copyright thing also to consider as well... What I wanted to do was take a picture of every piece of art that I remember buying at Allentown and posting it on here now in some cases I could give credit to the artist but some I have no idea who did it... The other issue is that some artists are both at Allentown and The Elmwood Festival of the arts......

Yes I have An issue with the Festival and how they Treated MIA.... But at the same time I get that you wouldn't want to have people hear rock music as they look at art... I thought when both Festivals went at the same time was when they both where the best...Cause lets face it The art fest is great but those crowds some times are argh plus at MIA there was dancing and music and Yes sometimes Burlesque ... Also back then MIA was 2 days and a lot of stuff any you might need a little break..... Hey one year after all that I'm Pretty Sure I saw Robby Takac so if he can still go so can I....

Now some might say that the Allentown West festival is the one to go to but way to packed most of the time.... That is just because of the street width though and then those stands and such....

Yes there seems to be some people who are at the art festival every year...And Yes some of them I have bought art I really like multiple years.. Yes some of these people get people to come see their stuff through mailers or other means... But I also That There are people who have edgy or dark art. I'm don't get the Jewelry thing my self if you want that get it someplace else and not an art fest but those people could say the same thing about the people who make masks.... I think it is good to have a good Variety and I think the Art fest should have one more block on Delaware and one of the streets that goes down should be another block or maybe on that small street....

On Facebook 464 gallery posted some time back a link for Allentown submissions I hope that some great local artists get in...That doesn't mean that I will like there stuff... Hoping to see some cool art and maybe by some I'm kinda like one of those heavy tattooed people who doesn't have much space left... I have seen in past years some amazing stuff that is just to much... Like here it looked painted but it is really layers of paper.... Then sometimes the best looking stuff you can't and trying might be even worse (people watching)... So for those that go have a great time......

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Category: art

07/12/07 08:25 - ID#40086

Yahoo Underground

Ok so I admit I don't have a link. I will also admit I don't have the video. I tried to download the video off of yahoo but couldn't. I use Yahoo for mail and to read the news. They have this section called "The Undrground". Today they had a video about "art cars" I think in AZ going to a museum but I didn't see the museum maybe there where other videos I didn't see. The video was interesting and did show a couple of really cool looking cars. When I first went there I was looking for pictures that I could post here but all they had was video. If anyone else uses Yahoo you might want to check it out. Ok so I thought why not check out the site again and now there are more options so here is a link or at least a web address

Ok I found a few pictures hopefully you like them. Not to many just a few.

The thing with cars like these is that video or seeing them in person is much better because you get to all the little details. There is also this cool double bodied bus but I couldn't find a good picture of it.
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Category: art

08/22/06 08:07 - ID#28452

Tom and Jerry...

Ok so I read on Yahoo that Tom and Jerry got in trouble for smoking in a cartoon in the UK. Not sure if it was an old or new cartoon I can't remember. But what I don't get is that people are affarid kids will see the smoking and then want to do it. But hold on I thought cartoons didn't effect people. Wait they maybe be right, I think they could be. I think cartoons might effect people and so kids might want to smoke. But then wouldn't that also mean that the kids would then learn to be violant. So it is ok to be violant and settle your problems through violance but smoking is wrong. I want to fucking scream!!!!!!!!!

But then a remebered something i heard. Supposdly Tom & Jerry where taken off the air originaly because they where a racist cartoon. Remeber Momma you only saw her feat and legs and her broom and she was black, so it was offensive. I don't know if that is really true or not.

But that brings me to my next point. I want my cartoons edgy and even offensive as long as it is funny. That is assuming that the cartoon makes fun of everybody and isn't just a racist message being sent to try to recruit for a hate group.

That leads me into the fact that I don't want my cartoons edited. Bugs bunny wears a dress so do we have to cut that out so we don't upset the cross dressers. I know there where some offensive Bugs Bunny and other cartoons made a long time ago. But I want to see them in there original form. Cartoons should never be PC and should never be altered to be PC. Oh and if they are in Black and White leave them that way.

I hate political correctness and here is why. It is a way to cover racism. No one wants to admit they maybe prejudiced. I will admit it I am. I think that as long as I treat everyone the same and don't let that affect how I treat people then that is ok. But what being PC means is you call People Afro Americans then don't hire them because they are black but you use a word that have positive annotations instead of negative (or is that connotation I forget). Being PC is also about not offending everyone and trying to have everyone like you and not be offenend it is so fucking dishonest and so fake. With politcal correctness there would be no comedy. I'm a little off point here but my main point is lets not change cartoons cause some one is offendend. Cartoons are supposed to be funny and offensive.
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Category: art

01/26/06 07:56 - ID#28287

Evil Art

The link is for a website that I have seen before but don't know how often it is updated, it is about Disney Being Evil. I also belive the Keebler evels are evil also. I don't belive that any art is truely evil. I know there is a lot of art that is very controversal and starts protests. But that dosn't make it evil. Maybe if the art is in the form of a Movie and words that actully say something then you might be able to. This assumes that the process of making the art isn't evil like killing someone and then making a picture in their blood. I remember there used to be a picture on the side of an eastside building that showed whites and blacks hanging togather and it had a message that said something like: If we all don't stick togather then we all hang togather. I thought that was a great message of unity but I guess it pissed off a lot of people.
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01/25/06 07:12 - ID#28286

Animation isn't for kids

My newest topic is maybe art and not tv, but I think art is goodenough. I found an interesting article about Al Sharpton attacking a cartoon on comedy central, called Boondocks.{it is in qute marks if anyone feals like reading it} I myself have never seen it. I am a big fan of animation. Granted there all many kinds from the basic look of South Park to some truely amazing looking Animee that almost looks real to really good computer done stuff like final fantasy, the movie. But the thing with annimation is it is often assumed that it is for kids. Often that is very wrong. For example Haintai (basicly it is porn drawn animee style). Some movies and TV shows are aimed at kids but also have humor in them that only adults will get. Some cartoons like bugsy bunny are so violant. Looking back I wonder what where my parents thinking letting me watch that as a kid. Yes there are a lot of cartoons that are made for kids and only for kids. But Movies like Shrek have a lot of adult humor (from what I remember) in them. I think this is true of a lot of cartoons. I can remember when I was a kid a saw some animated movie where everyone was blue and all the ladies where topless, if it where not animated it would have been an X-rated movie just from all the nudity. I wish I could think of another good example of an animated Movie or show that at first looks like it is for kids but isn't. I am not blaming the animaters or the writers of the show but more the parents and maybe the advertisers if they make it look like it is for kids. I know Cartoon network used to show old Bugs Bunny (and other cartoons) that by todays standards are raciset or offensive real late at night but I think they stoped doing that.

below that is an ad for a sabres game that sounds interesting. Anyone who likes local music might want to check it out, I'm thinking about it, but who knows. I know i'm not the only dagger fan on this site.

Sharpton criticizes 'Boondocks' for showing King saying the n-word
NEW YORK (AP) - The Rev. Al Sharpton has asked for an apology from Cartoon Network for an episode of edgy animated series The Boondocks that shows the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. saying the n-word.

Huey is a character from The Boondocks Cartoon Network show and comic strip.
Cartoon Network

"Cartoon Network must apologize and also commit to pulling episodes that desecrate black historic figures," Sharpton, a civil-rights activist and former Democratic presidential candidate, said in a statement Tuesday.

"We are totally offended by the continuous use of the n-word in (cartoonist Aaron) McGruder's show."


The episode, The Return of the King, aired Jan. 15, the day before the national holiday honoring the slain civil-rights leader. It shows King emerging from a coma and using the n-word in an angry speech venting his frustration toward sexually explicit hip-hop videos, among other things.

In the episode, King is branded a traitor and terrorist sympathizer for his "turn-the-other cheek" philosophy of non-violence in response to post-Sept. 11 retaliation. Exhausted, he moves to Canada, but his speech provokes a second civil-rights revolution.

Cartoon Network released a statement Tuesday saying the episode is a tribute to King and "in no way was meant to offend or 'desecrate'" his name.

"We think Aaron McGruder came up with a thought-provoking way of not only showing Dr. King's bravery but also of reminding us of what he stood and fought for, and why even today, it is important for all of us to remember that and to continue to take action," the statement said.

McGruder, who has been called a "genius" and "the angriest black man in America" as he skewered everything from the Bush White House to Black Entertainment Television, began writing The Boondocks comic strip, on which the TV series is based, in 1997.

The strip, known for its risky political and social satire, follows the adventures of two black children living in a white, middle-class suburb.

Sharpton said he could appreciate McGruder and his achievements, but added: "This particular episode is over the line."

The Boondocks airs Sundays at 11 p.m. ET on Cartoon Network. It is the centerpiece of the Adult Swim late-night block of programming.


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