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09/29/04 06:13 - ID#27892

Fealing Good

I'm gealin good so I don't have a lot to say. Work was ok Today. So a quick talk about toys or tools. There is nothing wrong with them and more people should use them. Maybe if more kids learned about them in schools then there would be less teens having kids before they are ready. In any event they can be used when alone or even to spice things up. Even though they are excepted they still need to be kept in a place where they arn't out in the open. I would feal weird if I visted someone and saw there tools or toys laying around.
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09/29/04 05:39 - ID#27891

Robin's Tool

I think Robin you should keep your tool and if you don't have it go out and buy the Jack Rabbit. [inlink]robin,291[/inlink] From what I have been told they are amazing and you will use it over and over and have multiples. I'm a guy so I don't know for sure I'm only going by what I heard. Visitors don't have to see put it in a box under your bed or hide it somewhere. In terms of the getting sleppy part you sound like a guy. The next time you have one try to have a second one and see if what that does. The whole energy thing I don't know about maybe you might get energy. Use guys are sometimes spent. Assuming you havn't done so before try having sex after the orgasm. Also some guys can still have sex after they have the big O. But that can often be to intense. I'm try to not be to graffic and still have thngs be clear. I don't want anyone to think this is porn.

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09/29/04 05:28 - ID#27890

unhappy posting

I have to agree with beast a little bit. Posting is a way of venting or getting rid of bad fealings. When one feals bad or pissed off they want to share that. But when you are happy often you don't have much to say.

"so how are you"?, "oh I'm Ok"

Or when upset

"So how you doin?'" "Man This bitch is driving me Crazzy, All she does is nag Nag nag" "Then when I do what she wants she still complains about it.... 25 minutes later...but other then that I'm fine and You".

But that is just how it is sometimes I guess.

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09/28/04 06:23 - ID#27889

Foxygirl and Work sucked

Hi Foxy. You said that you used to be on the Radio. I was wondering what radio station and when if you don't mind? Also How did you like it?

Work really sucked today. It was crazzy and hetictic and I was being ridden all day by the leader of the line I was on. I lost it eventully. most of the temps thought I was being mistreated and understood what I was going through.
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09/28/04 05:41 - ID#27888

The Card

That Card idea is cool, first time I've heard about it. I'm glad that you are enjoying your time here in Buffalo. Even though we complain about being here and the winter and wanting to leave Buffalo, it is still a cool place; with a lot of cool people. I don't meet meny people so that is from what I've herd.
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09/28/04 05:37 - ID#27887

Lara Croft or is it Laura Crooft

A few Years ago They did have Lara Nude. It was not really her but it was the real life women she is based on. I think the cover said Tomb Raider Nude or something like that. I think Agelina Jolie should pose nude with The video version and Girl Tomb raider is based off. It would be awesome to compare them all.
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09/27/04 06:27 - ID#27886

My Concert?

On Saturday I got to the Showplace about 5pm and no one was there so I went to have dinner at Burger King. And got back there about 5:30. Nonpoint and Skindrid was supposed to be at 6pm but there was no sound no trucks no vans no tour buses no body. I don't know if The showplace closed and the concert was moved, if it was cancelled, if the time was changed or if it was postponed I was really looking forward to seeing both bands. I was going to buy tickets at the door. But at least I enjoyed sunday with lots of football and I watched some good TV saturday night.
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09/27/04 05:49 - ID#27885

To bad

I wish You dind't delete that entry. I would have loved to read about your first experance with another girl. But then again I'm kinda a pig but I think we all could have enjoyed it. I know on other sites I have writen great posts and lost them and it was very frustrating.

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09/25/04 12:28 - ID#27884

Maureen don't be to upset

I know if I was maureen I would be upset by her presumptions. But try not to be to angry the lady is an idiot. If you didn't want to help people then you wouldn't be doing charity work or helping her charity. Not to mention the fact that seeing a "shrink" dosn't nesacarly help someone. There are meny peoole who still belive that it is bullshit and that people only change if they want to. I think it does help people but that it takes a long time. Listen I know I'm all fucked up and I don't need to pay someone to listen to me bitch about how fucked up I am. Now going to a behavorist that is something differant. For kids who have problems or for people who medication can help that is differant or for people who have breakdowns (i havn't yet) or other problems then that is differant. Besides if this lady is judging you then she is probalbly not very good at what she does. Since she isn't very good don't take what she is saying to hart she sounds like an asshole. Ok now I've vented and I feal a little better.

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09/25/04 12:04 - ID#27883

I wimped out

I admit I wimped out last night. I wanted to go see Erin of The Juliet Dagger. But somethng just didn't feal right, I had that odd or weird fealing. I don't mind going up there. But then walking home by myself thourgh my neighboorhood maybe that is what was getting to me, I'm unsure but I wasn't going to take that chance something just didn't feal right.
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