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01/30/05 11:27 - ID#27996

No Daggers

I must have been mistaken. There was no in house band yesterday for the Bandits game. It was a great game and the Bandits one. I had a lot of fun. Watching the X Games was fun also. More x game action today as well. I took some pictures they came out kinda dark i think but I will try to post a few of them.











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01/29/05 01:35 - ID#27995


Yes I signed up for west. I thought it would really be cool if the sites where linked but didn't know if that is even possible. I don't know how I feal about multiple dimensions. But I did like The One staring Jet Li. Basicly this guy has found a way to travel between dimensions and kill the other versions of himself. So as one version dies the power of each one gets split. So By the time there are only two left both Jet Li's good and bad are very powerfull but the good Jet Li dosn't understand why. There are two theories in the movie one is that if Either one of the Jet Li's die then the one who is left will become all powerfull. But the other thought is that it could cause the universe to collapase. There are a couple funny secenes When The you see the Dimension Cops see them selves in other dimensions. It is a good movie. I keep meaning to go visit (e:west) but I havn't been in some time.

Also thank you for the information about dell I will have to look up and find the right phone number and have them replace the drive. Again thanks for the info.
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01/29/05 01:00 - ID#27994

Bandits Xgames Plus

Today is the start of the X-games Live TV coverage. The Winter games are always fun to watch. They are on today sunday monday and tuesday I belive. If you want more information is the site to go to. There was a good article about 2 of the athletes in Friday's Buffalo news sports section. There are varrious sports to watch wich to me is part of the fun of the X Games.

Tonight the I'm going to the Bandits game. I listened to some of last nights game on the radio. The Bandits won but I forget the score. The games are fun and you really don't need to know all the rules to enjoy the games. You might want to check out to get more information or tops or the arena is where to buy tickets. The games are reaally a lot of fun to watch. They also have deals you can buy maybe through Pearl street bar and grill I'm really not sure about that. Some times they have a band perform during some of the game. Then the rest of the time they play rock (mostly and some heavyier stuff some times) during the game. None of that play the music then as soon as the puck falls the music stops crap they pull in hockey. I belive that The Juliet Dagger is going to be the band performing. I think they are a great band and I'm looking forward to seeing them perform again. I think it could be interesting.

On another note How could I have forgotton That I like to Collect Metallica Stuff. I don't have tons of Metallica stuff unless you count CD's. I do collect CD's also but since I buy them to listen to them I didn't think about counting them but I guess they should count. Plus I also Video Tape a lot of stuff I also take lots of pictures so I guess those to could also be counted as things I collect. I collect Some coins like the state ones. But I wouldn't call my self a coin collecters. I mainly do it for fun. I wish I could collect lots of money but oh well.
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01/27/05 08:13 - ID#27993

Stupid Disc Drive

I'm pissed and stressed out stupid CD won't work tech support wasn't any help it still won't read some CD's. It says the drive is empty. I think the CD player is screwed up. I think dell sold us a piece of crap my self. but that is just me it won't read the CD yeah Brain Setzer did work untill I paused it then it wouldn't work.
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01/26/05 09:21 - ID#27992


First of all I'm not sure why I like to collect stuff, it can be verry fun. It can also be like wow I wish I had the $ for that it would be cool to buy that. Wow there was a lot of work to be done it made it a tough day. On my way hope I wanted to buy some Chef Boyarde stuff so I took a walk down elmwood. It felt good to get some cold air in my lungs and to be out walking. It really wasn't that cold. I was tired so I walked slowly from around buff state. Some of the walking sucked because of the slipy style snow that I would slide on. But it was kinda um whats that word traquil or calming.
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01/25/05 08:52 - ID#27991


Mike got me thnking a little bit. He said that he likes cash registers. He has a small collection. Does any one else here like to collect things? I know I like to collect things I will list some down below, but are there any other collectors among us?

Things I have collected or still do

Starwars stuff
Action Figures varrious
Pro wrestling stuff
NFL stuff
Comic Books
Sports Cards
Fridge Magnets
Souvaniers from places I go
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01/23/05 11:48 - ID#27990

6 Pack Case

The Alexisonfire and Snapcase show was awesome. I saw this group of 3 sexy ladies meet up with this other group of ladies so they made a great little 6 pack. There where some good looking looking chicks there. I had never seen Alexisonfire before they where great they really where awesome.

Snapcase Put on a great show I thought. I havn't seen them In a few years so a lot of there music I didn't know but it was all still very good. They started the show with a great slide show. There where some people I met briefly who came from Rhode Island. I guess some people traveled from all over to see there last show. From what I understand they taped it for a DVD, but I have no idea when that will come out. They ran out of the shirt I wanted so I bought a zip down hoddie. For those who didn't go it is hard to put it into words but it was a great show. It is to bad they are breaking up but as long as they are happy then that is what matters.
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01/23/05 11:35 - ID#27989

Toronto vs. Buffalo

Ok I admit I love Toronto. It is an awesome place to visit. They have the the same sports as Buffalo. They are an international city with all sorts of differant neighboorhoods. There downtown is amazing. They have 2 hard rock cafe's and some good strip clubs downtown. Toronto is an amazing city it truely is. However I don't think I would want to live there. Maybe if I had a great job I could. But it is very expensive. I think everyone should visit there often. Yes there are not a lot of jobs in Buffalo and we are in fiscal trouble. But that is because of people with money moving out to the burbs. Then there taxs go to places like Amherest. If the tonawandas and amherst and East Amherest and Kenmore and Behind UB where all incoroperated into Buffalo then Buffalo would be good. But when everyone moves away and takes there money with them then is sucks the city out dry. I understand that some people say that crime drives people out of the city. But if all the people who moved out to the burbs would just stay here then that would help out the bad neighborhoods but as they move out it just causes a countinuing cycle. Sprawl is what is killing Buffalo. But I think Buffalo can get better. Buffalo is very political and at times that helps us and hurts us. I like Buffalo except for the cold that is. I hope it improves like it can. The Theatre district, Elmwood, Hertel Area, Chip Strip and the marina are all very positive. Notice I didn't say the waterfront I think it will come around and the city will get all linked up.
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01/22/05 03:35 - ID#27988

Cold Snow

[size=l]Paul I hope you have a great birthday!!![/size]

Man oh Man is it cold out there. I went to mail some bills and put money in the bank and take some out and it was frigid. The snow I didn't mind, but that artic wind. I'm going to the snapcase show tonight other then the cold it should be fun. I was going to go to the regal on elmwood and do so shopping for food and come home but it was way to cold. I may go to see a movie downtown but who knows. I listend to some of the bandits game on the radio last night but I don't know if they won or not. I'm looking forward to staying warm and watching football. There could be some great games on.
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01/20/05 08:30 - ID#27987


I like learning new stuf and how to do new stuff. But the harder part is to remember it. I learned some new stuff at work today. I hope I can Remember how to do it. Practice helps. I think I will be learning more stuff on friday also. I wish I could learn how to stop red eye on my digital camara. I thought I used the antired eye setting but I still got some red eye shots. Not to much of interest to say today. THE OC and Point Pleasant are on tonight and I'm taping them as I watch wrestling. The Osbournes are back on MTV, and there is a new reality series called Sweet 16, what I saw of it the other day was good. I hope to go see House Of flying Daggers on saturday then later go see Snapcase that should be a fun day. Then Sunday the NFL playoffs continue. Looks like there could be 2 amazing games. I admit I like to chat on line, but it is sometimes hard to find a good chat.
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