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Category: slideshow

06/09/11 07:34 - ID#54459

Mia 2010 Pole Dancing

So Music Is Art last year was great.... At the time things where kinda crazy so I don't think I could ever really figure out what to do picture wise so I figured why not try some slide shows this should be some dancers and a pole the duration is the standard 5 seconds....

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Category: slideshow

06/08/11 08:54 - ID#54452

Pride Parade 2011

Well I think this video has passed on Youtube not sure

So One odd thing is that since youtube has a 10 minute time limit if you have a bunch of pictures like me you have to change the duration .... Even if not I'm of the mind that you don't want to see one photo for 5 seconds even if the zoom does look pretty cool.... I couldn't find any way to change the duration to same time for all the pictures you have to do it for each one? Well here goes........
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06/08/11 05:32 - ID#54451


So the last time I tried this it didn't work...Now this is the same slideshow but I wonder if since I could see it but it hadn't cleared youtube yet if that is where the problem was so going to try and post again here goes....

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06/07/11 07:26 - ID#54443

1st Slideshow

So this Youtube slide show was just to test it out.... I still have to learn how to play with it and make the photos quicker or maybe not zoom so that I can do a bunch of pictures hoping to figure that out so I do the Parade on Wends and see what happens.......
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