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04/18/05 07:52 - ID#28065

Spotless Reefer

I watched to really good movies that I found to tb verry odd but both verry good. They are both the type of movie where you really have to see them to get it. I saw "Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless MInd". I thought that was very good and very interesting. I like that they messed around with the time seqaunce. I don't want to give any thing else away. Then on Show time "Reefer Madness". That movie was crazzy but I laugfed and thought it was very good. Is it a little out there yes it is but I can highly reocomend it.
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04/18/05 07:28 - ID#28064

Veggie Saugage

I admit I did try to be a vegatrain for abaout a week. [inlink]scurvybones,2[/inlink]. The problem is I'm to much of a picky eater. I love my meat. But there are a lot of things that I don't like. I say if you don't eat animals thaen you don't eat animals if you eat fish then don't call your self a vegatrain cause you arn't really one. Yes I admit I would rather not eat it. I do like how the indians would say a prayer and would only eat what they needed to and then used the rest of the animal for other stuff. It is to bad we can't live like that today. But back to my point. I thought I wasn't going to like fake sauasage but it tastes very good. But the reason why is because it still has all the same spices so it tastes almost the same. I think chicken nuggets are kinda gross why would anyone want to eat fake ones, you know the fake ones taste even better. For me it isn't that I have to have meat it is that my diet is bad enough as it is and I need to get protein and vitamins somewhere and there are so many vegatables that I can't stand. I can't imagine not having dairy products. I have heard that milk is not as good for us as we have been told. On that note everyone who is Vegan should go to the Goldfinger show they are a great band. On one of there CD's that I have they have some very distrubing footage. After I watched it I couldn't eat meat for 3 days. But I'm a wimp so.
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04/17/05 03:20 - ID#28063

Great Days

Yesterday I went down to the Marina and took some pictures I think they came out ok. But they are to large to post here. The weather was great. I went up to Walgreens today and again nice weather not a nice as yesterday. Now if the wind would only go away it would be amazing. I went to the bandits game and they won. They didn't play to well but they did win. Next week I'm going to the home playoff game Vs. Rochester it will be a tough game. I taped Eternral Sunshine and the Spotless mind and Refer Madness last night and am going to watch both of them a little later and I hope they are good.
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04/16/05 01:35 - ID#28062


I made one mistake in my baseball post Washington is called the Nationals not the generals. Sorry about that I was thinking of there old team that I don't even remember since they where before my time. I did go to the bank this morning and it was nice out.
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04/15/05 07:48 - ID#28061


Tonight I'm going to watch TV some good stuff on like Bil Maher, Enterprise, Third Watch and I think Family Business is also on. But on saturday I think I will go down to HSBC and get Tickets for the Bandits game and Go to the Marina and take some pictures and maybe go to the observation tower thing. I would like to spend some time outside and enjoy the weather we have. I'm also trying to think of some places I would like to go for a weekend trip. NY would be awesome but it takes to long. On a sports note I saw I picture of Bush throwing out the first Pitch. The Expos moved to Washington and are now the Gernerals I had No Idea untill today about that. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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04/15/05 07:24 - ID#28060

Abortion Church

My view is that it used to be a church. It is no longer a church so it is no big deal what it is used for. There are 3 former churchs in my neighboorhood. One of them is condo's on Richmond then there is that one on elwood across from that cool looking house on north near walgreens. Then there is one Near Grover and klehienhans that is some kind of museum. I think it is good when they can have a positive affect on the community but everyone has a differant view of what is good for the community. I know some churchs have Bingo. Hello that dosn't sound very bibleish to me. Some have rehab from drugs. That being said if I lived in the Church Condo's as I call them I don't know if I could have a one night stand in my place knowing it used to be a church.
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04/14/05 07:09 - ID#28059

Sum Ladies

On tuesday I went to see Hawthorne Heights (they where good), Unwriten Law (better) and Sum 41(Awesome). I think Sum 41 is a great live band. I think they have one of the best use of lights I have ever seen that dosn't use Pyro. The show was a lot of fun. Plus there where a lot of very sexy ladies there. There where those that where two young or at least looked to young and then there where those with guys. I didn't notice any single girls who where for sure old enough. That dosn't mean that there warn't any I just didn't see them. I think that everyone needs to go out to concerts and have fun no matter what bands you are into. I belive the Flogging Molly show tonight sold out. I was thinking about getting tickets but I'm always so tired on Thursday I figured I wouldn't go. I think it is awesome that Sum 41 started there tour in Buffalo. If I would have known that then I would have bought a shirt. I have tons of them so I figured save my money. All in all a great show and I wasn't to distracted by the ladies there.
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04/10/05 12:27 - ID#28058

Whoopi UFC

Last Night I watched the UFC on Spike TV. I have seen some ultimate fight stuff before but not live. I have never gotton one of there Pay Per Views. Spike has been having a reality show that follows wrestling and then the top guys would fight for a contract. I have never watched the show because staying awake for all of RAW is tough on it own. For the UFC this is a really big deal that it was on live. There where 3 fights one of the fights was so good that both guys where given contracts. Ken Shamrock fought. There was sometihng wrong with him that night but I'm not sure what. He triped once on the mat when his toes hit it. Then he gave this guy a storng kick but somehow fell to the ground the other fighter pounced on him and finshed him off. All in all it was a very good show. I taped Whoopi back on Broadway the 20th aniversary I'm going to watch it a little bit latter. It should be very funny. Last night the Bandits palyed The Rooughnceks in Calgary and won 14 to 9. It waa on the radio but I forgot to listen I was into the UFC at that time. Even though they have one more game left I belive the palyoffs are set. On saturday They play the stealth I think. Then on saturday 23rd the nighthawks come here tickets go on save April 11 at 9am that is a monday. Who ever wins between Buffalo and the nighthawks goes to Toronto and Plays on April 29th in the East final. I guess who wins that and who wins in the west will decide where the play the final. I don't remember when that is but it is on National TV.
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04/09/05 06:01 - ID#28057

Guys and Girls

The Bisons lost but it was still a great day to be outside and enjoy the sun. I think I will expand on what Amada Said but in my own way. I think that guys and girls can be friends. I know back in my younger days I had some female friends. But sometimes it can get tricky. Sometimes that friendship can become unevern. Sometimes if that guy or girl is single or even dating some one else they can start to get feallings for their friend. Some times it is an emotional connection. Sometimes it is a pysical one. One day you notice wow he is really hot. Sometimes if they are having trouble in a relationship you naturaly think well if we where dating that wouldn't be a problem cause I'm not like that. That being said I think the majority of the time guys and girls can be friends. There shouldn't be a problem with a girl going out with a bunch of guys or vice versa. But I can understand why the BF or GF would be upset. One is if they arn't invited by either the friends or by there Signifagant other. Then that could make them feal unwanted. Sometimes us guys think like a porno movie. That is that if our girl is out with the boys that one or all of them will try to get in her pants. We also know that if we where one of those guys we might try it to. Plus some of us guys are really insecure that way and don't even know it. I think we have simalur issues when they go out wuth there girl friends. But that is differant we think that they may try to pick up some guys. Hey some of us guys are insecure like that. To give one example is there was this single girl where I worked and Me and Two buddies wanted her bad. And one night we where all walking someplace and she wanted to walk on the right of us. It wasn't that she didn't want to be seen exactly but she said something about not wanting to look like she was a whore and she explained something that at the time made a lot of sense. If she was in between us it looked like she was dating or doing us I wish I could remember her exact words. She was a cool chick that we all liked hanging around with. I think her ex was real possiive and would never let her go out when they where togather. Somewhere hear I had a point that I kinda lost, oh well. I do think males and females can be friends go out and hang out most of the time. But sometimes it can get complicated.
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04/09/05 12:50 - ID#28056

Bisons and stuff

On Thursday I went to the Bisons opening day. I wish the game wouldn't have been rained out but my streak of opening days is still alive. I have gone to all of them at the staduim downtown. Before it was rained out I bought a ticket for The Monster Trucks. It was a lot of fun and worth the money there is another show tonight. I will be leaving in a few minutes to go to today's Bisons game. I got to see fire works out side the HSBC arena the bisons had just ended. I know there was some other stuff I wanted to write about but I just blanked. Part of the reason I blanked is the last time I was on (e:strip) I was kicked off line 3 times in the middle of writting a good interesting journal so some of my ideas have been lost. Oh last week I also went to India gate on elmwood near forest it was good. Like this green color mix it looks better then the brown.
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