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Category: weather

10/22/08 07:57 - ID#46260

1st Snow

So it has quickly gotten cold. Last night on my way home I had a little scar or freak out a bit. As I was heading home I saw what looked like a giant gray cat cross the street and it walked in front of me and I stopped cause that was one fat cat it turned it head and it was a raccoon and I stopped in shock, I didn't go near it and then is walked into the darkness. I was thinking about that this morning when I left at 5am and as I was looking around what I thought felt like rain kinda looked like snow in the sky and it kinda floated like snow. So then later I get off my bus in Chektogwaga (how ever it is spelled) and again I can see the stuff float so I say today was the first snow fall. I know most people count when it sticks but I say it is today.
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Category: weather

02/16/07 08:02 - ID#38186

Cold wind

I will admit on my walk home today and at the bus stop I froze. It wasn't the cold but that artic wind, man it was cold. Hey Peeps becarefull out there don't want any of you to frezze. Oh for those of you who like political comedy I bellive Real Time with Bill Maher is back on tonight. Couple quick notes I hope Yvonne makes it to paris, and I'm glad Alex has picked up or post topics, oh and timika in my coments to you I forgot to say that you rock and if people don't want to hang out with you they are crazzy. I hope spring comes soon. I hope the wind goes away cause I got walking and a little trecking to do on sat. Sorry this was a boring post I really need to do something in my life so I can spice up the journal.
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Category: weather

05/31/06 08:25 - ID#28391


I'm about to go on a rant here. I know it being hot when you have to work sucks. I know some people are used to AC and have physical jobs and when it is hot it makes it tough. Where I work it is verry Hot and do I complain yes but i complain about it being hot in the building not the weather being hot and there is a diffearance. For those of you who work it in heat I feal for you. All I can say is stay hydrated and try to adjust overtime it will still be hot but you will adjust a little bit to it.

But what I can't stand is these people who complain about the weather all the time. Yeah I know it sucks that it is cold and can snow for eight months of the year and that winter ends in one year and starts before that same year is over. I get sick of the cold and ICE to. But what pisses me off is the people who complain all winter about the cold and snow. Then they go there is no spring. Then it is to hot during the summer. Shut the fuck up and be glad it isn't snowing you fucking asshole 2 months ago it was to cold now it is to hot. Wait that leaves fall, well got some bad news for ya we really don't have a fall. I know everyone has the type of weather they prefer and that is fine. But to hate all the Buffalo weather is just being a Winer. I not talking about people who want the winter to end once we get to christmas that is differant. If you don't like the weather calm down and wait till the weekend. I love the hot weather but I don't like working in it. I love the sun but don't like what it does to my skin. Maybe I need a flock of chicks to cover my skin when out in the sun. In Buffalo there are two ways people look at things. They look at them and try to embrace them or they complain. I guess it is the complaining that really bothers me, it is a negative out look on things. I'm not talking about when someone pisses you off that is differant. But everytime you think man is it hot out here remember that day when you where walking and shaking and sliping and sliding on the ice. I say if you can't stomach the tempature here move to northern Califorina. Belive it or not we (depending on where) have warmer summers then they do. I'm sorry to go off on a rant. No matter what the weather is lets try to enjoy it. lets not complain before we have tried to adjust to it first ok.

Hopefully in a future post I will have a few pictures of art from my house. Also hopefully soon I will put up some more interesting pics I found on line of Tattoos.

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