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Category: design

05/04/06 07:26 - 59ºF - ID#30261

Custom Themes Continued

I saw (e:scott)'s comment about how he updated his theme, so here is the new visual.


I am thinking about adding a preference option to have it "autoplay" a user's theme if they have one made when you are logged in and visit their journal.

Rememeber for even more control there is always the API.
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Category: themes

05/04/06 01:03 - 55ºF - ID#30260

Time to make your custom theme




For instructions on makig yor own custom theme see (e:news,820)

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05/03/06 12:55 - 55ºF - ID#30259

More updates - custom themes

It's been a busy night. You can now edit your own custom color themes.

The color picker comes with no instructions other than these few simple ones.

Open up the custom color control panel by clicking on the color palette icon in your control panel.

To change a color, click on the color in your swatch table.

The color slider widget saves the color into a little palette to grab later, if you want to return to the original color.

Now simple change the slider to change the color. When you have changed enough color you can save your theme.

Image paths such as the background image and hr can both be absolute URLS.

Once you have saved your theme, you can select it from the theme list by clicking on the default face icon in the themes list at the top of the site.

You cannot and will not be able to change the layout, it you wish a different layout, you can use the estrip api.

I will probably update the interface soon but for now it is functional.

Hint: you may need to empty your cache if you find your themes color changes are not taking hold.

Your welcome,


You can begin butchering my carefully planned designs!

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05/02/06 10:57 - 57ºF - ID#30258

New Feature Prevents Journal Mishaps

I added a feature that asks if you would like to save your journal text when you navigate away from your journal in the middle of writing an entry.

You used to just lose all your text if you left your journal in the middle of writing, now it gives you the option to save it. The data is saved until you come back to publish your entry or 7 days have passed.

You welcome,
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04/28/06 08:34 - 52ºF - ID#30257

Customer Authorizarion Form

Here it goes. I have okayed the offical request to get the bumper stickers and received the proofs. Soon we will have 250 stickers.


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Category: estrip

04/28/06 12:32 - 40ºF - ID#30256

Updated Comments

Comments are officially fixed, now you can even go to the comment page without being logged in and then log in and it remmebers where you are leaving the comment. Sorry about the problems it wa shaving before.
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04/28/06 12:12 - 50ºF - ID#30255

Bumper Stickers Ordered

The bumper sticker orders went in today. We will be receiving 250 magnetic bumperstickers in approximately 7-10 business days. Thanks to everyone who donated to the fund.


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04/23/06 10:58 - 50ºF - ID#30254

RSS updates

I updated the rss feeds. Fixed a couple character glitches and moved the address to make them easier to get to. I also added a new feed. RSS is a convenient way to read the strip on without using a web browser. Basically, entries and comments come to you as they happen instead of you going to them. It is also an easy way to syndicate the content on other site or even read it on your mobile phone. Here is a help file for getting started with rss

User Feed
To read a user's journal RSS feed go to

Comments Feed
To read the new comments feed go to

Latest Entries Feed
To read the latest entries on the site go to

New bumper sticker design. I got rid of green after I had to drop the colon and the vertical org thing. Here it is. This is the final as I already sent it - so if you don't like it, it's too late.


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04/23/06 04:13 - 49ºF - ID#30253

Comments and other updates

comments fixed
I really fixed comments. Just to make sure you are posting comments to the correct journal and id#, it now shows you were comment is getting posted to right on the add comment form page. If it isn't correct (which should never happen) don't post.

the little hand that could
I also added the little hand thing that follows you down the page when you scroll down a journal. Clicking on it returns you back to the top of the page faster than you can say top. The hand only shows up when you have scrolled down a bit and it can be found on the left side of the journal column. Beats having to scroll back up on a long entry like (e:matthew,725)

estrip api
I put the link to the api back up. I have no idea what had happend to it or who david was that asked me about it. But either way you can use it to incorporate the contents of your journal with your own web page on your own server live. Meaning that you web page can show what on your journal and you cn style it however you want. e.g.

theme updates
I also updated every single theme to try and get rid of an color inconsistences and fix anything that was missing. Orange is now the default theme because it changed so much. The other themes did not change as drastically but did receive minor improvements.
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04/23/06 03:00 - 49ºF - ID#30252

bug fixes and chalk

I fixed lots of little bugs that were left from the old system today. I also re-wrote a large amount of javascript and AJAX stuff.

What got fixed/changed:

1. No more flickering everytime it checks for new users. Instead of refrshing the entrire userpic section, only new user pics are loaded in and old ones removed when the users sign out.

2. The safari previous ten, next ten bug was fixed.

3. The Object ID # comment bug got fixed. No more orphaned comments.

4. Moved the show all comments link to front page for easily exploring the latest comments.

5. Fixed search bug when higlighted search wrod was also in the name of the picture, the picture would not display properly. Now hilighted word sonly show up in text nodes, leaving pictures in tact.

6. fixed hangman entry box, previosuly it was too small. Just so everyone relaizes, I did not get rid of hangman, you just have to click the hangman button to play.

(e:mike) and (e:jill) chalked a lot of the sidewalks on elmwood with estrip advertisements. I will try and take pics tomorrrow.
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