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Category: movies

04/29/07 12:44 - 50ºF - ID#39085


I forgot that I wanted to do a second post on two movies I saw Yesterday that I liked. The first one was Disturbia. I admit that it did kinda remind me of this movie called The Burbs but it isn't a comedy. I admit that suspense isn't really my thing but I liked this one. Action is more my type of movie and that is why I saw The Commdemed Staring Steve Austin as the hero of the story. The fight scenes where pretty good. But I liked that it was more then just a hunting guys down type of movie it also had the story line of it being an internet reality show. If you like that type of movie you will enjoy it. On my way there I saw this interesting looking guy on Elmwood I'm wondering if anyone else has seen him or knows anything about him. He had on what almost looked like flip flops or water shoes or even maybe dress shoes. The shorts he had on kinda looked like board shorts from a distance. Ok so at first I thought the guy was nuts but then I thought no maybe he has money not really sure but it is an interesting jacket. The jacket is something I would expect to see in the country or down south it was a leather jacket with the Southern Flag on it and on the sleeves it said rebel. I think that is the first time I've ever seen anyone black with a rebel jacket on before. I'm not saying that they haven't but it is uncommon because often that symbol is more about racism then it is about southern pride. It also looked like and I could be wrong that he had on Oakley sun glasses it at least looked like there symbol. That being said that is one of the kinda fun things about the strip is how different everyone is. On a side note not sure if anyone has noticed who drinks pepsi they have websites on there can and bottle designs. I took the slut test on the link in (e:twisted)'s blog and it said i'm 58% of a slut not that I have any idea what that really means. Oh yeah back to movies for a minute. I tried to watch a couple last night but my cable wasn't working right. So maybe tonight after the game I'll try to watch A scanner Darkly or something like that.
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Category: travel

04/29/07 11:09 - 43ºF - ID#39084

What I want 2

So before I get into what I want just wanted to say that the sabres play today at 2pm and that they won on Friday but the Bandits lost in overtime so there season is over. But the sabres got me thinking about traveling and so did a check I got.

I find traveling fun. But what is odd is that I'm not really an adventureous type of person. I'm also a picky eater so like if I went to another country I could never get all the culture I'm also not into dancing so that would be another part I would mis out on. But that being said there are some places in other countries that I would like to visit. We won't let the fact that I don't have a passport stop this little bit of writing. I would love to see those Huge falls that I can't remember the name of I think they might be in Brizil I know they border at least two places and they make Niagara Falls look small. Then some cities I would like to see are London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghi, Seoul, Paris and lots of places in Italy. I'm sure there are lots of places I would like with white sand beaches.

I guess the next list of places would be both in the US and some in Canada. I don't really have any good reasons for most of these places or maybe I do and just don't know them. Cities I would like to visit Boston, Chicago, Montreal, Seattle, San Fransisco , San Diego, Pitsburg (yes they have one of my favorite football teams and I have never been there and can't even spell it, D'oh), Ottawa (Canada), Las Vegas and New York City. I admit i have been close by but never in the city itself. Oh yeah Philly would be cool to visit also. Oh yeah I forgot I would also like to spend more then a day checking out Miami some time also.

One thing that might also be a great time would be going on a Baseball, Hockey, Football or maybe even lacrosse tour. I think Baseball has the most history and the stadiums are the most interesting so that might be fun. What I would do is go to a game in a bunch of different cities and then I could explore the cities also. Of course that starts to get very costly but it would be fun to go to a few of them. Oh that reminds me maybe I could check out Atlanta and Charolete. I have been to NC but never there. I'm not saying that I will ever be able to make it to all these places but I would like to.
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Category: photos

04/25/07 06:18 - 47ºF - ID#39041

Dinning out and pictures

So last night I wound up going to Boomerang it is on Niagara street and Had a Hot Roast Beef sandwich . I should have got a pasta dish instead. Not that the sandwich was bad but I should have said well done as some of it was red. I didn't finish it all not because it wasn't good, cause it was. But something about the texture on the way it was sliced or something bothered me but this happened the last time I had a Roast Beef Sandwich at HSBC Arena. All in all a good time was had. In terms of (e:Jenks) I have been to Astoria before but it was a long time ago so you will have to wait on mike to give a review, but I have heard it is very good. I haven't been to solid grounds in a long time. Ok here are some food pictures.


The other day when I went to get tickets I walked down Elmwood and took a few pictures but not a lot here they are. I forget what store that seat is in but it is pretty interesting.


Before each Bandits game I try to take at least one picture of Buffalo so here are the pre-bandit game pictures.


Two pictures of my Sis's Kitten that I think came out cool. I had to play around with my camera a little bit for them to come out like this and not sure how I did it exactly. In my first attempt you couldn't really see what was out of windows.


One thing that I do hope that the Dinning out for life will do for me is to get me to go out and eat at more places around my house or at least up on Elmwood. There are so many places I have never tried or it has been so long since I've eaten there. Speaking of that I have no idea if I even have any thing for dinner.

The sabres start the series with the rangers to night. I will be watching it at home and not at the party at the plaza but maybe one of the games I should go to it and take some pictures plus it might be a lot of fun. So I have one more picture to post for the Sabres and the sabres fan and the beer fans.

I hope everyone has a great rest of what is left of the week and I gotta go figure out what to eat.
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Category: food

04/24/07 04:53 - 57ºF - ID#39029

Dinning out for life

I will admit that I have never gone to the Dinning out for life dinner before but i believe I'm going out with the family tonight for it some where. I think my mother is actually going out twice for it. From what it looks like on line all the places give 25%. But I kinda doubt that is true I know in the past some places gave more and less then that and some people only counted dinner and not drinks but not sure how it really worked. But if you are thinking about going out, then you might as well go out and have them do something positive with the money. So go out and eat a lot and help people out.
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Category: tv

04/23/07 06:56 - 68ºF - ID#39019


I know I've talked about Heroes before. But it comes back on tonight. I will tape it as I watch 24. I did find out that if you miss and episode you can watch them online. I myself think it is a pretty cool show. I think I may tape the Real Wedding Crashers to and see if it is funny. Oh yeah bye the way work on mondays sucks. It seems no matter how you do things you wind up with down time where there isn't much to do. Then later you get orders and there is a lot to do. Or maybe it is just mondays. Hey you know what happens if everyone had monday off...Then Tuesdays would suck. But TV wise Mondays are a great day.
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Category: lax

04/22/07 06:42 - 71ºF - ID#39004

Bandits Advance

I had a good time at the Bandits game today. They started out slow and where quickly down by 4 goals on like only about 5 or 6 shots. But over time they worked back and tied up the game and wound up going ahead of the Minisota Swarm. The Bandits back up goalie did get better as the game went on and the Bandits held the Swarm scoreless in the second half and won with the final score of 14 to 8. On the way home I stopped by New World Records and got a Ticket for Chevelle and finger eleven on May 25th. I have seen Chevelle before and they where pretty good. I had a nice walk back home from there and in one block where Lab Indigo was I believe I saw two Corvettes within the same block. I would have taken a picture to post but I would have been shooting into the sun and with the traffic I didn't think I could get a good shot. One thing I noticed is a lot of dogs where around spot. I also saw a few nice looking ladies out with there dogs. I maybe should have gone to spot a found an ice tea to go but oh well it looked kinda packed. Oh back to the Bandits for a second there next game is Friday night in Rochester. The knighthawks allready beat them twice so it will really be a tough game. I see no way that I can really go but it would be nice to. If the bandits can some how win then I think the championship game would be at home.
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Category: anger

04/21/07 04:36 - 63ºF - ID#38989

Happy Pissed

Firstly why I'm Happy
1) I saw Pathfinder and enjoyed it. If you like violence and sword fights and that type of thing you may like it.

2) The Sabres won last night and are onto round 2 now.

Why I'm upset. I listened to the sabres game then watched it and before I could even have a dinner I woke up with a bad sinus (I think) headache. I did take stuff and it went away kind of I have a little bit of it now still.

On my way back from the movies I decided to go to Latina's instead of Rite Aide I figured I could get some food with the stuff I needed. But before I got there I went to New World Records but they didn't have the tickets I was looking for or at least not yet. That was no big deal I got to check out a few hotties on the strip. Man there where a lot of people out now that the weather is nice. So I get to Latinas I look around all over the place and they are all out of AA batteries in every spot. So I look for DO. so I won't have B.O. but all they have is the ladies stuff. So I look at Hair Gel they have one kind and it isn't what I'm looking for so I get it anyways. I go over to frozen stuff and the banquet dinners are wiped out so I figure screw it I'll get what I want some other time. If you do ever shop there don't go on sat. Afternoon they are allways wiped out. So I leave and put my basket back and as I walk out the door I should have kept walking but I feel. That is right my 6th sense kicks in. I didn't hear any one or smell anyone I could feel them (It doesn't work all the time but sometimes it does) behind me. So this Jackoff says are you ok or allright forget what one it was so I say yes. Now the big management guy never says anything. Curly hair ass hole boy as he will called called says I wasn't born Yesterday so I show him what are in my pockets. He says some stupid thing about how not to come back and it is private property. Man I was pissed fuck him I never steal anything, that is very insulting. I go there and return bottles, buy food and some times beer, well not really beer that Mike's hard Lemonade. What got me even more pissed is I should have yelled at him that I'm fucking insulted that I'm not one of those ass holes that steals and about how all the stuff I wanted was empty. On my way home I thought about going back and asking for that guy. Who the fuck is he to say I can't shop at his store, fuck him.

Now that I listened to some "Sick of it All" I feel better. Not that I can understand it all but still, It is a nice stress remover. Ah I guess I gotta go buy some stuff. Yeah to the weather now if the wind would just go away.
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Category: news

04/18/07 06:45 - 46ºF - ID#38947

Bandits/Sabres Shooting

I got a few things to talk about. First of all the Bandits play the in the first round of the NLL Playoffs on Sunday at 2pm. I hope the Bandits win but with there starting goalie out and the slide they have been on it might be tough. I will worry about who the play next if they win. I believe that is also Earth Day.

Tonight is a big game for the Sabres and Islanders. Granted no one can win the series yet but if the Sabres win then they only have to win one more game of if the Islanders win then the series is tied. This brings up another point. I understand that there may have been some bad calls but when the fans peppered the ice with Bottles they really made them selves look bad. That being said I do completely understand it. When it looks like the calls aren't fair then you lose it. I have been at games when stuff has flown over the glass. The part that bothers me about it the most is that you have people who misjudge how far they can throw so they wind up hitting the glass or other fans and that ain't cool at all. I didn't see it but I heard there was commotion during the moment of silence, now that is just so wrong.

That brings up another thing. I'm a little sick of all the VT shooting news. I think that a little bit of this is about profit and not giving people information and trying to scare the Americian people. But that being said I read something very scary on line today. In the time between the shootings the shooter mailed stuff on NBC (forgot what news company). I find that crazy that is really going over board on planing a mass killing.

About a week ago I found out one of my cousins is in a band in the artvoice contest. If my understanding is correct it is called Constant Climaxe (not sure of the exact name). So maybe I'll go check them out at mohak place. I will admit I never got into the contest because I'm still new to DSL and still don't listen to much music on line or watch much video.

I think I have covered everything I wanted to but feel like I may have left something out oh well if I did.
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04/14/07 05:33 - 41ºF - ID#38885

mixed bag

Firstly I changed my user picture. Some of you will know where that rose is from. For those that may not know what it is I won a signed 30 Seconds to Mars poster. That is how the picture of the rose came out once I cropped it and estrip converts it. The reason I have stayed with the non picture of my self is so I can feel more free to write what I want.

I had a good time at the Bandits game last night but they lost oh well. I decided not to put up any pictures from the game and instead put up pictures Of Buffalo I took before the game. Wish I would have taken a few more but I was ran out of a parking ramp so.


Today I went to see Redline . I don't think it was as good as The Fast and the Furious. That being said if you like movies with sports cars very hot sexy busty ladies and some violence then you will like it. I just wish they would have had the star of the movie completely nude. There where two scenes where it would have worked perfectly. That reminds me on Sunday there is a new show on fox starting called Drive that looks like it might be very good, we shall see.

So I Also got to watch South Park that I taped on friday. That is one nutty show but I still find it funny. They did a take off on the "300". They had slow motion animation and Persians who wanted to take over a girl bar. ms. Garison winds up going to the bar and then becomes a late life lesbian and defends the club with the ladies who go there from the persians who bought it. There is also a sub plot with mexicans that is kinda funny. I like the fact that now they work in things that are current into the show, but sometimes it can get kinda wacky.

I forget what else I wanted to talk about. Oh yeah Imus but I'm imused out, I think I have said all that I can really say about everything that went down.
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Category: sex

04/12/07 07:28 - 40ºF - ID#38867

What I want...

Before I get into my post just wanted to Mention the Bandits play friday night and I'm looking forward to seeing The Sabres on TV in the playoffs hope they win the cup. The Bandits will be in the playoffs starting next weekend and they have a game Saturday in Rochester.

So as some of you may have read (e:imk2) wrote a post about what she wants called what I want. So I thought hey maybe I could write one two. But there are a couple things to get out of the way. In a way this post is bullshit. The reason being is that you can have this entire laundry list of things but what really matters is how the two people get along and how the relationship is. The thing is that all that takes over the preferences. So maybe I want someone who likes hockey but then i meet someone who isn't really into Hockey she just thinks the guys are hot gets turned on then blow me and go to bed that would be perfect, so I admit the post kinda makes no sense. Yeah I have a weakness for blonds but some girls look better with brown hair but I just had to give full disclosure On what I was saying. Oh yeah I may use some (e:peeps) as examples hopefully only good ones not sure how this will come out.

First of all a good sense of humor is very important. People who are wound tight or easily offended are really no fun. You have to watch what you say so what is the point. I don't mean that you have to laugh till you piss yourself watching a comedy, but at least be a little lose.

In terms of going out the lady has to like going out to movies, concerts or even sports. That doesn't mean that we have to go to everything togather she should be able to go out and do stuff on her own to. But she also can't be one of those people who has to go out every night. I guess if she can go by herself or with friends that is ok but not if she expects me there. If she is willing to go on a trip somewhere that is a nice added bonus.

In terms of sports I would prefer that she likes them. At the very least she must understand that I'm Into them and that is an important time for me. Preferably she is into them also and hopefully we are into the same ones.

If we like the same music it doesn't really matter. But when we go out it will wind up mattering. Cause if she is a club dance girl and I'm into Rock and there is no in between then we will never see each other. I like rock, metal, Pop, but for me it is more about the band and there sound then the Genre they are in. It would be cool to find a chick who likes Coldplay, Metallica, Rammstein, Billy Joel, Hatebreed, Evenesssance, Rob Zombie, Sum 41, Blink 182 and other bands.

In terms of chick flicks most of them are god awful and most of them I can't stand but a few are funny. I would just be happy if the girl just went to see them with the girl friends and leave me out of. But she has to be able to get into a good stupid Naked Gun, American Pie, or even Not another teen movie kind of movie. The exception to that is if she is into anime or action movies then we are good. If she is into both then we are golden and if she hates chick flicks and wants to see an action movie then go to a Bandits game, it is time to go buy an awesome looking ring with her name inscribed in Klingon.

I like good talkers who can hold a conversation with out being bitchy. It is nice to be around someone who is happy and cheery. But the key is they really have to be this way and not putting on an act. They also have to be able to let me know when something is wrong or they disagree. Sometimes those types of people won't do that and they should.

I know I shouldn't talk about looks but i will a little bit. Looks wise all you need is someone who you find hot or at least not repugnant. But often looks is what gets you to notice people. So here I will use a few peeps as examples. Eyes at first you don't notice and a lot of times you don't notice them and looking at them to long can drive you crazy. That being said alluring eyes and eyes that look mystyrious like (e:theecarey) are very nice. I wish I knew how to say that better. Sorry to stereo type here but those long and thing looking Asian and egyption (i believe) eyes are also amazing. Hair color and Body type really depends on the person and how they look. As long as they aren't so big that is a turn off or so thing that you can see ribs from 20 feet away. I prefer someone in the middle, height I could care less. Boobs I have never seen a pair I didn't like. I know this sounds strange but sometime shape is more important then size. Butt as long as it looks nice in pants that is fine. Skin Color isn't much of a factor really. Some pale white girls are very hot and some dark girls are hot. That being said recently I have been liking the dark whites or latin skin tone. For example the skin tone of say (e:lilho) , (e:ingrid) (if memory serve me right) (e:beast). That light brown kinda dark white color.

In terms of sex (if any one is still reading) I want a lady who knows what she is doing but doesn't come off as sluty, what ever that means. Where the sex is about fun and not an obligation, where we can try new things and old things and be free and not worry if we mention something the other isn't into it doesn't get all weird. Hey if she wants to bring in a cute friend we can try it and see. Not that Um no, I don't think so attitude. That is kinda the same type of person I would like to be with the person who is open minded but may not agree about something but we are still able to get along.

Oh yeah I knew I forgot to mention another thing there are a few (e:peeps) like (e:ladycroft) and (e:Imk2) (and others who I can't think of right now). I think tats and piercings are a nice added bonus and can be very hot. It also says that they are willing to go through pain and sacrafice for something and that is a good quality.

Now that I have vented I feel a little better. If you have read this far I really don't want that much, do I ? Yeah I know I want way to much. In case I wasn't clear: I just want someone who I click with or have that spark with that I can Watch 24 with and go out with to a movie, concert or a sports event and we will have a great time. And if we can have great sex to and get along then that would be perfect.

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