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Category: tv

04/17/06 07:06 - 55ºF - ID#28352


First of all I understand that there are certain things you can't show on tv. For example I was fliping one night and there was this show Called Mile High it was on BBC America and there was these two guys and a naked chick in a steam room and they stard or coverd her nipples as an example that I understand. But what I don't like is when content or subject matter is edited out. Appartently that is what "Cartoon Wars" the two South Park Episodes where about. The issue was showing Muhamid as a cartoon chacarter. The Basic story line was that Family guy was going to have Him shown. In the end it turns out that Family Guy episode is aired and that they will show Mumhamid. There is a speach in there by Kyle about how you have to be able to make fun of everything and if you can't thank you shouldn't make fun of anything. As South Park is about to show Mumhamid the Screen goes black and there is a Message that Comedy Central wouldn't let them show it and it is explained right in the episode. I think it is great that they make jokes about how people are out hidding there head in the sand and how people are affrid riots will break out and everyone is going to die. Then they bash there own network for being the same way. I think Comedy Central should be ashemed. It is ok to Bash the Scincetologists but not the Muslums cause there might be a riot or they may get hate mail. I think it is bad enough that the we have less and less freedom in this country every day. But to compound that by not showing certain subject matter on TV shows is horrid. I think it is good for TV shows to have issues of race, politics and all kinds of issues. Yes it is only a TV show. But when people talk about that show with each other then those isssues are mentioned. Don't get me wrong I don't think a show should be all issues. A good Example of that was Ellen. It was a funny show. They Teased her coming out of the Closet on the show for a good long time and that was funny. But once she came out then that became the entire jist of the show and it lost how funny it was. On another note I had a good easter and watched most of the sabres game, great game. I hope everyone had a great weekend.
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Category: photos

04/16/06 11:50 - 45ºF - ID#28351

more soon



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Category: movies

04/16/06 11:48 - 45ºF - ID#28350


I admit that I didn't know what Crash was about and why everyone said it was so good but I watched it Yesterday it was a verry well writen movie and verry powerfull and I really enjoyed it. there was a good amount of good and well known actors in it. I don't want to give away anything for people who havn't seen it. I didn't know race was going to be such a large issue in it, but that is part of what made it so interesting.
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04/15/06 04:21 - 55ºF - ID#28349


I went to the Bisons game and Watched one of the most intense lacrosses games i've seen in some time last night, the bandits won my a goal and where losing by a few goals. I tried putting pics up but my computer is moving so slow on line it isn't going to work maybe my next post will be all pictures. At the game last night they had a couple of the gutars form it is a fund raising comunity art project that some of you might be interested in. I read the bisons won by a score of 9 to one when I left it was tied at 1. Bison games can be a lot of fun. Hopefully everyone has a great easter.
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04/13/06 07:10 - 58ºF - ID#28348

Lovely but where to go and whom to meet

The weather was so great when I got home. I hope it lasts and we don't get any cold blasts out of nowhare. But I didn't really have any place to go. I wish I had somewhare I felt like checking out on elmwood before dinner. I thought about Maybe Spot but not really into Coffee, I can't stand it but love the smell. Plus it is always so crowded it seems like verry trendy not that anything is wrong with that. I need a go up on elmwood more. I hope it warm on friday also.
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04/12/06 06:29 - ID#28347

So Nice

Wow it has been so nice out the last couple of days. man there wher a bunch of ladies out in delaware park yesterday. Maybe the nice weather is why I counldn't wake up this moring. Of course as soon as I get home it starts to rain. Off to eat and watch the sabres. I like the new comments on the front page, I'm on the front page. Hope more donate that would be cool if they feal like it.
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Category: sports

04/11/06 07:48 - ID#28346

opening day

The Bisons Home Opener is on friday and so is the bandits Game. I will go to the home opener for a few minutes and then go to the bandits game I think. Lacrosse games sometimes are shorter then baseball so maybe I will get to see the fireworks it wouldn't be the first time that has happenend. Usaly the home opener isn't in conflict with any thing. I remember last year I went to something at HSBC and as I was walking towards the bus Fireworks stared going off at the baseball game it was preaty cool. I just finished listening to "Educated Horses" wich is the new Rob Zombie CD it is verry good. Wish I had some great topic for debate but I really don't.
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Category: movies

04/10/06 08:00 - ID#28345


Currently Listening to the new Weezer CD for the first time, So far it is verry good with Prison Break coming on at 8 won't get to hear it all but that is ok. I wish Jon Doe was never cancelled that was a great show. But So is Prision break and since they both star the Same actor would be kinda tough for them both to be on still. Yesterday I watched an interesting gangster movie called Layer Cake. It was from the same guy who Directed or wrote (can't remeber) Snatch. It is a nice complicated twist and turning nice and violant movie. I also watched a nice Movie with some good hot tub nudity and some snowboarding also and a cool but kinda goofy snow boarding story line Called Frostbite but it was still enjoyable. Wich brings me to a point that if I have made before I'm sorry. Why in pornos The sex is amazing but the story and the acting suck. That is not true in all of them there are a few actors who are really good and there some lines that they really concentrate on the story. The other side to that is Violant and profane movies why do the most they show is tits and or some frontal hair. Yes there is some boning action going on but never graffic or even close. With the Exception of that movie Where Billy Bob Thorton Bangs the Hell out of Hallie Barie that was some intesnse sex. I would Like to see some coloborations between the two sides of moving making. You can kill 300 people and make people cut off there own arms and it is ok. But as soon a Hard Cock is shown or some snatch the rating goes up to NC-17 and it is hard to sell to Movie Houses. But what I don't understand is kids under 17 unless with a parent arn't allowed to See Rated R movies and ways. I think there should be More NC-17 movies made. Not just for sex but for Violance and Swearing. Why not make some Movies that are For Adults and Adults only that arn't porn but have some better sex scenes, or even really vulgar Comedy at a comedy club in a violant movie.
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04/09/06 01:13 - 37ºF - ID#28344

Bandits Best Buy Coffe

Well I wound up doing a lot Yesterday. I put to checks in the bank then went to tops and Bought some food for the homestead. Luckly this time the single bags didn't break on the way home for those of you who remember that. I went to the mothers house and then went to Best buy and Bought DVD Recorder/VCR I still have a lot to figure out but last night I figured out the Basics. But that was after the Game. On the way to best buy I saw Decoyisryan walking down Elmwood counldn't tell if he was with anyone moving to fast. Then down near buffstate where the Hotel is supposed to be someone was selling stuff to get money to try and stop the hotel. I could see he had long hair but couldn't tell if it was Jason or not since I've never met him before. At Bestbuy I bought CD's to Like Rob Zombie, The New Queensryche, Lacuna Coil, Rammstein and Weezer not sure who else. After that we went to this Coffer shop Bread place in the same huge shoping plazza can't remember what it is called Got a Cookie and a Jones Soda. Got home and got ready for the Bandits game and went early so I could Order my playoffs tickets. The Bandits wound up winning and because of someone else winning or losing they will atleast have one playoff game at home. It was a really fun game but wound up being an expensive weekend. Not sure what is up today maybe try taping a couple movies on a DVD.
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Category: tv

04/07/06 07:00 - 43ºF - ID#28343

South Park Vs. Family Guy

First of all if any one likes South Park and missed this weeks then you may not want to read my post. I got to watch South Park it was an interesting one. Basicly they bashed the Muslums getting mad over Cartoons of Alah and bashed Fox's Family Guy. Fox Edited out Aliajah and they showed Rioters and translated some guy talking in arbic that had nothing to do with the profit but basicly said Family Guy isn't funny and about how the Jokes have nothing to do with the story line, it was interesting and in some ways they where right on. I do like Family guy and think it is funny show. This episode is to be Continued untill next week. I don't think they will run a Terrance and Philip show like they did when they where supposed to be revealing Cartmen's Father, from what I understand that got a lot of fans Pissed but we shall see what Happens next week. I like shows that bash everybody and are funny and fun to watch. Watching both South Park and family Guy is a good way to Relax. I wonder if Family Guy will try to get back at South Park or if they started it first. I know on Clerks The Animated Series DVD Family Guy is Called an Unfunny Show by Kevin Smith wich surprised me, I think there is some Beef that he isn't talking about or maybe I missed something. On an unrelated note hopefull The sabres win Tonight and the Bandits win on Saturday.
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