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Category: design

04/09/06 11:48 - 40ºF - ID#30245

The estrip logo that will stay

Sorry it took me so long to publish this repsonse. I refused to publish it until I changed the site code to check for real (e:name) links before I wrote it because I didn't want (e:strip) to show up as a name link.

Besides being one of my bestest friends, (e:twisted,359) has donated the most money, time, and hardware than any other peep to this community. Not to mention that I generally value her opinion over all others because of her deepest understanding of the project from the hundreds of hours of dialogue we have had about it. In fact I would say that on many levels, the project would not have happend if it wasn't for her and her commitment to it's existance. In essense, (e:twisted), I love you!

Here is my deal with the colon. Like (e:matthew,717) I find that the colon is important in the name and the logo. One reason being that there are two commerical products that use estrip as a name. One is envirostrip and the other is some sort of medical imaging system. I suppose I should just trademark (e:strip).

Seeing as the site is not a commercial project I could care less if some people can't find it because they are too stupid to try googling with a colon. It's not like I will sell less widgets because of it. I like the colon as part of the design as it reflects the identity of the site as I intended it since march of 03. Everything that ever said (e:strip) had the colon. It is in fact how you guys link your journals together. Unfortunately, they do not allow colons in URLS.

People can find it by typing (e:strip), ((e:strip)), elmwoodstrip, or elmwood strip into yahoo or google. Soon it should come up under number one for estrip as well, it just takes some time for the robots to catch up with the changes.

Eliminating new peeps that are not capable of making the jump from the (e:strip) logo to or might be to my advantage as I am the one who deals with all the people who need help figuring stuff out.

So this is the final logo. (e:matthew) approved. It provides the most space for the (e:strip) and is compliant with the way many of the old street signs were formatted in buffalo. It also makes it obvious that it is not estriporg as one one. I really liked the google it, but I removed it as I don't want to support a private corporation.


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Category: public relations

04/07/06 10:50 - 38ºF - ID#30244

Design Choices for the Bumper Stickers

point your links to estrip
First thing first. If you have your own website or some other place where you post links, please make sure to point your links to The more people that points their links here, the faster we take over who ever estrip medical is in the google rankings.

bumper stickers
Okay, so here is the deal. Is it more important to have your URL in your bumper sticker or a small keyword people can type into google. If you go to google and type (e:strip) with the colon we come up right away so maybe that is best. Plus it adds the extra step of discovery for the people who type it in, making it a little more fun for them.

So which design should it be? My fav is the first one with the parathesis. Also if anyone know a local shop where we could get this done, I would much rather support local busines than order them on the internet.




Thank you to all the people who made generous donations to make this possible. A special thanks to (e:olemanrunin) who made the largest single donation we ever had at (e:strip).

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04/07/06 08:20 - 42ºF - ID#30243

I fixed the search and epoetry links

They now properly highlight the search terms in the journal they come from. Try out one of the epoetry poems by clicking on the epoetry tag on the top right of the site. When you click on any of the lines of the poem it takes you back to the original jorunal it came from with the text highlighted.

You can see it below, here is an example url

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04/07/06 06:16 - 43ºF - ID#30242

Bumper Sticker Donations

I am going to order the bumper sticker very soon, if anyone is gonna donate now would be a good time.


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04/06/06 02:32 - 37ºF - ID#30241

hangman on a break

hangman is on a little break whiel i upgrade some stuff.

The site should be ecen faster now and I have some more upgrades coming soon.
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04/05/06 11:33 - 36ºF - ID#30240

Dip it in blue cheese

I was telling (e:terry) about how I changed the title of estrip today after came though and explaining to (e:twisted) about how Buffalo is the home of the original chicken wing, which led to the recording. It's really funny.


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04/05/06 12:02 - 30ºF - ID#30239 bumper stickers!

Well, (e:kara) our new Public Relations director and I were talking about some improvements for getting estrip out there and one of the things was bumper stickers. I had put it off for a while because was too long for the design I wanted. For about 4 years I wanted to call the site but I couldn't buy it as someone had it reserved. Then when talking with (e:shawnr) I checked estrip out at godaddy and it was for sale so I bought it.

Soon you will be able to get here by typing into your browser. But best of all it is just the right length for the new bumper stickers. They will look something like this. I might change the font but tahoma is what I use for estrip so it makes sense.


I designed them two color so we should be able to get away with around $100, if we raise more money, I will just buy additional bumper stickers

If you would like to donate to the bumper sticker fund, please click on the donate link above the latest entries list and donate whatever you can via paypal.

Sidenote: I got rid of the userpic control panel. It's back to clicking on your userpic to change it.

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04/04/06 04:09 - 39ºF - ID#30238

Happy Almost 3,000,000

Here is a fun statistic to think about.

If you read an average of 200 words per minute
which is 12,000 words per hour
which is 288,000 per day
which is 2,880,000 per 10 days of non stop reading

you still would not be done reading the journals of estrip, and that doesn't even include the chat!

For those of you that read all of those, and I know there are some of you that have, congratulations - you deserve an award.

Happy almost 3,000,000 words. I am going to dig up some more statistics toinight. Liek how many of those words were thumbed out on mobile keypads. It hurts my thumbs to think about it.
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04/03/06 11:33 - 41ºF - ID#30237

Fixed the user sound upload fetaure

I fixed the usersound upload feature and added a feature so you can redownload it before you change it if you lost the original. That way you can redownload it if you want.
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04/03/06 10:56 - 41ºF - ID#30236

RSS feed fix

I noticed the RSS feed on (e:dragonlady)'s livejournal feed had messged up apostrophe's that resulted when I was stripping the ampersands for some javascript I was using it for before.

It's all okay now, but (e:zobar), you should delete the cache for that wherever it is so that can re-cache.

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