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Category: sex

11/22/08 06:15 - ID#46799

Lots of Cock unexepctedly (no pictures)

So Thursday was a strange day in some ways. I wasn't planning on it but I wound up seeing a bunch of cock (not in person luckily for me). It started out when on (e:strip) I saw (e:Imk2)'s post with the prince holding his cock. Then later that night I watched Cathouse: Whats on the Menu. I thought it was pretty good. Yes there was some very lovely naked women on this episode. I thought it could have been an hour long and they could have had footage from every kind of party or at least a couple more. Now in a previous post I had mentioned that I think they should show dick on these shows. In fact they do just not erect penis. . There was this one guy who came in and got two girls (yeah the black girl has amazing breasts by the way) and he didn't want sex so they just ate things off each other. Maybe it is just me but this dude's cock was pretty big. I don't know if filming makes it look bigger but limp this dude looked thicker then I am hard, lucky bastard. Then later there was a scene where some dude got some other kind of party that was in a shower and he was limp also and looked to blessed down there as well, lucky guy. Hey again I can't say for sure since I'm not a chick. Then later I think it was the same was having sex and then the cock was blurred. I think that means they and true of showtime also I think won't show erect cocks it is to bad. Just to clarify something here I do like cock in my porn and pictures of it, and love BJ pictures but guys do nothing for me at all. It isn't like a see a cute guy and think he is cute, unlike with every girl I see that my mind thinks cute, sexy, hot or even she looks like we could hang out together and have a lot of fun (band shirt or team I like does that automaticly) That takes me to also say that there are some really hot call girls at the "Bunny Ranch" , I do like more then just the sex on this show, it is interesting to see other stuff but there is all most all ways a sex tie in but not with everything on the show. There is a part of me that would love to go to the Bunny Ranch. Not that I would really ever have the money to fly out there and take a trip and then go there. If you aren't all ready out that way it is a lot of money. It would be cool to go if they where filming it. My favorite girl I've seen on the show was Isabella Soprano but this girl here is pretty hot ok I admit I might try blowing someone to do her for free (only in my mind though not really). I'm pretty sure she was on the show the other night but not positive if it was her or not the pose with the sword is pretty hot. But you figure If I went all that way and spent all that money why not go for a 3 way and how does one really chose and 2nd girl it is like they are all 10 and what 10 is better but maybe she would do . I would be happy just to be able to afford going (assuming I didn't have to sell my soul) and would love it to go. Well if anyone is reading this still sorry for the long style I had no idea where to start a new paragraph. That reminds me I wanted to see the "Kristen" interview on 20/20 but was out cold, I need to see if I can watch it online someplace, most stuff on doesn't play right on my computer we shall see.
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Category: internet

11/21/08 07:10 - 25ºF - ID#46789

Watching a Sucicide online

So when I saw this piece on News on Yahoo I thought how strange. For those who want to read it I will comment after the story

Fla. teen commits suicide with live Web audience

By RASHA MADKOUR, Associated Press Writer Rasha Madkour, Associated Press Writer - 1 hr 10 mins ago

MIAMI - A college student committed suicide by taking a drug overdose in front of a live webcam as some computer users egged him on, others tried to talk him out of it, and another messaged OMG in horror when it became clear it was no joke.

Some watchers contacted the Web site to notify police, but by the time officers entered Abraham Biggs' home - a scene also captured on the Internet - it was too late.

Biggs, a 19-year-old Broward College student who suffered from what his family said was bipolar disorder, or manic depression, lay dead on his bed in his father's Pembroke Pines house Wednesday afternoon, the camera still running 12 hours after Biggs announced his intentions online around 3 a.m.

It was unclear how many people watched it unfold.

Biggs was not the first person to commit suicide with a webcam rolling. But the drawn-out drama - and the reaction of those watching - was seen as an extreme example of young people's penchant for sharing intimate details about themselves over the Internet.

Biggs' family was infuriated that no one acted sooner to save him, neither the viewers nor the Web site that hosted the live video, The Web site shows a video image, with a space alongside where computer users can instantly post comments.

Only when police arrived did the Web feed stop, "so that's 12 hours of watching," said the victim's sister, Rosalind Bigg. "They got hits, they got viewers, nothing happened for hours."

She added: "It didn't have to be."

An autopsy concluded Biggs died from a combination of opiates and benzodiazepine, which his family said was prescribed for his bipolar disorder.

Biggs announced his plans to kill himself over a Web site for bodybuilders, authorities said. But some users told investigators they did not take him seriously because he had threatened suicide on the site before.

Some members of his virtual audience encouraged him to do it, others tried to talk him out of it, and some discussed whether he was taking a dose big enough to kill himself, said Wendy Crane, an investigator with the Broward County medical examiner's office.

A computer user who claimed to have watched said that after swallowing some pills, Biggs went to sleep and appeared to be breathing for a few hours while others cracked jokes.

Someone notified the moderator of the bodybuilding site, who traced Biggs' location and called police, Crane said.

As police entered the room, the audience's reaction was filled with Internet shorthand: "OMFG," one wrote, meaning "Oh, my God." Others, either not knowing what they were seeing, or not caring, wrote "lol," which means "laughing out loud," and "hahahah."

An online video purportedly from Biggs' webcam shows a gun-wielding officer entering a bedroom, where a man is lying on a bed, his face turned away from the camera. The officer begins to examine him, as the camera lens is covered. Authorities could not immediately verify the authenticity of the video, though it matched their description of what occurred.

Montana Miller, an assistant professor of popular culture at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, said Biggs' very public suicide was not shocking, given the way teenagers chronicle every facet of their lives on sites like Facebook and MySpace.

"If it's not recorded or documented then it doesn't even seem worthwhile," she said. "For today's generation it might seem, `What's the point of doing it if everyone isn't going to see it?'"

She likened Biggs' death to other public ways of committing suicide, like jumping off a bridge.

Crane said she knows of a case in which a Florida man shot himself in the head in front of an online audience, though she didn't know how much viewers saw. In Britain last year, a man hanged himself while chatting online.

In a statement, CEO Michael Seibel said: "We regret that this has occurred and want to respect the privacy of the broadcaster and his family during this time."

The Web site would not say how many people were watching the broadcast. The site as a whole had 672,000 unique visitors in October, according to Nielsen.

Miami lawyer William Hill said there is probably nothing that could be done legally to those who watched and did not act. As for whether the Web site could be held liable, Hill said there doesn't seem to be much of a case for negligence.

"There could conceivably be some liability if they knew this was happening and they had some ability to intervene and didn't take action," said Hill, who does business litigation and has represented a number of Internet-based clients. But "I think it would be a stretch."

Condolences poured into Biggs' MySpace page, where the mostly unsmiling teen is seen posing in a series of pictures with various young women. On the bodybuilding Web site, Biggs used the screen name CandyJunkie. His alias was "feels_like_ecstacy."

Rosalind Bigg described her brother as an outgoing person who struck up conversations with Starbucks baristas and enjoyed taking his young nieces to Chuck E. Cheese. He was health-conscious and exercised but was not a bodybuilder, she said.

"This is very, very sudden and unexpected for us," the sister said. "It boggles the mind. We don't understand."


Associated Press Writers Jessica Gresko and Lisa Orkin Emmanuel and the AP News Research Center in New York contributed to this report.

(This version CORRECTS sister's last name in next-to-last graf.)

My first thought was wow that is really odd. It seems like people where being so cruel to encourage him to do it. But then I thought hey maybe they didn't think he really would and that it was a joke. Or maybe people thought hey if he wants to die he should do it. Or maybe they thought if he is going to do it anyways maybe I can see it. I think that a lot of people didn't think he was serious. Since it was by using pills I don't think anyone on line could really tell for sure he was dead. All in all it seems very strange and distrubing. I do think it was good that some people tried to get him not to do it. In any event I do agree that the ideas they express in this article are kinda true. I'm not the young generation but I have multiple blogs and post all kinds of pictures. So maybe if I did end my life I might want people to see the pictures but I don't think to watch but I don't know cause my mind isn't there. But there is something this article doesn't ask and I will. Where were the parents. I know that isn't fair that being bi-polar is very tough and I can't imagine what that is like. But at some point I wonder if they could have done more.

In terms of the legal isues I disagree with them a little bit. If anyone who was online new him personaly or any one new his location the cops or his house should have been called to try and stop him, anyone who had the ablity to do so would be liable for his death, would it hold up in court I don't know. The problem is though that in terms of the website itself it is hard to blame them really. I'm guessing they don't monitor content. If they do monitor all content or if there is someone who does and they have an address and do nothing then they it would be their fault partialy again don't know if it would hold up in court. I would think that if you could prove that the people encouraging the person to kill them selves could be said to be partly to blame and could be held as causing the person to do it. That being said if he was going to do it anyways I think would cause reasonable dobut most likely but it is something to think about.
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Category: holidays

11/19/08 06:36 - 28ºF - ID#46761

Jeff Dunham 1st Christmas special

Info and Video on Jeff Dunham on Comedy Central

So Last Night the Christmas Season got started again. I watched my first Christmas special of the Year. It was Jeff Dunham's Christmas Special, I laughed my ass off but not as much as the people there when it was filmed. I didn't know his material before hand. He uses puppets. Each one has there own personality. There is the Blown up Terrorist who is a skeleton. Then there is a Chili pepper guy. Then there is this old dude, he was maybe the funniest to me. And then there is a redneck. I'm sorry I don't remember all the puppets names but I thought they all where pretty funny.

Sort of what I saw on the special but not exactly the same:

It isn't exactly how it aired from youtube but from the comedy central site there is video also. I may get the DVD but we shall see. I know this Sunday someone else has a comedy special I want to say it is Might be John Stewart I'm not sure though.
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Category: holidays

11/17/08 07:01 - 32ºF - ID#46723

It is Christmas Season I declare

I say it is the Christmas Season. I know some might say it isn't even thanksgiving yet what the fuck are you talking about, why are you rushing things. Well that is a good point. But here is why it is the Christmas season.

1) Walgreen's and other places have Christmas Villages in their Ads
2) I ordered my Ticket for TSO (how many years are we going to have to wait for them to finish Castles , it has been at least 2 years for that CD, last year they where supposed to be almost finished)
3) Home Depot has Adds for all there Christmas stuff
4) When My alarm woke me up this morning it was Christmas Music and that is what makes it Christmas Season. *********************

5) I saw an ad for the first Christmas Special it was a comedy special on Comedy Central

#4 is the most important one. So get ready to go see all your wacky comedy movies about the holiday. That being said 4 Christmases looks like it might be very good.

For me the season doesn't start till the last football game on thanksgiving ends. I will not be waking up at 5am to go shopping anywhere.

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Category: photos

11/15/08 05:09 - 52ºF - ID#46699

Bond SAbres

So Yesterday I went to see Quantum Of Solace. I don't know how to explain what I liked about it, with out giving anything away. Even if I compared it to other Bond Movies I would kinda be giving stuff away. I thought it was good, If you like that kind of movie then You will like it.

This morning I watched Henry Rollins from South Africa on IFC. It was about an Hour long. Some of it was him touring South Africa and some of it was of his Stage act. I wonder if there is a way to see more of it, or stuff they didn't show in the Hour I kinda doubt it. From what I heard IFC every Friday this month Is showing a different Henry Rollins documentary. I'm not sure what the 1st one was that I missed. I did enjoy it, it was pretty interesting and I'm hoping the other ones are also.

I will admit I'm not a sports writer, so if that is what you are looking for read the paper. I didn't see or read any news on last nights sabres game so I don't know their point of view. But from my view above the Zamboni enterance I thought the Sabres played great and played a lot better then the Blue Jackets. However when your back up goalie gets burnt it doesn't matter. The Blue Jackets where shooting at 50%, it was 2 shots 1 goal, 4 shots 2 goals, 6 shots 3 goals. On the other hand the Sabres where taking all kinds of shots and had some close ones at my end there was a great skate save by Leclaire , He looked pretty good in net to me. The Sabres did put Miller in but it was to late and then later the put our back up back in. It was still a fun game to go to and I had a good time.

Here are some Random Pictures from the Game:





















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Category: philosophy

11/14/08 01:31 - 60ºF - ID#46686

Anti Prop 8 Protest

That is the website on the Bottom of the sign that I saw today on Elmwood. I'm not sure how easy it will be to read so I'm posting the original photo I took and the one that I cropped.



I will admit that I don't have any details really and am not associated with this I'm just re-posting the sign here. I'm not saying to go or not to go, I may or I may not.

I admit that one of my problems is that to ways that I try to live my life and think are kinda in conflict here. I personally think that there is nothing wrong with being gay or bisexual. I also do think that it is natural and nothing is wrong with it. But even if I did my general view on things is as long as what you are doing doesn't hurt anyone else then you legally should be allowed to do it. If you want to get high and have some girl shit on your chest that is fine. Hey if you go to a park and find some College girls who like to watch you Jerk off and point and laugh as you spew all over a tree then clean it up, as long as you are all consenting adults and no one else sees it fine, it doesn't hurt any one. Hey if you want to smoke in your own house all day as long as no one else has to breath in the smoke who cares.

But even with that I do have a conflict. I do believe that everyone should be created equal and that is part of what being an American Should be all about. I think that everyone should have the same rights and there for gays should be able to get Married. I think that is a basic right and that even if people oppose it, it should still be legal. But here is where the conflict comes in. This country is supposed to be a Democrocy (a hate being a bad speller) and I think that when something is voted on if it is the will of the people then it should count. But see people in Different States Voted Yes on Prop 8 so right now those two things that I believe in, are in conflict. I admit I'm not sure how to resolve this. I do think that the right to be married is stronger. But see that is because I morally find it fine. If it was something I thought was wrong then how would I resolve this. The problem is lets say a court like the supreme court decides that Prop 8 is unconsitional I think it should if that case ever came up, then it is saying that the vote doesn't count and didn't mean anything and what about the fact that the Majority is supposed to rule in this country?

I do think that maybe Prop 8 should have been decided in the courts as opposed to in a vote, but that didn't happen so it can't be changed now but I do think that in future states it should be done by the courts. I also think that the wording of Prop 8 bad. I think one of the problems is that they have the Prop up and not a Summery Version. I think if they wrote "Yes means it passes and Gay Marriage will now be illegal, No means the Prop that bans gay marriage won't be Passed" and everyone would have understood what they where voting for. I'm not saying that Gay Marriage would still be legal but at least it would be a fair vote and we would have a clear answer.

I myself do think Prop 8 is wrong and shouldn't be passed under that name or any name in any state. I'm saying that "Spirit of All Men created equal" is stronger then the vote and so Prop 8 needs to be repealed and never passed again. I will admit though it isn't that cut and dry. That being said I'm sure there are a lot of people and currently it looks like the Majority of this country that see this point just the opposite. For that I have no answer.
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11/12/08 07:17 - 46ºF - ID#46665

Baby Maya

So first of all thanks to all the (e:peeps) that commented on the journal previous to the previous one. I admit that since this is my blog that I don't really like to post about other people or put up pictures of people who are not members that being said I have a few pictures of my new Niece who I saw for the 1st time yesterday.







Well it looks like the pictures of Maya showed up, she is really small. With being sick I wasn't going to hold her. How small she is , is kinda scary. I'm not saying that she any smaller then any other new born it is just they are so small at that age.
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11/12/08 06:04 - 46ºF - ID#46661

Gay Rights in CT

So with all the passing of Prop 8 recently, I almost didn't here about this. It was a small picture on Yahoos page and I think it is a interesting story.

After Calif. loss, gays get right to wed in Conn.

By JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN, Associated Press Writer John Christoffersen, Associated Press Writer - 29 mins ago

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Same-sex couples walked joyfully down the aisle Wednesday for the first time in Connecticut, while gay activists planned to march in protests across the country over the vote that took away their right to marry in California.

Advocates said they expected thousands at a demonstration at Boston's City Hall Plaza later Wednesday, with gay couples and families featured to try to keep the tone positive, said Ryan McNeely, an organizer for the Join the Impact protest movement.

"We're not trying to convey an image of persecution, we're not trying to attack any specific group," he said. "The point we need to be making is that we need to bring everybody together and to respect each other, and that hate breeds hate."

Bubbles and white balloons bounced in the chilly autumn air as well-wishers cheered the marriage of Peg Oliveira and Jennifer Vickery in New Haven. They wed outside City Hall, next to a statue commemorating the struggle for freedom among captives on the Amistad slave ship.

Despite the roaring traffic and clicking cameras, "it was surprisingly quiet," Oliveira said after the brief ceremony. "Everything else dissolved, and it was just the two of us. It was so much more personal and powerful in us committing to one another, and so much less about the people around us."

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled 4-3 on Oct. 10 that same-sex couples have the right to wed rather than accept a 2005 civil union law designed to give them the same rights as married couples. A lower-court judge entered a final order permitting same-sex marriage Wednesday morning.

"Today, Connecticut sends a message of hope and inspiration to lesbian and gay people throughout this country who simply want to be treated as equal citizens by their government," said the plaintiff's attorney, Bennett Klein.

There was no comparison between civil unions and marriage for Robin Levine-Ritterman and Barbara Levine-Ritterman, who obtained a civil union in 2005 and were among eight same-sex couples who sued for the right to marry.

"We didn't do it with pride or joy," Barbara Levine-Ritterman said of getting the civil-union license. "It felt gritty to be in a separate line."

On Wednesday, however, she proudly held up the first same-sex marriage license issued in New Haven as about 100 people applauded outside City Hall. She and her betrothed, who held red roses, plan to marry in May.

"It's thrilling today," Barbara Levine-Ritterman said. "We are all in one line for one form. Love is love, and the state recognizes it."

Manchester Town Clerk Joseph Camposeo, president of the Connecticut Town Clerks Association, said clerks in the state's 169 communities were advised by e-mail shortly after 9:30 a.m. that they could start issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

"The feedback I'm getting from other clerks is that we're all at the ready, but no one really has a sense yet of what kind of volume we're going to get," he said.

According to the state public health department, 2,032 civil union licenses were issued in Connecticut between October 2005 and July 2008.

The health department had new marriage applications printed that reflect the change. Instead of putting one name under "bride" and the other under "groom," couples will see two boxes marked "bride/groom/spouse."

Massachusetts is the only other state allowing gay marriages. Like the highest courts in that state and Connecticut, the California Supreme Court ruled this spring that same-sex marriage is legal. After thousands of such unions were conducted in California, however, its voters last week approved Proposition 8, a referendum banning the practice.

Constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage also passed last week in Arizona and Florida, and Arkansas voters approved a measure banning unmarried couples from serving as adoptive or foster parents.

Gay rights advocates are citing Massachusetts as an example at planned rallies this weekend to demonstrate why gay marriage is beneficial to families and children.

"In Massachusetts, in particular, we have a great story to tell, a great story to tell about marriage equality, that it works and that it's good," said Marc Solomon, executive director of MassEquality.

Kris Mineau of the Massachusetts Family Institute, which opposes gay marriage, said planned and past protests, some of which have been angry in tone and targeted churches, are meant to intimidate the California high court into reversing its ruling that Proposition 8 was constitutional.

"We are a nation that goes by the rule of law," he said. "No court should ever be intimidated by mob rule. And that's what our opponents right now are trying to do."

The California vote has sparked protests and several lawsuits asking that state's Supreme Court to overturn the prohibition.

A group of Southern California activists have launched an effort to have simultaneous protests outside statehouses and city halls in every state Saturday. Demonstrations have been scheduled outside the U.S. Capitol and in more than 100 cities.

Activists also are aiming boycotts and protests at businesses and individuals who contributed to the campaign to pass Proposition 8. Many of the donors are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which played a significant role in encouraging its members to support the California ban.

Mormon churches in several states have become the focus of protests and some vandalism since the vote.

Since lawyers for gay rights groups and the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco have asked the California Supreme Court to invalidate Proposition 8, same-sex couples in California are not flocking to Connecticut and Massachusetts to wed, said Shannon Minter, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

"I think couples are still very hopeful they will be able to marry here," Minter said.

Connecticut voters could have opened the door to ending gay marriage last week by voting for a constitutional convention to amend the state's constitution, but the measure failed.

Peter Wolfgang, the executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, a gay-marriage opponent, acknowledged that banning gay weddings in Connecticut will be difficult but vowed not to give up. He condemned the high court's decision as undemocratic.

"Unlike California, we did not have a remedy," Wolfgang said. "It must be overturned with patience, determination and fortitude."

The state's 2005 civil union law will remain on the books for now. Same-sex couples can continue to enter civil unions, which give them the same legal rights and privileges in Connecticut as married couples without the status of being married. Several states, including California, allow domestic partnerships or civil unions for same-sex couples.


Associated Press writers Susan Haigh in Hartford, Conn., and Lisa Leff in San Francisco contributed to this report.

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11/10/08 07:41 - 38ºF - ID#46632

I'm an uncle but was I before.....

So I just found out that it is for sure my sis had her baby, so I'm an uncle won't be able to see her till Tuesday. But the question I have is I think I might have all ready been an uncle. I will admit I have trouble with what makes someone this to you in a family. 4 of my cousins have kids so doesn't that make me those kids uncles or am I their great uncle?
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11/09/08 10:21 - 42ºF - ID#46612

Bills and Sabres

I have recently been a little bit under the weather. Both last night and Friday I tried to sit down and Watch the Sabres, both nights I couldn't make it through the entire game. I'm going to the game on Friday vs. The Blue Jackets, it should be a good time and I hope they win, I don't remember where my seats are. I'm thinking about going to see the new James Bond movie Quantum Of Solace before the game that day. Not sure if I want to eat at the game or some place before. If I had 200 level tickets I'd go to the place there and eat.

Yes I'm a Bills fan. They started out so good and then lost 2 games to people in their division. The game today in New England is a big game for both teams I think who ever wins would be in first place and could be there all alone also. I know the Bills are good enough to win but I wonder if they will play like they are. Based on what my guide on Cable says the second game is the Steelers Vs. The Colts. The last time the Bills and Steelers where both on they both lost and they lost in what I thought was a nasty way to lose. I'm hoping both teams win but we shall see, should be a good day of football.

I hope our teams get it together and start winning cause I would really like to see the sabres win when I go see them, and this is a win the Bills really need, not sure how the Steelers are doing but it would be nice to see them win also.
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