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Category: wedding

07/08/13 10:40 - ID#57886

THE Wedding!

And it was THE wedding to be at! Proud to say i was there when it finally happened. :o)

My phone took a crap, but i do have a couple of snaps i am able share.

Post ceremony smiles

And for (e:Paul), my plate of food.

Many congratulations, (e:Paul) and (e:Terry)!
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03/30/13 11:44 - ID#57441 pmobl

RIP Amelia

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12/09/12 12:35 - ID#56980 pmobl


tattoo artist said i earned my "big girl pants" sitting through last 15 minutes... not that the first 3 hours was easy...

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10/14/12 02:34 - ID#56825 pmobl

RIP Emily


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10/03/12 08:55 - ID#56805

Ganesha Tattoo Part Black

From (e:uncutsaniflush)'s phone, here is the least cling film glare pic we could manage.


Going back for the colour in December....
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09/19/12 05:58 - ID#56780 pmobl

work shit

Well seems that any happiness I may have had about my job is short lived. While at a coworkers retirement party I got a call saying that the position I was given is being taken from me as is my vacation and I am to report to some shithole that can't keep staff way the fuck out in batavia.

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09/14/12 06:56 - ID#56763 pmobl

Human Nature

Recently I have been fighting for my rights to gain a permanent spot for myself at work. I was displaced because I was assaulted at my last site.

I found out that my persistence has paid off. I was awarded a placement at a house that's got a good reputation stable staffing and a reasonable director.

I was thrilled. I excitedly published on facebook and told my co-workers.

The backlash is awful. People have been downright nasty to me.

The vibe at this house has gone from pleasant and welcoming to cold and resentful.

I feel hurt. I don't understand why people are unable to be happy for me.

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08/30/12 03:37 - ID#56715 pmobl

Time Flies

Wow. What happened to the summer?? I finally have decent days off (fri sat but I won't hold my breath to keep them) and I have been too damn tired to do anything.... I always want to but it never seems to happen.

We haven't even put the porch chairs out yet.... and the 'rents are making tjheir first appearance on Saturday.

They sold their print brokerage business.... officially retired.

Sounds good to me...

Happy Labour Day weekend ya'll!

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04/19/12 10:50 - ID#56364

Left Hand Only Typing

Today is the second of my two days off this week, but i don't think i did anything yesterday but chase a work issue around all day.

Tuesday, i assisted in helping a staff member with an individual at work who was threatening to assault a couple of peers -- one with a belt and another by pulling a tv on its stand away from the wall and trying to kick it onto someone laying on the sofa watching it.

The individual who was being violent turned on me. Since he had been threatening to stab and kill me for the past few months, it wasn't a surprise when i had to step in to assist the other staff that his wrath was turned towards me.

We eventually managed to subdue him, but i came away from the ordeal bleeding from welts and scratches to my face and chest and a very swollen hand and wrist.

The police were called. He was taken away in handcuffs.

I drove myself to an Immediate Care (the new one on Delaware Ave. -- they were great) to be cleaned up and xrayed. Nothing broken.

Just my spirit.

District Attorney was an asshole, pressing me and making me feel as though i am some sort of monster for wanting to press charges against someone who has a developmental disability, condescending to me about how the judge will just throw it out of court anyway.

My bosses are bitches, blaming me for the whole thing. How about me blaming them for not helping us all do something to prevent this from happening?

In order to get a couple of very basic rx's filled (anti-biotic for welts and scratches, ibuprofen), i had to make no less than 10 phone calls and go to no less than 5 pharmacies, because i "went too soon" and my "ARS number" is not on file yet (uh, hello, how long am i supposed to wait?).

Now i have no idea what to do... i have more phone calls and questions to ask of the administration about what i am supposed to do next.

What i want to do is just crawl under a rock and make it all go away.
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03/24/12 12:35 - ID#56279

Peep Sighting!

Nice to run into you @ the Dick Road Weggies yesterday, (e:Vincent) :o)
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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

ladycroft said to joe finger went spastic. ...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...