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07/28/09 04:27 - 80ºF - ID#49401

Halfway to Endless

We have an old house with a crappy hot water tank that the previous owners put in with the "whatever is cheapest to sell the house" logic.

To avoid the issue that we have had come winter (not having enough hot water to fill a big porcelain coated steel tub that just happens to be on an exterior wall) we decided to upgrade to tankless.

Endless hot water. So long as we do not want to run too many things needing hot water all at the same time. We can fill the bathtub and do dishes, but if someone wanted to take a hot shower at the same time, someone might get some cool water. However, someone could take a 2 hour shower and not run out of hot water. Sounds blissful....

We can get 30% back on our taxes and a rebate from National Fuel, which help offset the higher cost of tankless. Plus, it will end up using less energy. Yay!

Part one was done today. Part two is tomorrow. Hertel Hardware and Plumbing are doing the work. So far, no complaints about them (how <i>can</i> we complain about a worker who likes the Ramones & The Donnas?!). We'll keep ya'll posted.

In the meantime, enjoy the oh so exiting photo op....


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07/21/09 12:57 - 65ºF - ID#49340

I Wonder...

Does anyone at my work see my bright orange bumper magnet and think about looking up what (e:strip).org would be?

Do they ever accidentally put in and become confused thinking i am selling a domain?

I don't talk about estrip to coworkers so i can continue to complain about them and the job; most of them already think i am off my nut..

But i have to say that i often wish Brandon really was my brother, not just my coworker. That said, my mother probably would have been insane by the time one of us was 5. I did, after all, spend a few hours with one of those mini chip clip things in my pocket so i could sneak up on him and clamp it onto one of his nipples....

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07/04/09 05:54 - 57ºF - ID#49183

Happy Independence Day

As you all enjoy your day with picnics and grills and fun laying on a blanket on the grass in the sun, think of me, stuck at work for 16 hours with some individuals that hate holidays and how much they mess up the routine of daily life. Wish me luck?
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