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05/07/14 10:46 - ID#58961

Fight the Good Fight

It's been too long since i posted anything. I come by and read regularly, but i don't post much.

Life has been stressful and sad and no one wants to be dragged down....

This winter was long and challenging and it appears as though the spring and summer might be tough too.

My father is very ill. Several times this weekend we thought we might have to have the "should we pull the plug?" conversation. But, he fought through this most recent crisis.

Everyone, no matter how young or old, please write yourself a living will so your loved ones know, without the shadow of a doubt, what you want during the unpredictable events life can throw at you. Please?!?

I am thankful for the flexibility of my job. That my current co-workers are kind and understanding.

I am thankful for how much my father's illness has pulled the family together. People that used to not speak have mended fences with the emotional nature of what's going on and the realization of how fragile life is.

In particular, i think my nephew Luke is a spectacular young man. His spirit never fails to impress and amaze me.

I am thankful for the incredible staff at Hamilton's Juravinski Cancer Center and Hospital. His surgeon, Dr Kelly, has a superb bedside manner. The ICU nurse, Tanya was so upbeat, patient and direct with compassion that i am in awe.

I also feel far more educated about seemingly harmless medical issues now. Did anyone know that strep can cause necrotizing fasciitis? I found out it can. (oh, and it's no fair if you answer, (e:Jenks), we know you're a doctor!!!)

My father's chemo reduced his immune system to the point that strep no one knew he had led to flesh eating disease in his lower colon, rectum and bladder.

The first emergency surgery went as well as it could. We wait for him to be stable before the next one.

Then, figure out what to do about the pesky cancer.

I now have a bag pre-packed for emergency. No more turning the underwear around to wear inside out in the hospital bathroom for me! So ha!
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