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06/30/05 12:14 - 82ºF - ID#25483

Dinner and a Movie

Seems we will not be getting our tables again today. Oh well. The delivery guy called us, at least, to let us know his truck is still not fixed. He said it is supposed to be fixed sometime today, but he didn't want to leave us hanging today and would call first thing tomorrow morning to arrange a time. That's reasonable. Thank goodness, because i was beginning to wonder if Sofas and Chairs didn't give a shit about customers once they paid.

So, now we have a day to be out and about as we wish.... so we decided to go to a movie. We haven't been to one in a while. We are even going to be brave and go to the Movies 8 Theatres... we had probs the last time we were there (no sound is a bit of a drag, i would say). I think we will end up eating lunch at Star of India (in Kenmore on Deleware Ave) and then see Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy... my best friend, Mark, said, "it's a suck fest" but i won't get bored listening to Stephen Fry's voice. He's got a great soothing British voice... i loved listening to his autobiography, Moab is my Washpot, on tape that a friend got for me...

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06/30/05 11:25 - 76ºF - ID#25482


So, here is what i wanted to comment to your comment.:

Sorry you feel shitty today, (e:Jason). I understand those kinda days. As we say here in this household, you have "used up all your excess nice" today, and you're just plumb out. We only have so much nice in us each day, i reckon, and today, your well isn't as full as it could be. Don't fret, one day, it will be overflowing and you will just be nicing all over the place. :O)
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06/29/05 01:32 - 76ºF - ID#25481

Think Like e:Paul?

As i learn how to use this cool and grooovy system (e:Paul) has set up for us all, (e:uncutsaniflush) tells me to "think like (e:Paul)" when i can't figure something out. Oddly enough, so far, that has worked out. Until today. See, i think (e:Paul) is a smartie trousers, as we would say in this here household. I guess i just don't have my (e:Paul) hat available today. I even went downstairs to see if my clever husband, (e:uncutsaniflush) could find the "think like (e:Paul) hat, but he couldn't either.

You see, what i want to do is comment on someone's journal. I posted a comment to (e:Jason), he commented and i want to comment again, but, well, when i click the show/hide/add comment link, all it does is open it or close it. At first, i tried to click on it once. and all it did was open the comments. OK, i thought to myself, i need to click on that side of the link. Nope. Then, in my "think like (e:Paul)" frame of mind, i clicked it 3 times, 'cause it's the third thing there. Nope.. it opened, closed and opened again...

Any ideas?
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06/29/05 12:55 - 76ºF - ID#25480

Taste Good on No Tables

We decided to do chinese take out for lunch while waiting to see if they would call us to let us know they are coming with our tables...

No luck on the tables. The truck won't start and we were advised not to stay home waiting.

We did, however, have very good chinese take out. Taste Good on the corner of Hertel and Deleware.. They have excellent mock chicken and mock beef dishes for those of us that are vegetarians. Seems, however, that not all the mock dishes are on the menu, so we went in person to look at the handwritten board. Then, i copied it all out on the back of the take out menu so we can call an order in next time. I highly recommend them!
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06/29/05 10:43 - 74ºF - ID#25479

Choices Rule

I am a big supporter of the right of all consenting adults to be in the relationship they want to be in. I don't care if someone is gay or straight, into open relationships or tensomes, so long as it i all above board and honest and no one is getting hurt, physically or emotionally. I am often surprised at the traditional path i ended up taking by getting married (and not "living in sin"), but we suspect that the decision had more to do with immigration than me needing to have a new last name and a band around my finger.

I am very happy to hear that Canada appears ready to finally pass same sex marriage in the House of Commons. I remember the first bit of news regarding Canada heading down that path and i was proud to be Canadian.

Often, i think of how difficult life would have been had i fallen in love with another woman from the US. We wouldn't have had it so easy (not that the immigration process is easy, per say) as we did with the K-1 fiance visa i was able to get because Walt is a boy and i am a girl. I mean, what the hell difference does it make?

I am happy that i have choices. That i was able to decide to marry Walt. That i was able to come and live with him in the US. I only wish all others would have the same choices i have.
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06/29/05 09:48 - 74ºF - ID#25478

Waiting On Tables

At this very moment, (e:uncutsaniflush) and i are awaiting the arrival of the coffee and end table we ordered. At a place called "Sofas and Chairs", of all places... talk about ironic? Not a chair, and not a sofa... nope... 2 tables.

They were (are, i guess since they are not here yet) floor models of a discontinued line. I'm looking forward to seeing them again. I am sure one of us will post a pic of them... round tables of a nice dark wood, with a glass top that has a rounded etched diamond pattern in it.

I had to call yesterday to ask them why, after a week, we hadn't heard from them regrading setting up a delivery date (since they were there, didn't need to be ordered or anything). I didn't get much of an answer, but i was transfered to the delivery department and spoke to some guy named Jim who asked if tomorrow (today) would be ok.

I bet they will show at 11.01, since they are supposed to show up between 10 and 11. Walt has more confidence; he said 10.40.
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06/28/05 11:35 - 80ºF - ID#25477

Record Highs

Sorry, (e:peeps), I'm just talking about the weather.

What the hell is going on? We moved here so i could get away from the heat of the south. I know in Eastern Tennessee it wasn't that hot, but too hot for my thick Canadian blood. And we move here and the weather follows me? My first summer in Knoxville was a record breaker, too..

I'm mmmmelllltttinnng...

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06/28/05 07:10 - 82ºF - ID#25476

Clumsy Old Tart

When i was about a year old, my very forthcoming and direct grandmother looked at me and asked my mom, "What the hell is wrong with her eyes... they're goin' all over the fuckin' place." Not long afterwards, i was at an eye specailist and had glasses -- lazy eye in both eyes. By the time i was about 11 or 12, i didn't need the glasses anymore, and i had experienced pre-laser method eye surgery. *shudder*

I was also one of those kids that gets ear infections like crazy. I still get them a lot, more than most adults, and now that i have lived in Eastern Tennessee for a small chunk of my life, i have seasonal allergies, which seem to effect me as though i have a sore throat and an ear infection.

The result of both of the above leads me to be a rather clumsy person. Some days, i think i should be in a slapstick comedy routine.

Because of the lazy eye, my brain wired itself to see things in an unusual way. Almost as though my 2 eyes see independentaly and i often have to close one eye to read. I have pretty bad perspective problems, which have made me feel afraid to get a drivers license.... at the ripe old age of 36, i have never learned to drive. I believe i will someday and i promise y'all i will warn you before i do so you can pay more attention when you are out.

The ear infections have left my balance slightly off kilter, and when i was involved in gymnastics when i was a wee little tyke, i often over compensated.

Both issues converged on me yesterday afternoon. (e:uncutsaniflush) and i were at a Sprawl-Mart buying a dehumidifier for our wet basement and looking at fans. He took one off the shelf and i decided to help him out and put it back. The boxes were just over my head and there wasn't enough room for the box. But with my perspective issues, i couldn't quite judge that lack of space. (e:uncutsaniflush) was able to grab the box so it didn't do too much damage, but the box did bounce off my head hard enough to smash my sunglasses and have them fly off the top of my head. I'm still not sure if they helped or gave me a headache worse than i would have had with simply the box. I think the worst was me cringing knowing what was about to come.... i clenched my teeth and they were throbbing a bit last night.

Soooooo... should i sue?

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06/26/05 09:59 - ID#25475

Gary The Good...?

How can it be? How can Gary Oldman, the quintessential villain be in the role of a "good guy"? So sayeth (e:uncutsaniflush) this afternoon to an amazed moi. I mean, i had heard he was in Batman Begins but i had no idea what role he played. I assumed he was the dude with the black hat in some capacity. It's what Gary does best. I sound like i am on a first name basis with the man. Well, if i weren't married.... OK, but seriously, i am a big fan. I think he's talented, and Sid and is one of my favorite films (tied with Torch Song Trilogy Harvey rules!), and not just beacuse of the drugs... Knowing this new good guy role awaits in the theatres makes me actually want to go to a blockbuster Hollywood film. What has this world come to!?

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06/25/05 11:43 - ID#25474

Wrong Paper

Every morning, sometimes before i have had my first sip of my morning tea, i go get the paper for my husband. It used to be an excuse to have a smoke, since he doesn't smoke and i wouldn't think of smoking in a house he lives in. Now, however, i don't smoke. Last drag of my last fag was around 11pm on February 17th (but who's counting?). So now, i get a paper and don't smoke. Sometimes, like this morning, i think i should have had some tea. I went to a paper box. Didn't even pay attention to the headline, was only grateful they had a couple left. But should i have been? Nope. When Walt tried to read it, he got a sense of deja vous... yep, it was Friday's paper. Everyone is sure today isn't still Friday, right? Yeah, i thought so.

Big time bonus points to

(e:terry) [inlink]terry,437[/inlink], indeed, for being the first peep to link to me in his journal (am i using the lingo right? damn, that question makes me feel old).

Big time thank you to

(e:uncutsaniflush) for showing me how to do this link business. It is sooo handy having a fellow (e:peep) in the house.

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