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11/28/08 03:06 - 40ºF - ID#46873

Vegetarian Food Porn

OK, so i am a day late. We had to have our American Thanksgiving on Black Friday because i worked yesterday (and OH what a day it was!!). I guess we had a Black Thanksgiving?

Here is the Tofurkey ready for the oven.

With celery and onions for flavouring and some carrots and sweet 'taters for a side dish.

My chive parmesan mashed taters.

Some veggie gravy made with a rue, some veggie stock and lots of sage and taragon.

(e:Uncutsaniflush)'s plate of food, with some cranberries.

My plate, without... and lots more gravy.
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11/26/08 09:53 - 34ºF - ID#46846


The holidays are stressful. I wonder why it is that i am prestressed thinking about schedules and how we are going to manage to balance (e:Uncutsaniflush)'s, mine and my family's so that i can see everyone this xmas. Plenty of time to work it out... i think....

I do think, however, i have my wee tofurkey day worked out. I am thinking mid day Black Friday. NO WAY i am going to any shops that day... and i don't start work until 11pm.
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11/22/08 04:59 - 26ºF - ID#46798


I am so boring,

Lately, my life consists of working, sleeping and eating. I try to slide chores in there, too, when there is time. Oddly enough, i am not working tons of hours, but my hours are always being changed on me. Ah, but i have kvetched about that many times before and it is not about to change, so i guess i have to get used to the chaos of it all.

Today, however, i FINALLY got 'round to doing a few things that so needed to be done. As well as cleaning -- those of you with a big house like us will understand that sometimes, it takes a whole day to dust and vacuum -- i also did some rearranging.

The bookshelf in our sitting room can now accept more books. Having to stay up all night while working overnights has led me to more reading, which i forgot how much i love doing, despite the severe limitations on what i can read while working. But i digress.

We also got to hanging up a few peices of artwork... and photos and such. Would you believe that i finally found the *perfect* place for that lovely framed pciture of the geese you gave me many moons ago, (e:Matthew)?!? I still adore it and it now has a permanent place above my rolltop desk.

This is the veiw of my desk in the den, sitting here at the computer, just behind and to my left.


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11/14/08 08:11 - 53ºF - ID#46683

It Was Me!

To the asshat tailgating me all the way from Filmore to Richmond on Best/Summer this morning around 7.30am, i just want you to know that since me driving 40 in a 30 wasn't enough for you, i thought perhaps 28 would be better. I had just gotten off work and not in a hurry, so i slowed down just to piss you off. Looked like it worked, too. Have a nice day.
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