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08/23/11 03:45 - ID#55006

Where To Eat?

This weekend, some friends are coming upstate from Queens to bring their one and only son to UB for his freshman year. We offered up one of our spare rooms for them and they accepted. They want to take us out to eat as a thank you.

I am looking to (e:peeps) for recommend somewhere. Not exactly sure about their taste and i don't want to go somewhere too expensive. It will be Friday night so i want to be able to make a reservation (they may be used to waiting, but i don't want to have to).

Any suggestions of somewhere that will impress but isn't over the top expensive and offers a variety of foodie options?
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08/22/11 06:08 - ID#54998

RIP Jack Layton


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08/12/11 10:56 - ID#54926

Erie County Fair

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08/09/11 01:02 - ID#54911

Bat In Our Belfry

There's a bat in our house. Poor thing can't seem to find open doors and windows. We keep thinking the lost creature found its way outside, only to discover it flying around again. Freaks me out a bit... and i like bats! Least i thought i did 'til one decided to move in!
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08/08/11 10:00 - ID#54902

It's All A Blur

Wow. Whirlwind.

Just worked 7 days in a row. Thursday night, and overtime person called to say she could not come in and i got stuck working from 3pm to 11pm then mandated into an overnight from 11pm tp 7am. Back in at 3pm that day. Then, the next day, i was scheduled to work a double from 7am to 11pm.

My employer is really jerking people around. One of my bosses at the location i was pulled from is being pulled to go to another location and fix up the mess the previous supervisor left. So, they are short 1 full time (100%), myself (80%) and another part timer (60%).

Now, the rumour is that, despite my position being eliminated there, i am going back because they are too short.

And the other is that my boss is requesting that she does not have a shift supervisor and that she would just run the house herself. Funniest thing i ever heard. Talk about control freak. Don't want to go back there.... been looking for somewhere new for a while.

Would love to stay at the location i was temp assigned to; they are lovely people there and the bad reputation the house has is not deserved. But, that is not going to happen. They are slowly re-staffing it.

On the positive side, i have 4 days off!

Today, laundry, house cleaning, phone calls, maybe visit another site to check it out.

Tuesday, errands, chores....

Wednesday, a day off with (e:Uncutsaniflush)!

Thursday, a day of pampering @ the nail spa and salon! Yay!
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08/03/11 01:56 - ID#54850


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08/03/11 02:05 - ID#54849

Can We Keep You?

That one little off hand remark by a co-worker really made my day.

Second day at the new location and i felt more welcomed there than i have anywhere else.

Had a great conversation with a co-worker for well over an hour about music and did not feel like an outsider freak.

They are used to new people here; a lot pass through their doors.

I am willing to work. To be (moderately and conservatively) flexible with my schedule. To learn new things. To do what needs to be done.

Seems not all that have come there feel the same way.

Of course, i have yet to really "rock and roll" or get mandated (forced to stay for another shift because someone is unable or unwilling to come in to cover it) daily.

But still. Day 2. Not bad.
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08/02/11 11:56 - ID#54845

Work Drama!!!

I can complain here more than i can on FB, because one of my bosses is my "friend" there.

Thanks for the sympathies, (e:Paul)/(e:Tinypliny) about being transferred so last minute. It does suck.

The place i have been sent to is ok so far. People seem cool enough. Some residents i am familiar with when i worked "on campus" and that helps.

I found out yesterday that the meeting i interrupted on Friday to negotiate the weekend off (which i got.... YAY!) was all about them eliminating my position. Seems the "higher ups" want to get rid of my 80% part time spot, regardless of shift, because, apparently i was a "fill in" person and would rather do OVERTIME than pay a lowly part time wage. WTF? If the state is in a budget crisis, why pay more for the same thing?

So, it is time for me to kick up the search i already started to find a better place. Monthly bids are up now. I can't bid on full time positions (hiring freeze means they would rather pay ot than fill a spot with someone who makes less!), so my options are limited.

BUT, there are a couple out there worth looking into....

Wish me luck?
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