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10/24/08 07:21 - 52ºF - ID#46310

Botanical Gardens

Yesterday, (e:Uncutsaniflush) and i decided to celebrate the nice day with naturey kinds of things. Our camera was in my purse and i took a few snaps.














(many thanks to (e:Tinypliny) for your attempted assistance last night, to (e:Paul) for your emailed assistance and the lovely (e:Uncutsaniflush) for his always valuable techy assistance)
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10/22/08 10:48 - 38ºF - ID#46265

Deja Vu?

I can't remember if i have posted this, or someone else did. But, it has been a while and cuteoverload (thanks for the addiction, (e:Hodown)) reminded me about it.

Gotta love that song, man....

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10/22/08 12:10 - 36ºF - ID#46244

Frustrated? Who, Me?

So, the Hepatitis B vacination is a series of three that has to be done over a period of time. After many calls, i finally got myself in to see the nurse at the clinic at work so i can get my second of three.

I was supposed to go on my way to work, between 3.15 and 3.30, since i was to start work at 4pm. Then, my supervisor asked if i could change my work day from the 4 - 8 shift i was supposed to work to a 7am to noon shift. I said yes.

And called the nurse to change the time i would come get the shot. She said that she is at lunch at noon and could i come at 1pm? I figured waiting 45 - 60 minutes would be ok. Better than waiting around until 3.15 or having to drive there and back (90 minutes) on a day off -- or "pass day" as the lingo goes there.

So, this morning, i arrive at 7am and my supervisor looks at me and says "why are you here so early?" and my reply was "because you asked me to be here now" to which she said, "oh, i meant to call you and tell you to come in later". All i could think of to say was "but you didn't". So, she asked me if i could stay later... until when, she wasn't sure. I told her yes, but on one condition -- SHE had to call the nurse at the clinic to reschedule.

Instead, i was driven over there from the building i was in along with an individual going to a doctor's appointment. We both had to be there at 1pm and surprisingly, we were both on time. Rare event at my unit.

After my jab, i went and got another individual for his appointment and shuttled the first one back to his work program. Then, at the end of the "work" day, i drove him, the other individuls at the same work site building over to the clinic to get the individual who had the second appointment and drove everyone back to the living unit.

I left work at 3pm. I could have kept the same 3.15om appointment.......
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10/19/08 12:27 - 37ºF - ID#46186

Cranky Girl

I swear, i colour my hair red just as an excuse to be a hothead bitch....


YOU would be cranky too if your neighbour's wee dog barked you awake on a regular basis and today it happened for what seemed like eternity but was probably closer to 30 - 40 minutes and finally at 7am you could take it no more.

Of course, i didn't need to yell and scream as much as i did.

But, please, people, tell me how it is i am supposed to get the damn dogs to stop barking if the humans will not answer their doorbell? What is the solution?

However, i really did not need to be called a "white cracker bitch". I didn't bring race or skin colour into any of my ranting and raving. Just that it happens daily (which it doesn't, but it does happen about 3 or 4 times a week) and i am fed up, frustrated and tired.

Even though she started in on the arguement i had with her friend because he was blocking my driveway and refused to move, swore at us while telling us to not swear at her and got all upity about how hard she works for a living (uh, we all do!), i still say i need to apologize. I was a bitch and i need to let them both know that i was being unreasonable.

  • sigh*
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10/14/08 11:28 - 70ºF - ID#46108

Lettuce Lately

I took the (e:strip) bumpber magnet from the side of my 'fridge so i would have one on my car. Getting two when they were first made was a good idea, 'cause who knows when i will have the chance to attend another (e:strip) party to come get one. I now work weekends, despite my best efforts. Perhaps i will drive by the mansion on my way to work and wave the night of the next party.... You'll recognize me by my jealous green eyes and bright red car with the orange bumper magnet.

Speaking of cars. If you need one, DO NOT go to Niagara Nissan in Lockport. The sales people there are lying sacks of shit. All the little things that the sales person, Michael Bauer, said would be fixed on my car BEFORE i came to get it were not fixed. I have had to go back twice to have them taken care of. And one issue they will not fix unless i pay for it. While testdriving, i tried the sunroof and saw that it would not close using the little button and Michael Bauer said, "that will be fixed. it probably just needs to be lubed." he really meant, "if it doesn't cost too much, we will fix it, otherwise, we will just close it and tell you that we fixed it". Why do used car salesman have to live up to their reputations of being scumbags?

For 3 weekends in a row i have worked "extra time". While driving from West Seneca to Clarence with a van full of people, i was asked to decide if i could work 2 doubles in a row. I said i could do one if someone could do another. Someone was willing to do overtime on Saturday, so Sunday it was for me. I worked 3pm - 11pm on Satuday then 7am - 11pm on Sunday. I wonder when i will actually work the hours i was hired for? I will not hold my breath....

We have a full house at work now. Things are far more chaotic. I think it means our unit will not be closing, like the rumour mill said, but we just never know. Like everything where i work, you find out things only when you walk in the door. And even then, unless you spend hours reading charts and papers that you do not have time to do because you are working, you spend the day in total confusion, always erring on the side of caution, just in case it might be in someone's plan.

I was sick of election coverage months and months and months ago. I cannot wait for all this shit to be over with. Why are politicians such big babies who can't play nice in the sandbox? Yeah, yeah, attack ads work, so they say. Then why are we all such assholes who want to know all the dirt? I can hear it now... "not me!". Then who? SOMEONE must respond, or the ads would not be there. No one is stupid enough to waste money on ads that don't work....

Maybe i am just jealous 'cause i can't vote. Election in Canada today. Can't vote there, 'cause you have to be a resident to vote. Can't vote here, because you have to be a citizen. How backwards am i?

You didn't sound bitchy to me, (e:Lauren). I got the point you were making. And as i was reading your first post, i was nodding my head in agreement. I made the assumption that reading the journals of others merely made you think, not that you were responding to someone's journal.

I reckon we all have rasict thoughts now and then, but it is what we decide to do about them that matters most. And to whom we blurt them out to.

Personally, i attempt to recognize differences in us all, but have them not matter....

Unless you are a suburbanite brunette woman with streaky blonde highlights, are the size of a twig and driving a giant SUV, speeding down the thruway, unable to decide which lane you want to be in, while on the phone, putting on makeup and chewing gum so that everyone can see down your throat... In which case, i fucking hate you.

Not much shocks me anymore. And if it does, i have to practice my "i'm not shocked" face at work. Since i work with people with developmental disabilities who were court ordered to be in our facility or are unable to be with the general community because their normal every day behaviour is, at the very least, inappropriate, i get lots of practice not being surprised or shocked.

Mostly, i understand that the people i work with may not understand themselves that their behaviour is not appropriate, so it is very easy for me to stay in a place without judgement. I hope i can continue to...

I got the chance to colour my hair recently. Why is there no red that is red enough for me?
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10/08/08 07:35 - 60ºF - ID#46000

Purr Growl

Since we both had the afternoon off and wanted to enjoy some warm weather, (e:Uncutsaniflush) and i headed east for the day to outrun the rain.

Rochester's Park Avenue is what the Elmwood strip, oh, i mean Village would love to be -- vibrant, busy, a healthy mix of shops (from spas and boutiques to dry cleaners and bodegas), places to eat and residences. We had lunch at Esan and i had the best Lemongrass Tofu since Rice Paddy on Elmwood closed.

Then, we went to the Seneca Park Zoo . A small but good zoo... and today, the animals were active, and interactive.

While at the Amur Leopard exhibit, one of the keepers was approaching from the back, talking, and the Leopard made this sound i have never heard before. Nikita, we found out the leopard's name is, likes baby talk and if she likes you and the way you baby talk, she will make the same sound at you. At first, my "what a cute kitty you are" wasn't enough for her to do it, but she came over and would glance over at me from time to time. But, the "you are such a good girl" was the ticket. She purrgrowled at me. Least, that is what the keeper called the noise. Way cool to have been able to interact with such a big cat.
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10/06/08 04:38 - 57ºF - ID#45965

Mandated and Married

It sounds good. Almost like you get to date a man. Mandated. Ain't nothing of the sort.

What it really means, ultimately, is feeling like shit for a few days because you cannot leave work.

When someone calls in, and no one on the "i want overtime" list answers their phone (and who is going to do so at 9pm on a Saturday night?) or returns a message, the next card in the overtime book has to stay for the next shift. By law, we cannot be understaffed.

Being new, i was the first card in the book. I went in for my usual shift... wait... i went in for the shift i have been working. Technically, i am flexed every week because i do not work the 4pm - 9pm shift i was hired for. I work 3pm - 11pm 2 days a week and a random 4 hour shift some other time of the week. I digress.

I had some notice. The person being mandated does not always have that luxury. Sometimes, they find out at 10.45pm that their shift does not end at 11pm.

My wonderful husband, (e:Uncutsaniflush) even drove out to West Seneca to put my phone charger in my car so my cell phone would not run dead while working (we have to keep a working cell phone with is in case there is an emergency that isn't serious enough to hit the 911 emergency bracelets we are required to wear). Luckily, i didn't end up needing my cell phone.

Luckily, they were kind to me. I was on relief duty. Not an individual's 1:1, having to sit in a darkened room, watching someone sleep all night.

But still, working from 3pm Saturday afternoon all the way through the night until 7am Sunday morning was tough.

Relief duty means chores. Better for me to stay awake, really.

I had food to thaw for the Sunday's meals and Monday's lunches. I made some of Sunday's lunch. I cleaned out the Health and Beauty cabinet of the med room. I washed kitchen linens. I cleaned out the fridge of all opened food over 48 hours old (state law!). I cleaned out the laundry room. And yeah, i drank coffee!

Unfortunately, i also had to work Sunday.... from 3pm - 11pm. So, bleary eyed, i drove home, talked to my mom on the phone for a few minutes and around 8am crawled into bed. By 12.30pm, i was up drinking strong tea and getting ready for work again.

All this backed by last weekend.... working 3pm - 11pm Saturday then 7am - 11pm Sunday -- voluntarily.

Just when i was caught up on sleep, i get mandated.

Thank goodness i am only part time.

In the good news department, today is mine and (e:Uncutsaniflush)'s 7th wedding anniversary. He is as imperfect as i am. But together, even in the rough times, it just feels perfect. I cannot know how i went through life without him. Nor do i ever want to again.

We are having a low key day due to my work and the fact that he had to work this morning. But i made us a big mid day meal of (vegetarian) sausages and peppers with pierogies and mushroom sauce, mizzeria (a cucumber sour cream salad) and an apple cinnamon cake. We were too full for the cake, so it waits for a later.
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