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11/26/10 02:25 - 33.ºF - ID#53168

Will Always Be

Now that i work in Kenmore, i have tried to make sure i don't speed and i have slowly gotten to know what side streets between Military, Elmwood, Delaware and Delaware have lights so i don't wait forever to make a left hand turn.

I have a landmark on Elmwood that will forever be the street in which the "Mike Visco Rite Aid" is on.. because it has a light.

Hope the new job is going well, (e:Mike)!
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11/24/10 12:25 - 38.ºF - ID#53158

Forward Thinker

Since my usual work week begins on Thursday (3pm - 11pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday; 7am - 11pm Sunday, pass days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), i will be unable to attend any American Thanksgiving dinners.

I missed Canadian Thanksgiving, too, because no one at work would trade shifts with me so i could go to Canada.

But, i eat poultry now.

So, we decided to make a turkey today. A day early. My first time. But, i do have basic kitchen/cookery knowledge so i won't be serving (e:Uncutsaniflush) (who says, "it's going to be wonderfuls") and i a rare bird or anything equally beginner moronic.

Photos may follow.
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11/18/10 11:22 - 44.ºF - ID#53120

Life and Other Things

I haven't posted a journal in a little while. I wish i could say it's because my life is busy and exciting. Alas, it is not.

I have been on a small journey of self discovery. Finding out what is more important to me and how everything fits into place. Balance is difficult, but with more practice, i might just get there.

Getting used to wearing glasses again. The first pair i had to take back. Too heavy and the little nose thingies gave me sinus headaches. Got a slightly less fashionable pair, but i love geek chic, and they are much better. I have had a few wobbly moments going down stairs and such, but i got used to the bifocal bits quickly.

Going to a diabetic education class was mostly a good thing. Knowledge is power. Was very much looking forward to the meal planning aspects of it, but i think the dietitan was having a 1950's moment, despite the fact that she only knows about that decade from the sitcoms. Meat and two veg anyone?

Despite that, i have crossed over to the dark side. I eat chicken and turkey now. And i am getting all kinds of reactions...

Since my last class, i have been feeling under the weather. Then, i got sick and worked my crazy compressed schedule and on my 3 days off lost my voice.

I go back to work today, needing to have a talk with my boss. Hope she understands croaking....
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